Welcome to our side of the blog universe! Er, Blogiverse?

I first started this blog as a way of preserving our family's lovely memories (a digital scrapbook, if you will); though now I think it's going to evolve into so much more than that.

I'm Christine.

<-- That's me holding my daughter, Camilla.  I'm half-Filipino which means half of me is loud around family, obsessed with food, and I can get pretty stormy tempers. I can also say quite a few Filipino insults (which translated in English, make absolutely NO sense and are more hysterically hilarious than anything else).The other half of me is Irish, German, English, Dutch, and French... which basically means, as a whole, I'm loud, food crazed, and definitely temper-intensified. Lol. (Just kidding! ...Mostly!)

I'm married to the most AMAZING man. We have two babies - one who takes up most of the couch, Desoto, our Doberman Pinscher; and a baby girl, Camilla, who has taken up most of our hearts. Actually, that's a total and utter fib, she's completely taken over our hearts. We are now mere puppets and she guides the strings.

This was Desoto shortly after we brought him home. 

 <--This is him now.

Total. Goofball. And that's understating it.

Meet Camilla, the light of our life, my inspirational darling, my muse, and our whole universe - and the reason this blog came to be.

I want to remember everything.
I wanted an easy way to share with family and friends the photos and love, adventures and misadventures, ideas, thoughts, and stories of our lives.

Plus, I've always wanted a blog. I guess I never had much of anything important to say, or share anwyay. Until now. I've always been an aspiring writer; I've known I wanted to be a writer since Kindergarten. I have many unfinished novels on my laptops, and a couple completed ones, but I've never pursued anything further. This blog will be a fun outlet, and perhaps I can get those creative writing juices flowing again!

So hi! Relax! Put up your feet! Can I get you a coffee, some tea, or a cookie, perhaps?

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy typing!


Christine, and family.

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