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I'm dying... I'm dying... I'm dying...

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I just mowed the lawn. All by myself. I feel like a big, throbbing blister. It's HOT and I started at 10 AM. Ugh this weather is going to be terrible...

But I DID IT! I'm so proud. Thank you Sue for showing me how to turn that m'fer on! Lol. So now I won't have to pay people to do it. It's not hard. It's just annoying, because the weather is so damn hot, even in the morning. I should do it earlier but I'm afraid of annoying neighbors if I started at like.. 7... or hey can I mow before I go to bed? Like at midnight? In the dark? Okay, I didn't think so lol.

I was really expecting the girls to be sobbing when I came inside... I had snuck out though, because they were playing together in Cam's room. When I came back inside, all I heard was "Hi Mommy!" That's it... no crying, sobbing, retching, anarchy in the living room... YAY! That made me feel a lot better.

Phew. Well, we definitely are missing our Sue! She was sooooooooooooo helpful and she's great with the kids and they love her to tears. Literally, as Alice cried when she got up the night she left and realized she wasn't there in the morning to take her! They still ask for Grandma by the way.... lol. She will be back though, I tell them all the time. "Grandma and Grandpa will come back, very soon!" It's so nice to have help. Not just help, but a family member whom we love dearly and get along with. Like, she's not there JUST to help... but we hang out and drool over Dougal, and stuff! Lol, or maybe *I* drool over Dougal and Sue can have Jamie! Hahahaha. And the sewing thing and the tsum tsums we've been working on... and she got me the new Bernina software which is AMAZING and has really rekindled my love for embroidery/sewing!

Wow. I haven't updated in a LONG time. I just haven't really had the time, or energy. When I do have the time I admit, my mind is more focused on other things...

Aren't they sooooo cute?!!? Sue did such a great job on Chip too!! I can't wait til this quilt al starts coming together! The most time consuming part is the designing, but gosh, it's so rewarding when you see them come to life!

My favorite one I made *I think* is Aurora. Laura came over the other night and I was moving some movies and Game of Thrones to her flash drive she brought over and she was marveling at everything in my office/room Lol. I was like, oh girl, this is just stuff! Haha. She saw the tsum tsums though, and she LOVED THEM! When I showed her Aurora I wanted to cry because she was so impressed and like, I don't know, she made me feel really good lol. I love Laura! 

We have been spending a lot of time together! We joke about how we are practically married because we see each other more than our own husbands lol. Well, I suppose that comes with the territory. She is honestly, the only "Army wife" I have met that is 100% genuine. I've seen her real side, she's seen mine, and we're totally in sync and run with the same tribe lol. 

Not to mention... our kids love each other! 

And we've been going to the pool a LOT! I'm actually really glad Sue was here when we first started going, because I knew the first couple times would be the trickiest teaching the girls that they can't just run around and they have to stay close by me. They are sooooo much better now, especially at listening.

She's a fishy!!!

On the flip side, Alice is much happier in the shallows lol.

Not to mention... Cam LOVES her little puddle jumper floatie thing. It's amazing. It gives her freedom and more leeway getting around the pool and I don't have to worry about her falling out or through the tube floatie, etc. Now Alice is still... feisty lol. She tolerates it but still doesn't like to be off of me. So that gets exhausting having her clinging to me! In time she will get better and more confident. It's all worth it though, because Cam LOVES it. She's a little fishy lol. I was a lot like Alice when I was a kid... terrified of water, or being by myself so I totally understand Alice's fear. 

We miss Josh terribly and can't wait for him to be home... but at least we have friends close by to get each other through this difficult, lonely time! 

In Josh news, he will be moving to his new post soon within the next couple weeks, I believe? And from there, he won't be busy at all. Things will start to calm down a LOT which is a hallelujah moment since it feels like he's been in the field for like, a whole freaking month! That's basically a whole month of barely chatting, and major disconnect. So I was feeling even more lonely than usual without hearing his voice every day or him video chatting with the girls so that itself was pretty hard, on top of everything else. I'm so glad he's out of the field officially though, and he will be moving forward to the new camp. SO GLAD about THAT. And reeeeally hoping the suspicions about coming home by late December/October are true because that would be a miracle! 

Lol Cam just asked to go to Bailey's house... lol. Maybe guys, maybe!!

                                                        My bed is not my own.... ever... lol.

 It's true love. I can't believe I scored that at the thrift store for only 24.99!!!

Okay sis when's it my turn?!

                                                           Cam wants to help!!    "Sew?" lol.

                                              Ouch... I zig zag stitched my finger. :(

         Alice is such a diva. Lol.

 So is Cam!! She loves putting lipstick on and being a "princess" lol. She also is super into wearing dresses these days...

That face!!!!

OH MY GOD AND CAM'S 4TH BIRTHDAY!!! Holy cow. The Peppa Pig party went off without a hitch! We ladies had so much fun, the cake turned out super cute (Thanks Sue!) aaaand it was amazing. We swam and everything. Black Jack Randall even made an appearance!
                                                                       SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

                     Mmmmmm delicious potent poison. Laura and I def got a bit crazy lol sorry Sue!!

         Hi Black Jack Randall!! Retraction: I forgot the BJR beers were on a different day, not on
                Cam's birthday, oopsie! Lol.

She loved it!!!!!

Isn't Stitch fabulous?! Great job Sue!!

 Aurora!! I love her!!! (I know I forgot to clip one of the threads whoops lol)

Poor girl falling asleep! Lol Grandpa Frank sent her some birthday money so she picked out some
   new tsum tsums! :)
     Oooh! This was a rough draft so to speak; Laura asked me if I'd make the girls mermaid tail blankets if she bought all the fabric. Couldn't resist the challenge! Alice loved this! Lol. (so did Cam, Bailey, and Aves! Yay!)
      Shhhhh don't tell Cam I've got her tsum tsums.... giggle. 


I love my artsy girl!!!

More later, I promise!!


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