Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ah, the magic of Christmas.

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Don't have much time to really write anything awesome... but I have some cute pics to share! We're doing good here... Josh is in the field AGAIN until Thursday, which sucks but whatever. *sigh* And I'm doing just fine! Achy, but fine. :) Cam is having a blast with all the Christmas stuff... lol. Being super cute and silly, as usual! She "helps" me wraps presents and has lots of fun *ahem* bringing me ornaments that she takes off the tree lol. Silly sweet girl!!

Anyway, we are all wrapped up in the magic of the Christmas season over here. While I should be exhausted and there are definitely times I am quite drained, Christmas is just too magical to not be festive and holly and jolly!

Pic time!

I love Christmas, Mom!
Sigh. Such a sweetheart.

                                                                Love those silly faces!

Why are you laughing at me mom?


                                            LOL! Mr. Bones likes to be babied.

Cam LOVES this game where she chases Josh around the island and he'll pop out and surprise her. She has sooo much fun.

Crappy phone = crappy phone pictures. :(

Fresh from a nap lol.
Tree farm!

High fashion Doberman!

Tree! Pre-presents and pre-train haha.
Remember Totoro? I made this fast little project for Cam for Christmas!! Probably-Alice (it's what I've been calling her lol) gets a hat and Cam gets this! Yay!

                                 Oh I love her Snoopy hoodie!! She's so damn cute!!!!!

                                                Okayyy mom, no more pics!

Reading Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

And the Giving Tree!

Desoto loves being festive too!

Awww nap on her quilt lol.

Presents are coming....

<3 <3 <3

She's silly after waking up from a nap haha.

Am I doing this right mom?

                                 So many blurry ones. :( If only my camera didn't SUCK!

LOL. Can you tell I have fun with photoshoots?

And she loved those lights.
Oh, and presents....
*Sigh* so sweet... looking for goodies under the tree. I don't think Santa came yet, sweetie. ;)
I'm so happy you are here Christmas season, we wait for you all year! And with a kid in the house, and another very nearly here... things are going to get a hell of a lot more magical!


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