Saturday, August 30, 2014

I really need to start updating more!

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Not just 'cause it's easy to voice updates on our lives for friends and family, but because it's nice to read previous posts from previous years and see how much has changed! I was also looking for a photo and instead of having to search the kids' picture folder (which has THOUSANDS of pictures already) all I had to do was search on this blog! How easy!

Plus, it's nice to have a kind of diary. In a few years, maybe longer, I can look back and see how even more has changed. I wonder where we'll be 10 years from now. Maybe Washington, maybe not. Maybe Germany! Now that would be cool. We can only see though.

Excited for many things! Sue and Dennis will be coming in September, and my BROTHER of all people actually wants to come up and visit! Can't tell you what a shock THAT was (especially since none of my other family that are totally capable of visiting have yet... but that's beside the point) so it'll be interested to have my brother over LOL. I know I give him a lot of shit, but the past year he's been working really hard to obtain his goals, and for that I am proud of him.

Hmm what else. Not much else has been going on. The usual stuffs. Cooking and cleaning and being exhausted and hating mornings because I'm not a morning person at all and Alice demands to be awake at 7:30... sigh. I will never sleep in again! Josh says there's a lot of talk being home in OCTOBER sometime.. so I'm like... oh my GOD if you come home in time for Halloween it will be my dream come true! Lol. I don't even care if he's not here for my birthday, I just want him for Halloween! (but any time ASAP would be good!!) :) He misses his girls, we all miss him, and he needs to meet the buns!

Alice is CRAZY! She's trying to stand up by herself! It makes me have heart attacks. I hold out my hands and she tries to walk! She usually plops on her butt but damn, she's getting better at balancing. It's crazy, she's only 8 months, slow down Alice! Lol. I wish I had bought that stand up walker toy for Cam 'cause it is one of Alice's favorite things and it seems to really help her get confidence with walking. Cam loves it too and is a little brat and steals it away.. lol, but yeah. Sigh, Cammy Cam Cam, you silly girly. Getting into everything you shouldn't and making huge messes and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhh. These truly are the terrible 2's!

Anyhoo, just thought I'd mini-update. Here are some pics of the past week! Alice really had a sweet moment with Ivy. I think she appreciated her more calmly curious demeanor vs Cam's loud giggling and excitement lol.

Awww! Unfortunately my phone camera was not fast enough to get a photo of when she sniffed her nose and their noses touched! It was so cute!

So much laughter!
And so much nervous-ness!

Time to read magazines!
Cam admiring her bunny from afar. Isn't she super cute in her Rapunzel dress?

Alice and Ivy. :) (and Cam gigling)
Hello little child, I like you, you can't chase me yet.
Nibble nibble, mmmm dress.
Are you going to wash me mom?
Sigh tantrums. We just came back in from outside lol. 
Ah, yard adventures. Reasons for tantrums and whatnot.

She watches me and sometimes helps me pick weeds for the bunnies lol.

         Alice beating up on her sister lol. 

Rapunzel! Let down your long... oh, never mind..
Don't make fun of my hair mom! 

Hopping back to her cage! That's enough exploring for tonight lol.
Hello world! I am Alice, hear me roar! 

Cam fashioned up her own Pony tent! 
No moms allowed!
Alice... lol. She always looks like she did something really naughty and got away with it.
Bunny, we're not supposed to be on the fireplace.
Bunny, you're going to get us in trouble!

Oh, finally come out to say hello! : )

P.s. guess what arrived in the mail.. something for Chriiisssstmassss. Yup. Already getting prepared for Christmas... now if only I knew what our Halloween plans are!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let It Goooo!

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Good evening! We are... hanging in there. It's so tough doing all of this by yourself! There's like... zero time for myself, lol but oh well. There is a rumour that Josh may be home by mid-November, so I'm really really really hoping that will be true. If that's true we MIGHT even be able to manage Disney World with my friend! If not... he promises that we'll vacation in HAWAII! Oh my gosh could you just imagine? The girls (well, Cam) running along a sandy beach, a pina colada in one hand and Alice in the other? LOL. I'm hoping... 'cause we BOTH really need a vacation from Texas and he definitely needs a vacation away from his job. Yes, palm trees and beaches are calling... our family deserves it! 

