Saturday, June 30, 2012

Exhausting Week, and Desoto's hooked on the show Gossip Girl.

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To celebrate, let's share some SUPER adorable pictures of her in her ginormous flower headband!

Good gravy, it's been pretty rough without Josh. He got back yesterday in the early evening and it was a precious reunion with daddy and daughter:

Look, they have the same  haircut!
And a total heartwarming relief for myself. I don't know how I'll manage his 8 day Field Training in a couple weeks. Time didn't fly as I expected, on the contrary, it draaaaaaged by. *sigh* I was confident we would be fine -- and we were, it's just so much easier when you have someone (even if they're doing their own thing, in a totally different room) around just for that feeling of 'you're not alone, if you need help you can always call out to them.' 

It's tough doing things with a baby taking up room on one arm/shoulder (because if she’s not being held, she’s just not happy). I barely had the time to make myself food - unfortunately most of what I ate was very, very, bad-for-me snacky-type-things or things that I could just whip up in 10 seconds, if I even had 10 seconds to spare. Which was rare. I found myself starving for much of the day because I literally did not have the time to look for something, let alone prep and cook anything of real nutritional value because Camilla was poo-ing or peeing 10 times in a row in in a span of 5 minutes or screaming her head off because she wants to be snuggled up against me. Mostly though, I just wanted to hold her and keep her occupied, even if it meant me going hungry for awhile. She's alert and awake much longer now. It was four days of crackers, cookies, grapes, and really anything that was edible out of the bag/container/box lol. I did manage a freezer macaroni meal, but did I have time to eat it? Well, sort of. If scarfing it down in less than 10 minutes and totally burning my tongue and throat counts as eating... Camilla, the things I do for you! 

She was mostly merciful, although the last night alone was the real killer; we were very cranky (her especially) and were utterly sleep deprived. She decided to sleep in one-hour intervals periodically throughout the day; she'd be up for a few hours before she would pass out for another hour, and sometimes she'd sleep for about 5 - 10 minutes at a time. THOSE were the worst because I thought I was in the clear, and just as I was drifting off to the much anticipated slumber- land... her wails would jolt me awake and I'd have to go through this giant checklist of calming her down: 

Does she need a diaper change?
Is she hungry?
Is she gassy?
Does she just want to be held?
Does she want to be rocked in the sleeper?
Does she want a pacifier?
Does she want to watch and listen to her mobile with me standing there putting the pacifier back in her mouth every 15 seconds?
Does she want to be sung to verrrryy off-key?
Does she want me to stand on my head and say the ABCs backwards? (Kidding on that one.. though I was so sleep deprived I would have done it if the reward was a good solid sleep for the both of us!)

Lather, rinse, repeat! 

Phew. And poor Desoto, every time she started to cry, he'll look at me with sleepy droopy eyes, probably to say: I'm not getting any sleep either with that little thing being so noisy! 

But he always retires to the sanctuary that is our bedroom. Or he's glued to the couch watching Gossip Girl:

Me and CamCam fell asleep while he is wide awake, soaking up that Gossip Girl!

He also has stolen my body pillow:  

Comfy Doberman thief. Steals your heart, then your pillows.

So, in short, Camilla has been much more vocal and awake. She's usually easy to please -- a diaper change or a few laps around the house rocking her usually does the trick, or one of the items from the checklist. Despite the agony of lack of sleep on some days, I'm happy. I'm happy she's healthy, well, and growing! She's DEFINITELY growing... I can't believe how fast it's going. I mean, holy cow, she's already three weeks and a day.   

I enjoy her being this tiny too much. 

She likes car rides, but this picture says otherwise lol.
Sleepy baby!
Click this pic and see her green eyes!
I love the expression on her face. :)

One of my most favorite pics, she has such a precious face.
Sleeping on her mommy, her favorite thing to do haha.

Can she stay this way forever?

Oh, the breast pump arrived a week-ish ago, and it's been SOOO helpful. More on that later, but I am quite pleased with it... now I can get some good sleep in when Josh is home, and he can bond more with her since he can feed her now! No more waking up every two hours to become an all you can eat buffet! Woohoo!


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