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I miss my family! Boohoo!

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I'm sooo happy that my family had the opportunity to come visit! It was a wonderful, hectic, often chaotic, ten days! And you know what, the kids and I... we really thrive on chaos! Haha! We love it! It was so nice to just be busy busy busy! Always doing something, or planning something, and my mom was always cooking or washing something (lol) I kept telling her... MOM KNOCK IT OFF! GO SIT DOWN! SIT ON YOUR BUTT NOW!! Lol. I know she loves to be helpful, but I would have rather just sat down and enjoyed her company, ya know? Especially since I don't get to see her much! 

God, it was nice. For awhile things seemed... normal. I wasn't alone, I had my kooky family. We were all under one roof! It's literally been years since we all slept under the same roof... so it was... just the strangest feeling. Ah, it was nice. 

The kids looooved Auntie and Uncle! (and Grandma too of course) but maaaan did they love Uncle Derek! He had a very high energy, always up for whatever the kids wanted to do, could be super silly, etc. And Alice really took a keen interest in him. She was pretty much warmed up to him by the end of their first day here. That's fast for Alice! It normally takes her a long time to be okay with someone! Lol she even called him 'daddy' a few times and 'uncle daddy' LOL. We were like, no! Uncle Derek!! Hahahaha. My sister, has a very calm, peaceful, chill energy. Cam totally liked that. Cam was the one who warmed up to my sister. Alice had a lot of fun with her too, don't get me wrong, but I could tell Cam felt really safe and like she could just hang out and be herself. It was all so sweet!

 I had to take them to Topsey! They loved it! My mom made us laugh so much at her reactions to the animals. Actually, my mom made us laugh so much throughout their entire stay. The things she says are so hilarious... she should be a character on tv lol. The HUGE camel stuck his head in the window and stole the bag of food from my sister! And he ate the whole thing.. including the bag. We all laughed our butts off! (and the kids didn't freak out, thank goodness haha)

Oh and Easter... phew it was exhausting!! The nigh before, Mary and Derek helped me pack the eggs while we watched one of our favorite movies. That was probably one of my favorite things... staying up late watching movies with Mary, Derek, and my mom. We watched a lot of flicks and munched on popcorn and snacks and siiiiiiiiiiigh, it was nice! This whole trip made me so nostalgic to move back to WA! But yeah we packed a lot of eggs and I quickly realized... shit, I bought way too much candy!

It's okay though, Derek helped eat a bunch. Lol.

    Omg I love this picture because Cam ran to her room, she gets scared when you blow up a balloon and let it go Lol, so after a few minutes she cam back out and crossed her arms and looked over unsurely... omg she's so adorable, I just love her in the background! (and isn't that dress so cute?!)

 Omg and this. My sister fell asleep on the couch. Cam got a blanket and snuggled up *near her*
    As time passed, Cam kept sneaking closer and closer to my sister lol. it was SO funny watching her sneak glances at my sister, sleeping, and then scootching closer. I was like aww, Cam! She won't mind if you want to cuddle with Auntie!

            I just started laughing and my sister woke up and I clued her in on what Cam was doing. |
And then Alice had to jump right in... Lol. Cam's like, damn, you ruined my plan! 

                                                                       Alice takes over Lol.

      My dad sent the girls Easter baskets so they had a loooot of fun opening up an extra pair of
               baskets! It was too sweet of him and the girls really loved their treasures!

                         Alice, man, she has such a sweet tooth. I have to hide all the sweets!

                        We also visited the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas and it was really cool!!
         My sister and Derek signed up to be interviewed, so they may be on TV! How cool is that?!

The girls explored the garage gift shop...

                                                              Alice sat down at a table lol.

Alice glaring at my mom LOL.


 After Gas Monkey Garage, we went to the Gas Monkey Grill and it was yummy!! People kept thinking that Derek was Aaron (one of the guys on the show with a big beard lol) so it was really hilarious.

And with full bellies, we went to our next destination -- the Dallas Zoo! Woo! (ps boy does Dallas traffic suck!)

Lol Cam's a crocodile rider!

           My mom said that that was her "new boyfriend" lol.

                                            Awwww I love this photo so much!! :)

                                Cam loved riding the carousel with her Auntie. :)

                Derek's birthday is on April 3rd, so my sister wanted to have a little celebration for him.
                 So we did! We threw up a mish mosh of luau and My Little Pony decorations! LOL.
                 He loved them! Hahaha, who doesn't love Pony decorations?!
          Cam's like, Oh, is that cake?!?! She kept saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Haha!
                       She really wanted that cake...

Not pictured: we did a bunch of other fun stuff too! Like... ROCK CLIMBING! Which is actually really really fun. Who knew I would like such a thing? Especially since I'm scared of heights, haha. Only person who wasn't into it was my mom and Alice... Lol. Alice wanted to leave ASAP.

Whenever I climbed up, she would cry "Mommy bear, mommy beeeear!" Oh gosh, the poor thing lol and omg, when Derek was climbing up she would cry and say "Uncle!" and "GET DOWN" LOL. That sweet little girl! It's cute how she was worried for us!

It's so weird being alone again. And cooking my own breakfast! Lol I think my mom cooked breakfast every dang day, sheesh! Sigh. I miss them. I know they miss me and the kids too. It's just so damn nice being with everyone, and watching the kids get close to my sister, and everyone, and having fun... and just being silly! My family is so good at being open and silly, and the girls really loved it all. Sigh!

I miss them, and I'll miss Easter too! I love our little ladies when they're dress up in sweet dresses!

          Do we have to say goodbye to our Easter wreath?!

                   How cute are these two?!?! Lol.

                                         Oh Cam and Stitch........

                                           She has so much fun with him. :)

                                This kid really loves this "pumpkin" (summer squash) Lol.

                  Don't you love my "new" shoes?! Thrifted for 3.98, booyah I love thrifting!! Lol.
 (shhhhh you don't even wanna know how much the kids' Easter dresses cost... thanks thrift store!)

                                                  Love these darlings!! :)

Yay!!! Thanks for reading!


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