Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

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Phew! The in-laws were here last week -- it was fun and good times being able to see them, catch up, and hang out. It was a little awkward for me, I'm just a really shy/quiet person so sometimes I felt like I wasn't doing or talking enough, and I really would have liked to prepare some sort of menu in advance, but having a little baby around phewwww! I barely have the time to shower or make myself something to eat! Josh also told me not to worry about cooking or cleaning or anything, but I still wanted to do more. There's always next time, though! Josh's mom (Sue), taught me knitting and she left her needles here! Not sure if she left them on purpose, but I've been practicing up a storm for when Camilla is sleeping but I'm not tired enough to drift off yet...

And on that note, I wish we'd had more opportunities to do more with the knitting, and the sewing machine (grrrr, I'm kicking myself on that subject) because there's so much she could teach me there! She's literally a GENIUS at the crafty work. Babies are very time consuming though... when CamCam's not sleeping she's either hungry, gassy, generally fussy, or just wants to be held. It's practically dinner time over here and I JUST managed to make myself a quick pb&j sandwich before she woke up and wanted to be held... so I ate my sandwich while I walked around holding her, then of course she fell asleep. She's still sleeping curretly, hopefully she will for awhile.

Damn, and I just realized me and Sue didn't get to go to the Bernina store!!! Curse this short memory span of mine. :( :( :(

Here's the diaper bag she sewed -- it's crazy awesome! When I opened it I was like, holy crap, you made this?! I'd love to be that skilled at the sewing machine someday. :)

Stuffed with goodies!

So all in all, it was a good visit methinks. I felt terrible that I was so exhausted the morning they left. We said goodbyes the night before but I still would have liked to see them off. *sigh* Darn Camilla keeping me up all night long! Josh took her off my hands when he got up, and as soon as he did I was out like a light.

We've been on a better sleeping schedule so far though.. *knocks on wood* Cam goes to sleep very easily and for longer periods if she's on my shoulder or chest, hopefully that doesn't ruin the crib or sleeper for her. Last night we both got about 5 hours in one sitting. I'm a pretty light sleeper nowadays so even if she makes the slightest move I wake up, but she sleeps very well like that, haha. Which means better sleep for me! I woke up at 5 a.m. cause she needed a diaper change, and it was the most refreshed I'd felt in awhile. Woohoo!

Pretty girl with the adorably pink blanket Grandma Sue knit. :)

Hi, cutie!

Some unfortunate news -- Josh will be gone the rest of the week so it'll be just me, Cam, and Desoto. I'll be fine, but it sure is nice having him around to hold or watch Camilla while I get some errands done. And a couple weeks from now, he'll be gone in the field for a whole 8 days! Yikes! Ah well, Camilla does keep me busy and on my toes, so hopefully the time won't drag.

I must again say thank you to Josh's family, including his extended family. We got a lovely card from his grandpa, some cute outfits and card  and loads of diapers from his Aunt, and of course Josh's mom and dad, who brought some cute baby stuff with them as well, on top of the cute blankie and diaper bag! We have to get started on those Thank You cards ASAP! Camilla sure is a lucky girl!

And I must thank my family and friends as well -- thank youuu for all that you have done, for your warm sentiments, wishes, and thoughts! Thank you Mary for all the packages of fun stuff you've sent, thank you mom, Gram, and Dad for the things you have given us! Thank you Mystery Person who sent us a few things from the Target registry (Moby Wrap, etc), and thanks Sandra, Erin, Sarah, (and I'm probably forgetting some people) but thank you ALL. We are lucky to have you in our lives! Love you all!


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