Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas is coming!

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I'm so excited for Christmas!!! The presents are just piling up... and Josh keeps getting packages and I'm like... must... resist... opening. I did accidentally open one of them... it was an accident, I SWEAR!!! Lol. We have an Amazon Prime membership which gives us free 2 day shipping so which is especially fantastic for this time of year, and anyway, I saw the "Prime" label on the package and thought it was for me since I'm the one that uses it the most (diapers, wipes, baby things, and now presents lol) ANYWAY. Oops. Sorry Josh! I swear I didn't see anything! Okay maybe I did.. but whatever!

Let's see... turns out he won't be home until FRIDAY which totally blows, ugh. Missing a whole week of December just sucks, especially since I'm so pregnant! Lol. It's no biggie, I've actually been feeling a bit more energetic. Must be the spirit of the season or something. I'm kind of scared that the baby will come late December, thus me being trapped in the hospital on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I REALLY REALLY don't want that to happen. I would be so sad! I mean, I'd be happy because of the baby, but I'd be so sad to be stuck in a crappy hospital room for those two special nights I wait the whoooole year for. Plus, it makes me really scared and nervous to be away from Cammy, I just want everything to go smoothly and quickly as possible. I love Cam so much, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freaked out at all for having to be away from her for a couple days. I know Josh is going to take her to come and visit me... but I dunno, I haven't really been away from her for more than a few hours while I go run errands. It's going to be really really rough on me.

Apart from that, not much else is going on. Trying to keep the house in order for the most part, which just means picking up Cam's toys here and there. Hung out with Laura and Bailey a couple days ago and we had a lot of fun. She baked sweet treats and cookies and I helped decorate and the kids played. It was SOOOOOOO CUTE watching them play together. Cam and Bailey actually chased each other around and were shrieking with laughter and sooo giggly. Of course they had their slight squabbles too, like Cam trying to steal Bailey's sippy cup, or Bailey slapping or pulling on Cam. Lol. But we know their just toddlers and not really understanding just yet. But it was so sweet when we were at the table and suddenly Bailey's room got VERY QUIET and we were like... UH OH and ran over to look, the kids were inside Bailey's Minnie Mouse tent just hanging out! Lol. They eventually knocked it over, but were still playing inside of it. Lol it was so freaking cute.

And tonight while I was making dinner, I grabbed a wooden spoon for myself and handed one to Cam (I like to have her do things with me since she's usually stuck to my side anyway) and what did she do? No, she didn't whack me with it (although earlier she was whacking me with a drumstick and I was like UM NO. Lol, which she thought was hilarious, but that's a great way to get stuff taken away) anyway, she took the wooden spoon and ran over to the stove, and reached up to stick the end of it into the Wok!!!!!!! (I was cooking fried rice) and oh my godddddddd it was so cute! She wanted to help cook!

So I lifted her up and let her stir the rice around. It was so so so so cute. So I guess she *kind of* helped make dinner. Lol. Hey stirring the rice is a big deal, and she did a great job!

Anyway... it's almost midnight, I gotta finish packaging up some packages and then fold some laundry and then it's off to bed for me! Love you and miss you family, I have a bunch of pictures but will only have time to post a few... hope you like! :)


Lol it was sooo funny when we found them playing in there!!!

Bailey dropped a toy, Cam bent down to get it for her.
And then she tried feeding it to her! LOL.
Hahaha look at that silly face. :)

When they knocked the tent over lol. Girls, you party way too hard!
Gee Cam, what do you feel like doing today?
The same thing we always do Desoto, try to take over the world!!!
Uh oh be cool, Mom is watching...
Cam LOOOOVES it when Desoto gives her kisses! Lol.

Here Cam is leaning in so Desoto will give her a smooch lol. It was so cute!

Come on Desoto, gimmeh a big ol' kiss!
                                            Ummmm stop finding presents Cam....

These are all mine, right Ma?
So tired after a day playing with Bailey haha.

Tired. Lol.
Get back here so I can get your shirt on, missy!! Don't just laugh at me!

6 am... wide awake. Mommy was not pleased. Lol.
                                                                Sigh, I love this lady.

Being silly!

Who wants to eat chicken and dumplings when you can be silly at the table instead?!
I tried putting it on her head. She was like nah, I can do it myself.
See Ma?
No no I can do it!
Did I do it yet?
I dunno Ma, this feels silly.

I dunno why she wanted that weird fishy toy from the thrift store... but I wasn't about to argue over it since I needed to get things done Lol. The checkout lady laughed when she saw the very strange toy she had picked out.
Lol posing?



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