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Well Damn...

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Guess I burned through all the Disneyland pics. These are the last ones! Disneyland is not very big. Only two parks and we didn't even bother with California Adventure. We needed a Magic Kingdom only fix, and we got it.... sort of lol.

Disneyland is definitely worth a visit but it kinda sucks that it's THAT one that is on the West Coast. World just offers so much more. Not to mention... their Magic Kingdom IS HUGE. Much bigger. Land is missing things like Rapunzel's tower and GASTON. We were soooooooo disappointed there was no Gaston or Gaston's Tavern (we really were craving his buns... ahem, cinnamon buns!)

Lots of pros and cons, but we're definitely World-ers at heart. In fact, I would insist that we were Disney World snobs. I saw someone's Disney World pictures on their blog (a friend of a friend lol) and she didn't post many pictures. Good ones, anyway. Lol. I took the high road and didn't say anything, but I couldn't stop from turning my nose up and uttering a PFFT sound.

Neither Josh or I aren't trying to say that Disneyland doesn't offer anything.... it does... and I would go back in a heartbeat. They've got the Paint the Night parade, which was the best thing we've ever seen. I really liked how easy it was to just waltz right into the park (very typical amusement park) and (kind of a con too, since it's not as secluded and I didn't feel quite as safe leaving our stuff unattended). What's funny though is I did not see many children at Disneyland. Ew and it was Grad Night, so there were insufferable teenagers EVERYWHERE. How many times did Josh and I roll our eyes at each other? Lol. Too often to count.

World is most definitely a destination spot. There seemed to be more children there (as in 5 and under) that wore their princess dresses and costumes and were living their dream. We saw even more teens and twenty-somehing couples enjoying the sights too, but for every 10 or so people you'd find another one or two Cinderellas or Rapunzels. Including ours, who were so adorable in their dresses. <3

I don't recall seeing any little kids in costumes at Land. How crazy is that?!?! Another reason why I think World is a weeee bit more magical. They're both still magical, but ya know what, World just gives you more, I think. Most of the truly priceless magical stuff happened to us at Disney World, too. I mean, will there ever be a moment that tops Happy and Snow White coming up to Alice during the Electrical Light Parade?!? (just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes!)

Here are the last pictures of Disneyland... treasure them. Lol. *weeps to self*

Awww look at this happy family, about to board the Alice in Wonderland ride! Oh, what fun this family will have! 
Dun dun dun... into Wonderland we go!!

Okay soooo.. the kids... were terrified of this ride. They were chilled to their very core. 

I wonder why?
Well, it's not everyday you have a life size Queen of Hearts ranting at you! Sorry Cam and Alice lol.


Dad, this has scarred me for life. Not cool. 

 I think this was one of my favorite rides actually lol. Mostly because this was the only ride I can *kind* of remember riding when I went so long ago.

Aww. I bet that is the same look I had when we were done with the ride! Plus one Cam clinging to me and crying.
(and I could've sworn the caterpillar was purple! Which is why I really wanted the purple one but nope, it was yellow lol)
Sigh, that castle...

Soooo now what? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT SINCE THERE AREN'T ANYMORE DISNEY PICS?! *starts to hyperventilate* Just kidding. There are World pics still leftover, but I want to post some more recent stuff that's been happening. 

Josh has a long weekend so we're happy and excited about that! Umm, actually, not much else has been going on. Doing the same thing. Kid adventures, not sleeping, trying to find time for myself, finding time for myself and then end up falling asleep on the couch because I'm so tired... yada yada... Lol. The other day Josh and I tried to watch a movie together. Good Lord, we haven't sat down WITHOUT kids to enjoy our tv to ourselves in foooorever. So he puts on the new Mad Max and I cuddle up with a blanket and... I am passed out within the first five minutes.

I wake up to credits thinking, "Huh? What happened?" Then I fall back asleep and Josh wakes me up later as he's putting his video game stuff away and he tells me he's going to go to bed. D'oh, I totally suck. Sorry. :(

 Pretty girly! 
She may be smaller but Alice will fight and prove she can keep up!  

 That is literally the farthest she would go lol. 
OH I love these pictures.  Cam is showing Uncle Jason how it's really done. 
 Lol he was somewhat appalled that she up and took those sticks right outta his hands and started rocking out. 

Her enthusiasm impressed! Lol

 Reading is a great reason to stay up past bedtime! For awhile there she loved this wild life book!
Omg and she fell asleep on the couch with Stitch the other night. Sooo so sweet.  She loves Stitch.
(and I love that I found him for 99 cents at the thrifty store! he gets a lot lot lot of love in this house!) 

 Hi cutie Alice!!! 

Omg isn't this hat amazing? She loves it lol.  I love when I wake up in the morning to find that she's wearing the Pinkie Pie hat. That's happened twice so far. Lol.
                             After many minutes spent playing tag with this butterfly, it landed on some grass and let her get closer. So cute.

Sigh... gotta love it all.


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