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So, I caught wind that some church was having a Trunk or Treat event... so I decided, well, why not?! Hey, as long as they weren't going to lure me inside the building... you know, otherwise I probably would have burst into flames.

BUT. We went. And it was pretty fun! HOT AS HECK. I mean for 5 pm.... screw you humidity! Ugh! I almost didn't dress up.


But um. This is me we're talking about, though. I'll dress up and use ANY excuse to do so. Lol so... of course I ended up pulling it all together last minute!

If only I had my Flynn Rider!!:(

And YES, it came down TO MY FEET. Which is actually not a good idea when pushing a stroller.. but still worth it lol.

So, we get to the Trunk or Treat and it's just PACKED. Packed, packed, packed. No parking spaces to be seen! I was about to pull out and just park at our doctor's office that is right behind the church, when low and behold, my idiocy lands us in a taped off dead end part of the parking lot-- with a free parking space smack dab in the middle of two trucks! Oh it was like the Greek gods were smiling upon us! Lol. It was a sign or something.

Fast forward to walking through the very busy and very crowded parking lot, with many other adults and tons of kids in costumes, many of them princesses-- and these cute little princesses were all flocking over to us, going: oh my God, Elsa and Anna! Oh my God Rapunzel! You're from Tangled! Mom, it's Rapunzel!!

This ADORABLE little Belle was so shy when she came up and asked for a picture. I could've cried from the adorableness lol. And Cam had loads of fun running around and giggling over all the other little kids and princesses (there were at least four other Elsas!) and she was being such a good big sister pushing little Anna around! She really enjoyed watching everyone, as did Alice, thankfully! I was pretty damned worried Alice would be upset waiting in the line- but she was a trooper.

                As you can see, Alice was pretty 'meh' over the whole experience. She didn't cry at all though thank GOODNESS, we would've had to leave the trick or treating part... which was the least fun part to be honest. The line was ridiculous. I kind of thought people would just sort of walk around in a parking lot setting, and you know... "trick or treat" at cars... not wait in a friggin' line going from car to car! It wasn't too bad, but it was just really slow going... especially when I'm by myself with both girls lol. It would've been a lot easier with Josh there. :( Though I am very shocked Cam wasn't immediately bored in the line. She pushed Alice and we crept through the slow-ass line, getting a bit of candy here and there. So yeah, that part wasn't super fun lol and Cam did eventually get tired of the lather, rinse, repeat... closer to the end of the line. But it wasn't adventurous for her, so she ran off toward the pumpkin patch!

Which was fine with me, so off we went lol. Like hell I was going to stay in the line an extra half an hour just to get 10 more pieces of candy! Boo on that!

So we romped in a pumpkin patch, hung out around other people in their costumes, and had a good, fun time. And nobody pushed religion on us! I'm glad we went. The girls had fun, we got some extra candy, and we got to show off our costumes which were a big hit! I felt like we were Disney World attractions or something, it was pretty fun. Unfortunately I have to fix Cam's wig hat cause it did not hold up to the wear, and neither did my hair... the big question is will we be able to pull off our hair again for Halloween night? I hope so!! But my wig is pretty 'tangled' from the experience lol. Cam's will be an easier fix, I think.

Sigh, I really wish we had our Flynn Rider though. He would have been the icing on the cake. :( Sniff sniff!

LOL oh my God was she ever fighting her costume!

Oops, upside down. Cam selfie! Lol.
Cam was poking her head lol. Stay awake Alice!
                   AHHAHAHAH WE SAW BANE!!! And a zombie kid!

Elsa, do you wanna build a pumpkin?
Lol she took her wig hat off... siiiiiiiiigh.

LOL it sucks taking pictures without any help!

Yup, Disney Princesses totally go through the drive-thru 'cause it's too late to get home and make dinner, whoops!

    Isn't little Anna sooo cute? Cuter if she kept her hat on!!

Plot twist: Rapunzel is really an asian chick who loves french fries!

 Oh! Here's what the hats looked like the other week... when they would kind of keep them on their heads!! HOW CUTE ARE THEY??!

     ELSSSSAAAA!!!! My friend Britt made these hats for them -- aren't they super cool?!?!

   I love how the Elsa hair turned out... if only Cam didn't mess it up! Lol.

Omggggggggggggg and the Anna hat!! EEEEK!!!
She immediately takes it off though.. sniffle.
Do you think I made enough hands? 

 Can every day be Halloween?!!?


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