Monday, April 29, 2013

Sorry all, I've been quite lazy.

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Sooo sooo lazy. I've been so tired lately, too. *sigh*

But today! Today I have accomplished quite a bit! I completely organized and re-folded everything in our bedroom closet, I tackled the mountain of laundry and am on the second to last load, just gave Cam her bath (she is hating baths now, what's with that?! It's like trying to bathe a rabid raccoon), and I am clearing up more stuff to pack. I'm going to work on the garage nextt and organize boxes to use since there are lots of empty boxes in there, and then clearing out the hoard of stuff in there that can be packed.

Busy! This is probably the busiest day I've had in awhile, haha. I get a lot accomplished when Josh isn't here! Tonight he's gone for in the field duty, so me, Cam, and Desoto are busying ourselves. Well, Desoto is napping on the couch and he keeps moving between the couch and the bed at times hahaha and when I had finished organizing the closet, I walked into the bedroom to find him sleeping on the bed while Cam was standing up flicking at his nails. What silly children I have lol.

I think Josh is going to be pleasantly surprised that the closet is nice and clean. That thing was a huuuuuge mess since he just likes to throw his army stuff all around and that sort of stuff is hard to keep track of! I'm going to try and make more of an effort to keep closet stuff organized, especially when we're in the new house. I know *I* like seeing stuff organized, but we'll see how it goes lol. It's not always possible when you're the only party that makes an effort! Lol.

Camilla is crazy! Lol. In a good way. Boy does she keep me on my toes. You really can't let her be alone for a second, unless she's somewhere that is completely baby proofed. The other morning when I set her down in the living room, I went to go give Desoto some food. I hauled out his new food bag, opened it up, drew a cup, and then when I went to his dish... not only did I see he already had food, but someone else was at his bowl, too!

Sigh! I was like, oh geeze little lady, that is not your food! I poured him his new cup and off we went to get her some breakfast before she tried his food. Lol. That actually isn't the first time she's been interested in his food dish or water bowl (I always catch her when she's hauling diaper over to investigate the area), but it was the first time they "shared" the bowl, which I thought was funny. I assure everyone though, that Desoto poses no danger, even when he is eating. If anything he likes to share, way too much. And I would never want to put Cam in a situation that would be dangerous. <3

Let's seeeeee... not too much has been going on! Just lots of cleaning and occasionally being lazy and tired, haha, and playing with my Cam! Some of her new favorite things to do are explore the couch (always supervised) she really gets a kick out of the soft cushiony back of the couch. She likes to bounce herself on it and sometimes bite. Lol. Poor couch. She also has stolen my desk's wastepaper basket... so I gave it to her and she loves it when all her toys are inside and she gets to pull them out. Speaking of pulling things out, she had a grand ol' time pulling every receiving blanket and diaper out of her corner changing table area. How rude! We were laughing the whole time, but sheesh Cam!

Then later while we were in our bedroom closet, she found my drawers and pulled out every clothing item. Sigh. I think she's found her new hobby... making huge messes for mommy to clean up! 

Uh oh, I think I hear the washer slowing down. I better get some new pictures uploaded for you before the laundry's finished! :)

Hope everyone is doing well! We are doing great! Just packing and excited to get into the house!! :)

Cam's sleepy face, so cute!

Yep, she loves the back cushions lol.

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Lol Desoto's new job is being a stepping stool.

Dobie kisses for the cutie pie Cam!

Let's play toys!

Bored? Hahahah.

Guarding? Lol.

Poke poke!
What a face! <3

I surprised both of us when the flash went off lol. Look at that face!

Pushing her sleeper around like a little hobo baby lol.

Uh oh, did I ever mention that she could climb things? Like *cough cough* the refrigerator?
And the STEPLADDER?? Even Desoto didn't like that. Haha. She actually made it to the top (I was right there just in case) but right after this, I took away the stepladder to avoid future heart attacks haha.

Heehee I love this girl's cutie face!

If you listen close enough, you can hear the ocean.

Oh my silly lady. <3

While folding laundry and hanging out with Cam, Desoto brought his football in haha.

Okay, that's it for now! Love you all! Mwah!!!! Talk to you later!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Something to brighten your day. :)

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Or at least make you smile!

Real post later, pinky promise!


 We had our tea party!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time. And... it's ALMOST MAY!!!!

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Not to freeze frame the world, not like that, just make time stop. I don't want to get older! Most of all, I don't want Cam to get older and be out on her own! The world just seems to get scarier and crazier. And the media and news doesn't help with all the horrible atrocities they're constantly reporting. *sigh* I always joke to Josh, "Can we just have Camilla live with us forever?" Haha. I wish. I'm still feeling pretty sad over Boston, and all the pictures [horribly gory, detailed, pictures] doesn't help ease the pain, at all. I feel so bad for all those people that took the brunt of those explosions. And same for the people in West, TX for the fertilizer plant situation. Gosh.

