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Let's see if I have time to write a post...

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I worded that title pretty wrong. I have time at the end of my day, buuuut the real question is do I have enough brain power to construct comprehensive sentences? I guess you can be the judge of that lol... because at the end of the day I feel as if my brain is... mush. 

I digress, though!

Things have been good here! We're winding toward Thanksgiving and the HUGE holiday that comes after it... yes, my closet is full of presents. Some that I have already wrapped (lol) I couldn't help it! Plus, December is going to go by super fast what with Disney coming up and... this year I needed to get a head start on it. I also wanted to get a check on what I had gotten for the kids so far. I always hit up sales and clearances throughout the year, so if I see something that's a good deal and the kids don't need right away, it goes into the closet of mystery for a special occasion (usually Christmas).

Cam has figured out this closet of mystery. Today I had to shoo her at least three times from opening the Mysterious Wonders from Within. She totally saw stuff. Oh well.

Next year, we're going to need a much, much better hiding spot lol. I'm not sure what she saw... was it the Elsa doll and wand? The Merida doll with the curly, bouncy hair? (Both thrifted finds for super cheap, gotta love thrifting!!) Ahhhh oh well, I know what presents she will really love this year and they are a two-word magical thing: Tsum Tsum.


Alice, is crazy for horsies. Alice picked out a "horsie" from the thrift shop when we were there last. It was soo cute lol.

So, anyway! Tsum Tsum MADNESS has broken out in this house. Both girls love them... but Cam is sssssuuuupppperrrrr in love with them! Oh you should have seen her at the Disney Store picking out which ones she wanted, and then carrying practically a bushel of them, balancing them all precariously in her arms. THEN seeing her walking around the mall, so proud of her new treasures. It was so sweet, and darling. We were so worried she was going to drop one or two and that they would be long gone by the time we headed home... but nope. There was no way in hell she would drop one of her precious little babies.

It was so nice to get out of the house with Josh and take a mini-trip of sorts to Round Rock to the outlet mall. It was so nice, it felt more special because we headed out when he got home and spent an evening just out and about as a family. It was amazing. <3 We had our Starbucks holiday coffees and everything!

I was so excited to get outta the house.  The girls? Well, they were on the fence. Lol. 

Until of course, they saw the Disney Store. WHEEEEEEE!

We had to go here to do some Disney World Prep shopping! Lol.
Josh is super cute. He insisted we ALL get matching fleece sweaters! LOL. I was like um, okay.
He got a Donald fleece, I got one with classic Minnie, Cam got one with
Jack Skellington (She LOVES Jack!!!), and Alice got a super cute pink Minnie one.
I wasn't on board until Josh managed to find me a Classic Minnie in my size. They only had a 2XL left and I was like errrr yeah that's not gonna work. Josh even went to the staff and insisted they check the back for my size Lol. What a good guy.
And I'll admit... you were right Josh, they were good purchases!!! Lol. I am sorry I doubted you. (they were on sale too, who could argue with that?)
We are gonna be one cute family come Disney World in December!

How cute is this? Cam was sooo excited and happy! She loaded up on some new pals!

I don't know mom... can I get more?
Don't wait up mom!

Look at that cutie!

Okay I pay now. Dad can you spot me some money?
Lol she was so excited and anxious when we were checking out. Like, she knew we had to pay. And she waited in line. But boy, she didn't want to give up her babies!
And I don't think her little Tsum Tsums wanted to be away from her, either! ;) 
And this girl decided she wanted to drive a bus. Toot toot!
Get outta here dad, I'm driving!!

Alice... oh Alice. She will be the end of us! We tell her no, and she yells "NO!!" right back.
She... has such an attitude! Lol.
Cam found the horse lol. The only time she put her Tsum Tsums down (actually, put them in my purse for safekeeping) was because she wanted to play on the toys!

Yep they found the one Mickey toy in the mall Lol.
MOM do you know who this IS?!
Lol and look at her armful of Tsum Tsums!
She didn't put them down for long...
Get outta here sister!! It's my turn to drive with Mickey!!!
This kid is doing some Disney World prepping herself! Lol.  
She totally inherited my grouchy face. Lol.  
Omg!!! Look at this Cammy girl drawing her pictures!!! I love them. I love all of her art! Oh my gosh!

Look at this one! She said this was her "Pumpkin"! 
AND THIS!!! This one was spectactular because next to her pumpkin, I asked her who she was drawing. She said "Jack". She loves Jack.
So yup, that would be a pumpkin on the left, and Jack Skellington on the right. :) 

And here she is making her very own village! We are so proud of her creations. :) 


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