Sunday, July 26, 2015


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We've been having a lot of fun this summer!

These girls are spoiled. I got them a pool, then Josh got them another pool. Lol. We also have a fun ball sprinkler, and we used to have a Buzz Lightyear Slip n Slide but that broke! Whoopsies! Guess we're having toooooooo much fun lol. 

It's good to have daddy home!!

Yup just kicking back with her daddy! <3

Look at this summer cutie!!

They love swimmin'! Actually, Cam does. Alice is much too delicate for that nonsense lol.

Then we caught wind that the Harker Heights Library was having a
"Princess Party". So we had to go to that!! We got the girls in their princess dresses and headed off to this princess party and were half an hour late and...

Whoa was it packed. Very very packed. The kiddos had fun but not at the actual party lol. They had fun in the little kid's area where there was blocks and books (of course) and Cam had a lot of fun in the lego room!

 Cam was actually... pretty scared of the princesses at the party. I can't blame her, lol, Josh thought the same thing. He said some pretty funny things about the princesses buuuuut hey it's not Disney Land or World and it's not a Comic Convention, so of course the costumes weren't going to be up to snuff lol.

Lego Princesses!

The little boy next to Cam was so sweet! She was gathering legos together and he goes "Oh here, you need one of these." and he handed her a green base. I was like wow, what a nice kid! Lol. 

She was so darn cute!

We got to meet Merida, and Cam really liked the bow lol.  

Cam was pretty... meh about Anna and Elsa lol.  Though it was her idea to go see them, once she got close she was like yeah, I dunno about this lol. 

And then Jasmine. :)

Then we had to leave cause Alice was going CrrRRRrrRRrAAaAaaZZzzzzy! She likes to run lol. 
Once in awhile Cam likes her sister. Lol. 
We also made play doh. Wheeee! She loves play doh. Gotta keep it away from Alice cause she tries to eat it. Siiiigh.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mini Update... busy, busy..

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Been crazy busy with Josh gone. Not much time for anything but the kids! Here are some adorable pictures anyway though, because the easiest thing to do on here is share the pics. :)

The past couple of weeks!

                       Oh my gosh you mean Cam was helping mommy CLEAN?!! What a novelty!

Ma you really have to get all the nooks and crannies. Like this. 
Even the floor got some cleaning lol. 
Time for a checkup! Some of her toys needed the Doc McStuffins treatment. 
Pool, yay!

This is my Jessie, mom!
This is what happens when I walk away from Alice lol. She is so clingy! 
Cam doing her nails lol!
These are my dolls, mom! I love them. 
Whoops this one snuck in here, this was back at the hotel at Disneyland haha. Look at how TIRED  they are! Completely passed out! :) 
Don't leave me mom.
Omg!!! So on a whim Cam and I were at Ross, and I saw this bathtime Ariel. And Cam is definitely going through an Ariel and Belle phase. She loves them. So I bought her this Ariel.. and...
She was SUCH a hit! We set her up so she was "waiting" for Cam in the tub. Omg. Cam was so happy and excited, she immediately started combing her hair and playing with the crown.
She loves her!
Alice though... omg she is terrified of the doll in the water. Lol when we put Alice in she was scrambling to get back out! Whoops, sorry Alice!
Also, Cam will sing Ariel's ahhhhhs from the movie when she plays with her. It's so cute. :) 
OMG. When Josh is done giving Cam a bath, he wraps her up JUST like that. So when Cam was done with the bath... that is what she did for Ariel. :) Isn't that the sweetest?! 
Love. :) 

Don't forget about me I'm cute too!! This was at her 18 month appointment, which Dear God, was an awful experience. Alice hates the doctor's office lol.

Wheeee! Look ma, I destroy things!
Lol I don't even know...

Mmmm I made funnel cake and it was a hit with the kids! (but of course it would be haha)
So I found Alice like that. Yup. Baring her butt for all to see. 

What ma, what's so funny? Why is it suddenly so drafty in here?

This kid's moods I swear, 180s constantly lol. 
LOL. What a goof.
Ma, is that a dog on tv? Cause I dont do dogs at all.

Yep miss Mess Maker. Sigh.
Oh this is when she got up late at night... looking for me lol.

Lol okay Alice... crazy girl. A mouthy girl, for certain. 
Hi everyone, I'm a cutie.
I don't get it. What do I do with this?
Cam's like omg if you don't want it I'll take it!


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