Okay, I'll shut up! No need to write a depressing post! There ARE good people out there, I must remember that. The media can't sell good people like they can sell horrible, rotten ones. So.... ANYWAY!

We went to the house inspection. WOOT! Well, long story short, I knew it was going to be an hour and a half long and the morning of, told Josh I didn't really think it was a good idea for me AND Cam to be there since there would be nothing for her to do, no furniture  to sit on, etc. I was pretty adamant about not going [because of Cam, I didn't want her bothering the guy if she were to cry etc] but Josh fought tooth and nail, so I had to go. Lol. Actually, the reason I went was he said he would bring Camilla anyway, so I was like weeeeeelll, if you're going to bore her with the inspection then you're going to need my help. Haha. So we went! She was fine, up until the end, when her diaper was on the brink of showering us with its not-so-goodies. She did NOT like  being changed on the floor, Lol.

So the house inspector guy was very nice. A real Texan. Cowboy hat, belt buckle, that Texan swagger you now only see in old Westerns when a couple guys are about to duel with pistols. He had an accent too, which made me chuckle to myself. It's very very very weird to meet a real Texan around here, which is going to sound really odd in itself, but this town is chock full of people from all over the U.S... so when I see one, I feel like I'm seeing a mythical creature! He was practically a unicorn, but don't tell him I said that. :)

I did have fun looking over at the house all over again, but *cough cough* the yard IS smaller than our current one... don't tell Josh I gloated, but I was so damn sure that the new house yard was smaller, and Josh told me I was crazy and that it wasn't haha. The island!! It's cool, and bigger than how it looked when we peered in through the windows last weekend like creepy stalkers. It has a big cupboard inside, and it can be moved around! At first I thought that was strange, and was like.. so... is it really an island if it can move? Islands can't move! Lol. But when we found a better place to position it, I was sold on the incredible moving Island.

Afterwards (and I was so glad it was all done with since Cam was hungry and irritated) the Texan inspector told us that the property was fantastic, that All Star Homes were reputable and great home builders and he's only seen them get better and better, but there were a couple minor flaws one being a window wasn't locking properly, and the door (to the garage) was at a slight off angle (or something, I didn't catch all of that). He said they were basically just cosmetic issues, the house itself foundation and all was sturdy and well constructed. He gave us a copy of his report, and sent one to our realtor Michael, then Michael called us the following day and said the builders were going to fix the window and the door, so WOOOOOO!!!! It's almost May and we can get out of here!!!!!!!!!

WOOHOO!!!! Truth be told, I kind of have cold feet. When I was in the house I was like.. hmm, I guess I was in shock, sort of. I was basically trying to find faults with the house. Lol. I was like, why does the fireplace look like that? The yard is smaller than you said. The master bedroom doesn't seem as big as our current one (but actually it's about the same size, with a bigger bathroom to boot). Cam's room seems small. Why does this cupboard have that weird thingymajib? Etc. I was very. very. annoying. Lol. Silly me for sabotaging, don't worry though, it didn't work... I'm still very excited about the house! Cold feet is normal, I'm sure. It's just a big step! I just don't want to stumble on the way up.

 What else has been going on? Not much! Besides packing and store stuff, and Desoto being silly, and Josh working, and Cam being adorable as always... sigh, I love this kid of ours. It is so damn silly, but she has been using her pointer finger for EVERYTHING these days. Pointing at things, poking at things, feeling her toys and random things with her pointer finger, and let's not forget, jamming her pointer finger up my nose or in my mouth. Geeze she is obsessed with touching my face and covering my nose with her palm, and trying to stick anything up my nose. Lol. It's so funny, and I can't stay annoyed or mad at her because she is just so gosh darn cute.

Picture time! P.s. when will Cam get HAIR?!?! Lol.

Today I thought we would have a tea party....


It didn't really play out...

Cam loves to climb all over me, so there's always lots of hugging. :)

CRAB BUTT!!!!! Lol.

Don't mind me looking greasy and tired... Lol.

Wow, she's come a long way from that little baby who upon seeing herself in the mirror for the first time, became utterly enchanted with her reflection. (ignore the smudges on the mirror! Lol)  Gosh is soooooooooooooooo cute! Seeing the super tiny baby pictures of her makes me want to cry!

 Okay... I'm going to go cry now! Time goes by waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too fast.


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