Sunday, August 2, 2015


Posted by ChristineElaine at 10:05 PM

Making Quilts.... quilts... ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS!!!! There I said it. And a pain to the wallet lol.

I need to distract myself from this self-inflicted agony, so I think I'll upload some pics of the girls being super cuuuute!


Lol Cam had picked out her outfit AND accessories! She had a leather bracelet on too. Styling herself these days!

I asked Cam what she was drawing, and she said "Ursula!" Lol. The resemblance is uncanny.

Oh I guess that's all I have on my phone right now since I switched phones lol. Oh well.

My friend Lisa tagged me in this picture post that Disney put up on Facebook. And it's SO true!

Soooooooooo true. :) 


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