Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh my gosh!! Cutest Cam story yet!!!!!!

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Before I begin to tell the super adorable story that literally JUST happened, let me share with you all that earlier tonight while I was making Josh's lunch, Camilla learned that by pulling on knobs she can open cupboards! AHH! We're in for trouble now. And by the way, she has  a weird attachment to the dishwasher... when I closed it after putting the last of the dishes away, she cried. Lol. How dare mommy close the dishwasher! Oh the humanity!

Okay. So. As of late Cam has had a bout of insomnia. Meaning, we go to bed at around 2-3 am. YIKES! We sleep in, but I'd rather us go to bed a little sooner because I just get more work done during better bedtime hours. *sigh* I digress, though. Tonight, I got her into her footie pajamas and thought well, she's not sleepy yet so let's just play with her toys for awhile. I had some songs on shuffle playing from my desk and it was loud enough so that we could hear it faintly (but not loud enough to disturb sleeping Josh, haha). ANYWAY! The cute thing is, Camilla actually likes some songs and has smiled when they've played. She even plays favorites with Pocoyo episodes and her nursery rhymes. It's totally adorable.

But what happened next just completely astonished me. There is this song I have on my itunes and a music video of, that she likes. She gets all grinny and smiley when it plays. When it came on after whichever song preceded it (I wasn't paying attention) I didn't think much of it. Until Camilla IMMEDIATELY dropped her toy elephant. And froze. Then she dropped to all fours, looking severely confused and worried. (Which is funny because the song is called 'Why Worry')

I think something's wrong because she is acting incredibly strange, especially when the past ten minutes she's been playing with her toys in a typical baby manner. I'm like, "Cam? Cam? You okay?" But she just gives these... looks. Like she remembers what she's hearing, she knows what she's hearing, but she doesn't know HOW she can hear it. It doesn't play in her room, what the heck is going on?

These looks: 

I think... what the heck? Is it the song that's playing? She's being unnaturally quiet... and like she's thinking. It's like I could hear the gears in her head working and putting the puzzle together.

Yes! That song! I know that song! That's my favorite song! Ever! I know that song, I know it!! Mom sings it to me sometimes when it comes on! She can't sing worth beans, but I love that song! It's my song!

And what happened next made my jaw drop.

She LEAVES the room. Yes, she leaves behind her toys AND me, to go search for the source of the song. This baby amazes me.

She crawls with determination.
 Then she stops. I ask her, "Cam, is that your favorite song that's playing?" (or something like that)
Again, she looks toward the sound and sits like this all the while listening.

It was the CUTEST THING EVER. Anyway, she sat there listening and looking towards the sound for awhile, so I went over to my desk hoping she would get the courage to finish her quest to find the music. And she did! She was successful in finding it.. with a little help. :) While crawling through the living room, she kept glancing and looking over at the t.v. because she assumed the sound and/or picture would be coming from there. She's a smart lady. :)

I actually have this on video! Which I think I can post on the blog... if it works, yay! If not, boohoo! (P.s. not responsible for any deafening of ears my voice over video will likely incur) I know it probably sounds silly that I make such a big deal out of this haha, but I thought it was funny and insanely adorable how when she heard her favorite song (I'm assuming it's her favorite if she abandons her toy playing to find it) and also since ya know, immediately dropped her toys and LEFT ME! Lol.

Shoot I don't think I can post it because it's a stupid iphone and I'd hafta do special crap to get it on here... well, I'll take some more screenshots!

Thinking the tv is the culprit.

  AHA! She found the source. Mommy's computer!

Notice how she can't draw her attention away.

It was so cute. Especially funny too as this song is one of my favorite songs (even though it's kind of pitchy) and I've loved it since high school. Lol. Cam, you're one cool lady!

The funniest thing? I picked  her up, sat in my chair, sang along with it and she fell right to sleep. Go figure.

Uh oh, it's 4 am! Gotta go! :) Love you all! I'll have to upload the actual video on here, if I can figure it out!

