Friday, November 6, 2015

Time for the Mad Holiday Rush...

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Can't believe Halloween is over!

And now, sigh, it's time for Thanksgiving. Well, almost. Can't believe how fast the year goes by when Josh is home! It's crazy!!!! I wish I could focus on other things and not just one, very huge thing on the horizon... like...


Yeah, I'm still not over it. Don't think I will ever be! I'm really feeling the pressure to get shit in order. Last night, Josh took over dinner and the girls bath and everything and lemme have a few extra hours to myself just so I could organize my office. If my office is not in order, then my brain isn't. I just can't concentrate on tasks when it looks like a tornado hit. So I'm super thankful I cleared out a bunch of stuff and organized like a crazy person.

There's just sooo much to do, and so so little time. First of all, there's the Thanksgiving menu. I have to cook a turkey or something, right? And potatoes? Probably like, some sort of dessert?

I can't think of anything other than Disney World. Lol.

Seriously. I'm more worried about our trip Lol. I mean, there are OUTFITS to be coordinated, days to plan extra details (we really want to make the most out of Epcot this time! I want to eat and drink around the world!!!), extra fun things to plan. I've been consuming Disney World tips and articles on Pinterest, even though I've read them all before... I mean, I am basically a Disney World wizard right now with the knowledge I wield.

But. It's not enough.

There's SO much to think about!!! Lol. I used to think... it's not much of a vacation if you have have it planned out. That is true to a certain degree. But DW is so fun and magical that it's worth it. Everything. I mean, Josh talks about our last trip constantly! He truly had such a wonderful time. We always have conversations that start off innocently enough and then end with something that happened at Disney World. Lol. He has told me again and again how much fun he had and how surprised he was at how much fun he had. He thought it would be a "good trip" but he did not expect it to be as amazing as it is.

I think that's how a lot of people see it. They think "Okay, it's Disney. It's expensive, but is it really that big of a deal?" Like some of my friends on Facebook LOL I'm sure some of them are rolling their eyes at my posts and photos... but... it really is a big deal. It wouldn't be the most successful theme park of all time if it wasn't. You don't just see children there with their parents. We have seen everyone, from all walks of life. We've seen kids certainly, but we've also seen newlyweds, people getting proposed to in the park, young adults, teenagers, and even old couples strolling through the parks. It makes me smile. I asked Josh if in the future we would be an old couple that took vacations there and he said "Duh!" Lol.

This sounds like a commercial (Disney you should maybe pay me with a vacation since I talk so highly of you all the time!!) but, we are just super excited to be celebrating the Christmas season and Alice's BIRTHDAY there! Yipppeeee! She's going to get a birthday button, and probably some extra special attention with that button... we'll see. :)

I still don't think anything will top when Snow White and the dwarf came up to her during the Main Street Electrical Parade... I mean, wow, that was sooooooooo unbelievable. You never know, though, Disney is full of surprises. :)

So yes. We are frothing at the mouth at our future trip, and I'm stressing a bit, and Josh... well, he's enjoying that I'm doing all the hard work (lol I do like figuring stuff out and my cutthroat ability to snag dining reservations) and he's also enjoying his new Disney shirts that he requested LOL (had to get him another Gaston one!!)

On that note... what am I going to wear for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!?!?! Oh, the horror if I don't find the perfect outfit!!! Lol. See. This is why I'm mental. I have outfits coordinated for every meet and greet, and day, and what I want the characters to sign, and... to my brain: My dear brain, I am so sorry my heart is being so so demanding and calling all the shots. After December, you will have time to relax.

It's going to be a crazy couple of months, but after this... we'll take a deep breath... and coast for awhile.

I'm just SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Our itinerary is coming together awesomely. It's going to be... magic.

I can't wait to see the looks on the girls faces when our first stop of the day will be at Chef Mickey's. I will probably cry my eyes out. :)

I can't wait to give Mickey another HUGE HUGE hug. I practically glomped that mouse. Lol.

Will Gaston shame me again? 

Will Alice come around to Chip and Dale during the street parties? 
Will she come around to Minnie Mouse? Lol. 

Will Cam play peek a boo with Pluto again? 

And Donald... he's going to LOVE the shirt Josh is gonna wear!! 

 Yes, our family is going to make some more fabulous memories. We cannot wait!!!

Sigh... I guess I could post a few pictures of what's been going on around here!! Lol.

Her hair!! Practicing the Tinkerbell bun lol.

                                                     Oh Cam's outfit was so cute that day lol.

                                  Cam loooves play dough! We were making snakes.
        It was super hilarious because everytime I asked her what she was making she would whisper
                            "snakes". Always a whisper, every time she said "snakes" lol.
                                               She was feeding her snakes too... Lol.
Snakes gotta eat too, mom!

Lol she's such a help. 

Mom get that phone outta my face! I'm working!

Well, unless you got some cool apps or a game.. 

She didn't wanna see the black kitty go! Lol. Alice on the other hand... 

Yup this girl loves to lounge around lol. 

Snuggles with Alice!
Lol we love to make faces!!
Omg isnt this jacket so cute?!?!? I think Cam will wear it when we meet Ariel!

Omg I never can get a momen'ts peace! I got up at like 2 am to pee... and they actually woke up just to follow me in there! Come on guys, mommy needs some alone time once in awhile!


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