In other news, we got two bunnies! They were needing homes and they are so so sweet, but also stinky. I've kind of figured out their potty patterns which does eliminate a lot of the smell, I am just changing out their litter spots a few times a day, but ya know what? It's so worth it, cause Cam loves and adores them. It's so funny watching her giggle and laugh and reach out to pet the buns! And Josh is excited to meet them! Lol. We're actually planning a DIY hutch/area for inside/outside. He's surprisingly really excited about building them an outside home/area.. and I'm really excited about figuring out a good DIY inside hutch! Pinterest is amazing and has tons of ideas, it's so inspirational, and I'm just happy that he wants to do something other than play video games! Lol. 

And of course he misses the girls sooooo much. He's so sad that he's missing out on Alice. He barely missed Alice sitting up properly, which was so upsetting for him, and right now she's working on pulling herself up unsupported, and she's trying to walk along with her toy walker. He sacrifices so much for us, I wish he didn't have to miss these things. Sometimes I wish that I was out there working so he could stay home! But then other times I'm like, no way this is way more stressful (lol) particularly when both kids are screaming at the same time while I'm trying to get dinner finished... as the doorbell rings... as I hear a loud crash from another room... as my phone rings. 

Yes, VERY stressful. But we are making do. :) 

Oh man, BOTH kids are sick. Cam had a cold (which I suspect she contracted from the doctor's office) and also has an ear infection, sigh poor lady. :( The last couple days it's been homemade chicken noodle soup and movie cuddle marathons. Alice is also sick, with a cold, luckily I haven't gotten sick yet, which is surprising cause I'm mopping up snot and sick and stuff all day long... and HOPEFULLY I don't get it. *crosses fingers* 

Enjoy the photos, hope everyone is having a good day/night! :) 

Oh hello you human beast, taking my photos to post all of your blog are you?! Can't even wait for me to finish my grass, huh?!
Typical rude human!

I bribed Cam. "We can stay outside longer if you keep your headband on!" :) Lol. 

Mom, I feel stupid in this headband! Nahhh you look adorable Cam!! 
She doesn't think much of the outside world lol.

Well, I got an extra 10 minutes out of the headband wear lol. 

Cam! I mean, Elsa! Are you LETTING IT GO?!
Alice remains unimpressed. 
She was so loving the swish of her cape lol. Let it gooo, let it go! Can't hold it back anymore! Dress up is fun!
She's like, "Ew! It's green and prickly! Pick me up!"

The cold never bothered me anyway!  
Elsa, you snuck into my office to doodle?  

Quit snapping photos mom.

Cutie bug! :) 

Sometimes they play nice lol. 

Cam getting the ball back!
She's a Flemish rabbit, and they get really big... google it, if you dare. LOL.
Josh wants to name her Harley Quinn (a Batman villain lol)

And he wants to name the white Lop, (Poison) Ivy, another Batman villain! We like themes in this house!

You should watch the video of them, omg it's sooo cute!

Cam chasing Harley Quinn lol.  
She's totally thinking as she lays sprawled out in the grass, "Damn it feels good to be a gangster."
Cam has the sickies. :(  
Alice soooo adorable. She's excited for her bath!

Hello again human, you are late with my graham cracker I see. 
Cam loves them! I'm so happy she is happy!
Bunny! That's not your bed! 
Those ears! She is Josh's favorite lol. 
Alice is showing off her moves!

Hey everyone, look how awesome I am!!
Cam and Bailey hiding between the fridge and the wall LOL.

Giggling ladies!
After 10 seconds of wanting to join in, Alice started crying LOL. 

Okay you can play Alice, as long as you don't touch the blocks. 

You can only watch me. 


Riding in the box!

Vroom vroom!

Love our girls. :)
And our bunnies!


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