If anyone's curious this is the song: AAR - Why Worry
Not the official video or anything, but the song. :)
As soon as that strumming started... she was mystified.

I love my Cam!!!!!!!!

Oh! I don't  remember if I posted this photo yet but... why does he always look so concerned when I go to the bathroom? Lol.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello, lovelies!

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I feel like it's been forever! Even though the last post was like, what, 4 days?! I feel guilty because I totally feel as if I've been neglecting this blog! I keep forgetting to do a different 'picture of the day', I haven't been updating our dinner menu... but maybe some of you don't care about all that. Lol. Hopefully that's the case! Because I totally suck at updating that stuff!

I'll try harder though, I PROMISE!

What's been going on? Nothing. Well, something. But we'll save that for later. ;) It's a good something, trust me. Or don't trust me. That's cool too! (No, but seriously, trust me!)

Apology in advance.. this post won't be as exciting as the last one. I'm not sure if anything can top the amazing ZOOOO SAFARIIII!!!!!!! I want to go back again! I keep looking back at the pictures, giggling to myself and asking no one in particular, "Did I really pet a zebra? Was I really in the presence of a gigantic awesome camel? Sigh... maybe this state doesn't suck as badly as I thought.

Well, it's still not as cool as Washington. Washington does have that Northwest Trek thingy, but I don't think you can feed the animals. With animals like bears on their route... you probably shouldn't be feeding them... lol.

ANYWAYS! Easter is coming... I have Camilla's basket mostly done (I think) and some chocolate for Josh, and then Josh's birthday! (and Derek's birthday too, can't forget to send his bday package out.) I'm pretty excited for Josh to open his presents. :) I would write them down here, but then he might see... okay, well one of the items is a big box of fancy coffees. We are crazy into coffee right now. We are obsessed with Kcups. He's going to love them! (And me too.. cough cough)

Camilla is becoming so much more... human! That's probably weird to hear, but she's standing up and trying to balance by herself, she gets the biggest delight out of pestering Desoto (petting him, slapping his paws, touching or grabbing his paws, grabbing his collar and pulling on it lol). She also has a very big fascination for the outside world. When we're in her room and after playing with her toys, she'll go to the window and stand on her tippy toes (and I've even seen her calculate how to step onto her books so she can get extra height) to peer outside the window and watch the sunny sky or the wind blow through the leaves. Once she even reached her hand out as if she could touch the leaves. It was so darn cute.

Also, the other day (and this would be the second time this has happened) the postal guy dropped off some packages, so I went to retrieve them and (she was in my arms) I got them and as I shut the door, she just wouldn't have any of that. She cried and cried and CRIED until I opened the door and let her have her precious outside watching time. So we sat out in the front yard for awhile and I let her do her silly watching. She loves to touch and grab the leaves. She's not happy unless I let her bring one inside the house.. and then 10 minutes later I'm not happy because she's ripped it to shreds and is throwing it everywhere like confetti. Lol. I love this baby of ours! 

Okay, I'll share some photos now. :) They're the best part of all this, so we might as well get on with it!

(P.s. Josh sends his love to you all as well!)


She is ready to be going places!

Bad awful habit! She cannot stop going for my hair!

One of her favorites.

Another bad habit! Leaf ripping. Lol but she is so fascinated by the little bits and bobs.

Mmmm food time!

Another new hobby: Pushing her sleeper around and walking along with it. SO CUTE.

Daddy and Desoto time.

Look how devious she looks lol.

                That day she helped me sort through old clothes that did not fit her. For donating.
                     And "helped" meanings she pulled things out and threw them everywhere.

'Hmmm.. '
'No no this won't do at all. So not my style.'

Moms, can we read now? 
Sidenote: I have this weird thing where I want her to have plenty of books in her room. At the moment she has storybooks and such lining the walls. Even if they're just there for her to handle/poke at/look at. I want her to get an early fascination with books and reading. Hopefully, it works.

'Okay let's go shopping!'
It will be so cute when she starts carrying around a little baby purse lol.

