Saturday, August 18, 2012

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Been keeping busy, I'll probably make this another short post... or relatively short, I've got lots to do today! Not much in the news department anyway, but there are more pictures to share of course.

We've been taking Cam out and about the last few days. Our first trip with her out into the world that wasn't a doctor's office was at the mall! We lapped the mall a few times, stopped into a few stores--didn't really buy anything except some outfits and things for her. The first part of the trip she rode in the stroller (thank goodness we got an exceptional deal on our stroller, it's an awesome one!) and she started to get cranky so for the rest of our outing I carried her and she slept on my shoulder, ha. When she was awake she was pretty alert and she got many compliments, which was pretty neat. She's such a cute baby!

Then we went into Burlington Coat Factory which was a new addition to the mall here. Got her a Halloween outfit and just walked around eyeing baby things.

Then we went home! It was a positive experience, thank goodness. I think I'm at the point where I'm more comfortable with putting her in the car seat and driving around, so if I have to go to doc appointments by myself (which eventually I will have to) we will be fine. Phew! Calling myself a neurotic person is probably an understatement (hahaha) so it was just one of those things that has had me worried.

We even rode to the next town over and had some fun in Target and the Barnes and Noble. It's so weird that the mall here doesn't have a BOOKSTORE. It's just unreal to me. Shouldn't a bookstore be a must have?! But eh... we looked at books and things and Camilla got some more compliments. It was so funny, the lady behind us in line at the Barnes and Noble Cafe was like, "Oh my God, your baby is SO CUTE." She is cute! That's our girl! :)

She's growing like crazy! She's cooing, babbling, and smiling LOADS more. Even giggling. Josh is quite amazed and he gets a huge kick when she starts her babbling or smiling. Oh my god it's just so awesome! And she is so cute!!!! I can't wait 'til she's big enough for her cuter outfits!

Hmmm what else what else... been utilizing the crockpot a lot. Josh has been requesting this cheesy chicken rice thing I make a lot, been making at least 1 sale a day at my shop, Desoto's doing well and loves the crap out of the red futon (pretty sure he thinks it's his new bed), Oh! My friend Sandra is coming up for a visit in October, she's really awesome and I've known her since Kindergarten! It'll be fun to catch up as we haven't done so in years. She's really excited to meet everyone and help out. Hopefully with Camilla being a little bigger by then, we can have more time to do things ourselves as well. But we'll see. :) I know she wants to come up to see Camilla and help out and etc, babies are a handful, hope she knows what she's getting herself into! ;)

Whoa, I guess this post turned out bigger than I thought! Maybe I just blabber on too much.. probably... hehe. Anyway, picture time! I know it's everyone's favorite part. :)

Desoto learned a new trick!

Look at that stare!

Ha! Halloween prop.

Mmm, human foot.
Desoto came up to sneak some cuddling, Camilla has a BLAST kicking at him lol.

Then he brings me two toys.

Then he takes one toy from me and offers it to Camilla.

                                                  Desoto is so fashionable!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 2 Months, Miss Camilla!

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Yay! CamCam is officially 2 months old. It's weird, because it feels like forever, but at the same time she seems like she's growing up so fast. When I mean forever, I mean it feels like she's such an integral part of the family, it's like we've had her for much longer. I'm so happy we have her. We weren't really partial to kids, we thought Desoto was enough to handle as it is (haha) but I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING.

So now that she is officially 2 months, we have her 2 month appointment coming up. I'm a little annoyed with how slow Tricare was about getting her in their records, because now we have to wait until the 22nd for her 2 month checkup-- she'd be 2 1/2 months by then! *sigh* but we have to make do with that. I'm also irritated because my doctor appointment is the day after hers and I'm running out of epilepsy meds... grrrr! I'm rationing my pills because I really really don't want to have any accidents. I reallly don't understand why my doctor and Cam's doctor have to be in different places. I'm being seen off base, but Camilla is ON base. Oy, I don't get why they can't make things a little easier on folks... but I guess I shouldn't complain.

In more disturbing/interesting news, turns out our new neighbor to the left  of us was away in Afghanistan, now she's back -- however, her house was broken into back in April at 10 in the MORNING! How freaky is that?! I felt so terrible because I was most likely home at the time, if only I had seen or heard something. All her electronics were taken and her front door was kicked in. Gosh, those are some pretty ballsy burglars to break in at 10 a.m. That bit really freaked me out because that's the second break-in in this neighborhood, and this neighborhood is on the upper-side of town. Eeeesh. We have a lot of Doberman signs in our windows, which probably has deterred anyone from contemplating our home. Plus, we've been seen out and about with Desoto which just cements the fact that yes, those people DO have a Doberman lol.

I wonder if stupid jerk burglars that are brave enough to rob a home at 10 a.m. are brave enough to face a home with a dog with THOSE teeth. :)

Since the baby, Desoto has been acting out a little. I do feel bad we don't have as much time to be active with him; I used to take him on walks daily, 2-3 times a day. A couple days ago I decided to take him to the Petsmart sale and we walked there, which is about a 2 mile walk. It was HOT AS HELL. I was kicking myself for going mid-day, it really kicked our butts. I brought a water bottle and made sure he drank all of it and I poured whatever he didn't drink onto him. It really tired him out and he loved seeing people/other dogs at the store, and we got him a new favorite toy that you put treats inside of so, it was worth it. :) He really is a good dog, and I definitely feel safe with him around, he deserves all the love, treats, and toys.
Sleeping at my feet. My little protector boy.

Josh is officially on leave and it's so nice having him around. I've had time to run some much needed errands, do some thrifting, business stuff (I've been so busy with that holy crap!!!), and I've had some time to cook!

I made baked Tilapia the other day with some sweet potatoes and brown rice and it was sooo yummy! Funny story, we get some guy Paul Blakey's magazines so I'll read them and I found the recipe in there. Thanks Paul Blakey! It was so delicious, and the fish was so hot and white and crumbly... it's a shame Josh doesn't like seafood, because this was scrumptious!

 Oh! Josh went out and got an elliptical, so now we can work out (LOL). I did 30 minutes the other day and it really kicked my butt. I'm going to try really hard to do it daily, that's my plan anyway. We'll see. Lol. Camilla was in the front carrier as I did it and she fell right to sleep. Two birds, one stone. Woohoo!

Camilla is getting so big.. it's amazing. We tried weighing her on my postcal scale lol, which can read up to 30 pounds and it said she was around 9lbs. She's cooing more and even mimicking us. There is lots of sticking-out-her-tongue which is adorable, until she's on my shoulder and just licking like a cat, and drooling. I always have drool spots on my shoulder! She's also grabbing things with her hands, and kicking like crazy. It's only August but already we have Christmas fever... it's going to be a fun one this year, even though I won't be able to see my family. :( It will be nice to be able to decorate the house and share it with Desoto and a baby. It will be her first Christmas, so already it's going to be extra special. She's a lot smaller than we thought she would be... so hopefully she won't be swimming in the Christmas clothes we bought, but she's going to grow a lot, so maybe!

Photobomb time!  Hope everyone is having a great August, and stay out of that heat as much as you can! <3

He has claimed the red futon of awesomeness.

Two sleeping babies.

Someone HAD to get in the photo too!

My sweet lil cutie pie.

I LOVE THIS!! Awwwww!!!!

Sleeping. :)

She's so lucky to have him watching over her.



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