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Long overdue post! Yeesh.

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This is way overdue, haha! I just haven't had the time, nor energy to really think out a post. I mean, I actually have been writing lately, but just not here lol. Whoops! More on that later.

Let's see how long I can get away with being in my office. The girls are being so loud and crazy right now... they're currently in Cam's room, probably destroying it lol.. but hey, if it keeps them busy! It's nice when they occupy each other, even if they are screaming at each other! Lol.

Oh crap. I heard a door shut. I'm going to try and type very, very quietly....

SO. I feel free! Why? Because the wedding weekend is over, and I survived it lol. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ridiculously nervous at having to go and walk in a wedding. It was just scary. I'm very much a person that likes to stick to the shadows, observe, and watch the surroundings. Not BE in them. But I got through it, I survived, and towards the end of the night I met up with old friends from school who were attending as guests, so it was like a reunion of sorts. So that part, was awesome. I grew from this experience, haha. That's always a good thing! I wish my parents had pushed me a little more when I was kid, to not be so damn shy. The Perron kids, all of us, are just big huge introverts. Not a bad thing, just awkward when we DO eventually have to be a part of something lol. Best part is she LOVED the quilt! I was soooo happy with all that. :)

I'm very thankful that Sue and Dennis were able to come and watch the kids because I was pretty freaked out over all that business. Josh probably would've had to take leave or something. God forbid I hire a babysitter.. sorry but just can't trust the people around here. Everyone here just seems psycho lol. No offense Fort Hood...

So yes. Very glad to have trusted family members to help out and watch the girls. It was unfortunate that Josh was in the field when I returned (SUPER unfortunate) but as luck would have it, he was able to come home a few times and spend time with us. :) For that I'm thankful, too! It was SO WEIRD not being with the girls for that week. It just felt... bizarre. Don't get me wrong I had a ton of fun with family, and seeing friends on the first day I was in Washington (and at the wedding, too), but yeah. It was just weird. And I probably annoyed Josh and everyone one too many times with my incessant texts lol. So sooooorrrrryyy about all that.

LOL. Guess who just shut the door of  my office!! Well that's new! Alice...

I guess she didn't want me to come out and ruin their fun! Oh boy... what does that mean though, what are they getting into, and why don't they want me out there? I dare go look?

PHEW. Looks like they're back in Cam's room. Okay so, I'll keep writing lol.

Anyway. It was nice to visit with my dad. I spent the majority of my time there and it was nice. He's not doing the greatest, so I really wanted to spend the time with him. I WANTED my visit to be a surprise but my freaking mom told my brother and then he told my dad soooo oh well, lol, At least I was able to be there. :)

Long story short, I'm happy to be in the comfort of my home. I enjoy traveling, but not the actual "traveling" part. I hate airports, I hate being groped by the TSA... hey, at least buy me dinner first! Ew, and on the flight home I was sitting next to a disgusting dude who wouldn't stop sneezing the whole flight over! I was just utterly disgusted. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I couldn't. Because Le Freak  had to keep sneezing. So annoying.

Yes, so happy to be baaaaaaack! And get back to normal, FINALLY! Now we can focus on the really fun things liiiiiiiiiiike HALLOWEEEEEEN! And... CHRISTMAS!!! Wheeeeeeeee!! I think we've figured out our theme this year, mostly because it will tie in with Alice's birthday party theme. Um, yes, I'm already planning Alice's birthday... SO WHAT!!

Well... the kids found me... I will be right back!

Okay.. seriously, like TEN HOURS LATER... I'm back. Well, I had to squeeze in a time for extracurricular writing haha. Yes, I'm back to it! I was so excited to because one of my books got a 5 star review which is AMAZING and out of the blue and it made me really happy and inspired lol. I have good reviews for other books too but since I hadn't checked my books in awhile, it just seemed more magical? I dunno. But I'm all inspired again so yay. Lol. When I checked my author twitter account I had tweets too, which has never happened before. Someone asked if there would be a sequel to one of my books! That right there has definitely put me in overdrive. I guess I gotta crank out more stuff lol.

Ahem. Anyway! Enough about me and my hilarious alter-ego! (Thank you for supporting and indulging this alter-ego Josh! LOL)

Now picture time, yay!

Cinderelly Cinderelly!

Or should we say... Cindercammy?

She took her role very seriously. 

I bust my back cleaning, ma!

Scrub scrub, wipe wipe.
A dream that you wish... will come truuuue.
Oh what's that she sees in the distance?
Ummm. Is that my fairy god-gnome?

Well,  it might not be THE ball. But she found A ball! 

That's exactly how I felt about my day, Alice. Lol. 
She loves the tsum tsum plushes!!!

Sigh, Hurricane Alice. 

This is how she prefers to eat dinner... on top of the table like that lol.
She really does eat a lot more that way. 

Do you know how LONG it took for Alice to FINALLY get in the pool? Like... all summer lol.

She was sobbing for her blueberry Mickey pancakes!

LOL her face kills me!
Oh!!! So this was the AirBnB place I stayed at, the Historic Lady Florence. It was ahmaaazing. I loved how creepy it looked at night!!!  Of course, I forgot to take a picture in the day time but it was a glorious farmhouse that was freaking amazing. I told the lady that I really really wanted to come back with Josh because it was so peaceful and gorgeous!
That was my room!!! Isn't it so fancy and beautiful?! Lol. I had the king suite because I thought Josh and the girls were going to be with me. :( That was one comfy ass bed, too. I slept like a log lol. 

This was the fooooood at the wedding. It was so good! And my wine, of course, because that's how I roll. So glad to sit with (Meg sat across from me, Gavin, Nicole, and Meg's boyfriend sat on my side and I forgot the other people on the other side lol) We discussed video games and social media and Pinterest over wine and pasta and dessert... it was... strange, to feel like an adult human being again! 

This was part of the property that I stayed at. It was very big and the best part is that it was all open to the guests! Me, Bridesmaid Becky, her boyfriend, and I forgot his name (groomsmen dude) and his girl explored the grounds. It was pretty neat. There was even a small court to play Squash etc. on! 

There were two outside brick fireplaces AND this old rustic pizza oven! HOW COOL RIGHT?! There was also that "haunted" greenhouse lol, a pond, waterfall, etc. that guests have access to. They had a fire pit going.. it was amazing. I REALLY wanna go back with Josh. I can't believe it was only $70 a night. 

She loves her Jessie!!

Peek a boo, cutie!!! 
Kisses for daddy lol. 

Isn't she such a pretty little sweetheart princess? :) 
She wants to be Cinderelly too!

Oh Alice... 
OH MY GOD. Yep. Cam drew ALL over the fridge in SHARPIE!!!!
I was so mad.

It's okay though. I got it off, with my magical powers. Lol.

Alice.. quit spying!!

Yep that's Cam and Bailey sharing the floatie tube LOL.
It looks cold and dark but thats the clouds passing over the sun. I assure you it was hot as hell and Laura and I were sweating buckets wishing we had a pool of our own lol.
Alice!!! Stop peeping!!!

Studying all the ones she wants lol.

This was funny. Chip and Dale were inside and I opened the gates. Cam quickly closed them. Like no mom, these have to be closed. Trust me. 
And she told them good night Lol.
AND she made Minnie kiss them good night!


She loooooooooves Chip and Dale!

Oh Alice.....
See anything juicy? 

This girl's moods I swear....
Here she was laughing AND crying.
Uh, okay?!?! Makes so much sense lol. 

                                          Byeeeeeeeee! Sorry for the delay in posting!!


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