THAT FACE!!!!!! Ohhh. My darling.

See? She loves peering out the window hahaha.
She's like, he's so BIG what do I doooo? (I LOVE HER CUTIE FACE!!)

I will end with this picture of Desoto cuddling up against her, because they are my favorite team. I love them so much!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zoo Safari!

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Hey everyone! Sorry, I meant to write yesterday but it just ended up being a busier day. Josh has had much of the week off, so I took advantage sleeping in as much as I could (lol) and catching up on store stuff + writing for my friend's sites. I'm doing micro blogging on the side of my other projects, but at least it's fun for me since I get to be creative and it's just another way for a bit more income. :) So yay!

With that being thrown out there, the Topsey Zoo Safari Ranch we went to was SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! I'm so glad I chanced upon it doing a google search of nearby zoos (because I've had a hankerin' to go spy on some animals!) What can I say, I have a huge weakness for animals. I love them all! And this one was spectacular in particular because you could see the animals up close (and when I say up close, I mean UP CLOSE) some would literally stick their heads into the car. Also, you could FEED THEM! A total win win! I would rate the experience a high 8 or low 9, it was a lot lot lot lot of fun. My favorites were the llamas, the ZEBRAS, and the amazingy HUGE and TALL camel!

Josh had even admitted that he wasn't expecting the place to be that great, or that cool or interesting, he thought we would be lucky to see a handful of different types of animals. I was a little more optimistic since I read some reviews on the place, but I was excited nonetheless as it was a chance to get out of the house to do something that didn't involve walking around a store or mall. :) It was about a 30-40 minute drive away, and worth every penny! But what am I still doing yapping away? Pictures of our fun shall abound!

Oh, there was even a petting zoo! But pictures... yes pictures. :)

We were immediately greeted by llamas. Immediately is not an understatement, these animals know that cars and people = FOOD! (1 bag of food = 1 dollar, food being these big alfalfa pellet type thingies) The llamas were sooo precious, and so tall! Funny store: Josh wanted to take the truck, I said, ehhh we probably won't need the truck it should be fine. Case in point: Sometimes men are right! Lol. Some of the animals were sooooo enormous, and had we gone in the mazda, phew that would  have been even more intimidating. Not to mention, it would have been so creepy being eye-to-eye with some of the mountain ram goats. Lol. The llamas were so sweet, ate right from your hand. Oh they were just so cute!!!

 Yeah! Those things! Lol. I wouldn't want to have been eye to level with them. They were nice though, not aggressive or anything. The guys with the big horns would scare away the littler creatures so they could get all the food pellets, but other than that they were pretty cool looking and fun to watch. Funny story: I head out my hand with a couple pellets and the one with the big horns actually stood on his hind legs and set his hooves on the car! Well, I was a wee bit afraid of feeding that one from the hand, lol plus Josh didn't approve of him walking all over the car... but it was pretty hilarious all the same. :) (don't worry he didn't scratch up the truck, just left a buncha dust!)

I don't remember what this guy was!!! He was like as tall as a horse. But he wasn't a horse. He wasn't a deer... I wish I knew the heck he was, but he stuck his head inside the car and grabbed my food bag!! LOL. He tried to take it but I snatched it back before he could get away with it. I was howling with laughter and screaming because it was just ridiculously funny. What a thief! And what was Cam doing this whole time, you ask?

Yep. Our little princess was sleeping through most of the whole trip! She woke up hmm probably a little over halfway, close to 3/4 of the way through but it was pretty funny. But Josh was like weeeellll this trip isn't for her anyway. *chuckles* I suppose not, I was like a kid in a candyland! I was just beside myself with all the animals to feed and see and (occasionally) pet. They would follow the truck, hang around the roads, basically, they were all over the place and there was barely a dull moment.

 Oh my gosh, I loved that deer guy! Or girl? Girl I'm assuming since it didn't have antlers. She was sooo sweet and stuck her mouth/head right on in for some pellets. I fed her by hand and she was so gentle. Her nose reminded me of Desoto LOL.

Then a handsome boy deer approached Josh's side. He had a very pretty and manly set of antlers. :) We also traveled by a lot of bird creatures (that scared me.. I read a review that the ostriches were a little aggressive haha) and traveled by a couple more deer!

No offense Emus... but ummm... AREN'T THEY TERRIFYING!?!?! Lol. The way they waddled by with their head bobs/while staring intensely at you... creepy! Lol.

FAVORITE!! The camel!! He/She was sooooo gorgeous and sooo huge! He must've been like 9 feet tall. Holy cow he was crazy enormous. He was like, the size of a building. He/she?! I'll just say he, haha, he was really gentle. Josh warned me to roll up the window because camels bite... but eventually I rolled my window down because really, he was a total sweetheart and I fed him from the hand and petted him. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was such a fun moment! Lol. 

 Awww that one mountain ram had a wonky horn! He was so precious though. :) And look! More llamas!!!!

Lots of pretty pretty beasts!! There were also tigers/more predatory animals in their pens, but obviously we couldn't drive up to them haha. The tigers were sleeping, too. Boohoo. :(

Okay... prepare for a lot of pictures of me and Josh's next favorite... the...

THE ZEBRAS!!!!! Of course they were all and I mean ALL of them were on Josh's side... lol he had such a fun time feeding them and petting them. We even got a couple videos of the zebras. :) They were so pretty! And so nice! I was afraid of petting them/feeding them from the hand, but they were gentleman/gentlewomen. Lol. Yes eventually I did manage to flag down a zebra on my side...

They were soooooooooo beautiful! Not to sound like a nerd or anything, or a crazy animal person, but I love animals!! Hahaha. I had such a huge kick out of these guys, and seeing/petting/feeding the zebras definitely made this trip WORTH IT. Well, even if we had only seen the llamas I still would've been perfectly content with that, but I think the zebras really made Josh's day. He loved them!

Shortly after the zebras, came the miniature ponies!! Oh my goddd they were so freaking adorable!! And the guy that came up to my window did a weird "trick"; he would open his mouth really wide so you could throw a pellet into his mouth lol. And he kept doing it for food... most hilarious thing ever. He was such a funny little weirdo pony!

This guy Josh rolled up his window Lol he did not want to risk anything, and he had crazyyyy gigantic horns. The car in front of us (a jeep with no doors) spent a lot of time with this guy. They were petting him all over the place and his head went inside their jeep! AHHH!!


 Yeah that cow... I think... smelled like Desoto's farts. He was sooo steeeeeeenky and his nose was so wet and snotty! Yuck! Hahaha.

Then this guy came over to me. STINKY, SNOTTY, but funny. I fed him lots. :)

Well well well, look who woke up!!!

 The camel was so awesome! He almost stuck his head in the window, but Josh didn't want him to so I couldn't let him. Lol.

Then afterwards, even after I was mesmerized (and Cam was awake) I made us all go see the petting zoo! It was so cool! An assortment of goats and baby goats, and there was a big turtle, and the camel was behind a big fenced in enclosure... well, you'll see. :D

 *sigh* I was definitely in love with the whole experience. I'm still thanking Josh for taking us. Lol. Even though I wanted to go and used the (going as a "family") excuse, let's face it, this trip was pretty much to tickle my fancy since Camilla is a baby and she slept through the whole darn thing! LOL. But I am very very happy that Josh had a great time too! I know this is just a drop in the bucket to what our family will experience in the future. I'm so excited for tips to Disneyland and Disneyworld, etc. It will be so so fun. The Zoo Safari day was an amazing adventure, and there's no buts about it, we will be back again!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! It's impossible to  capture the wonder and excitement, but maybe the pictures showed how cool it really was. I felt like a kid again reveling in all the fun of the animals and being able to feed them. It was just so much fun! :) It's a shame I had no idea this place existed when Sandra was here! She's a wildlife biologist and I know she would've had as much fun as me! Ah well! :)


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