Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Bath and a Misadventure of the Smallest Kind

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Today was Camilla's first bath! The tub we have is this one: The First Years Infant To Toddler Tub (that a friend sent us) and right off the bat, I was very happy with it. There's a hammock-like sling that holds Camilla up comfortably and she stays in place, so bathing her was quite easy. The only down side was our double-sink is too big to have it sit sturdy enough. A fact I found out... AFTER the tub slipped (not to worry, Camilla was safe in her sleeper, this happened as I was fiddling with the tub and filling it up) and the entire contents of the tub spilled onto the kitchen floor. That wasn't too fun mopping all that  up... but I digress.

So into the real bathtub the infant tub went. I was pretty nervous about how she'd react, but after being confused for a few seconds, and a few more seconds of her 'Do I like this? I'm not sure' grunts, she relaxed, and even posed.

It was a pleasant experience, although she cried a bit after she got out. Couldn't blame her though, she was all shivery and I got her into her Duckie hooded bath towel and into a dry onesie ASAP.

The perks of bath time?  Not only a clean, happy baby - but a tired one as well! She drifted off soon after. Hence being able to write up this quick blog post!

Little Camilla is now enrolled in DEERS and Tricare. Josh ended up taking her since I had zero sleep the night before; I was incredibly thankful that I could squeeze in some rest. Soon we'll find out who her official pediatrician will be. I'm reeeeeeeeeally hoping it will be off base.  *crosses fingers*


Uh oh!

Cutest baby ever?!
This week will be a great week since Josh only works two days however, next week is the 8 day In-the-Field stuff. It'll be tough, but me and CamCam can do it! Plus, there's always Desoto to help. Or not help..  haha. It is really cute how he interacts with her. When she starts fussing or crying, he always looks legitimately concerned. I can't wait to watch her grow up and interact with him more and more; I know he is going to be a GREAT protector and best friend for her. And we trust him 100%.With Josh gone and having Desoto around,  I feel incredibly safe. Desoto doesn't miss a beat -- the other night my phone fell off the couch (Desoto was in a dead sleep) when it hit the ground, he jumped up, looked alert and around the house, and let out one warning bark. I'm pretty sure no one around here is crazy enough to break into the house owned by a Doberman...

Desoto, do you know there's a rubber steak on your head?

Oh, there is more news... on the bad side, but we aren't 100% sure (though it is more than likely going to happen) nothing too drastic, but it sure is going to suck! I'll save that for the next blog though because this one is already running a little long!

I'll end this with a little misadventure that happened the other day...

Meet Gob! He's one of two pet rats we have. They're very sweet, inquisitive, and silly. I'll  usually leave the cage door open because they like to play and sleep on top of the cage. Sometimes (very rarely) they fall off the cage (oops!) but they don't go anywhere. They'll look terribly confused on what just happened, until I scoop them up and put them back inside the cage.

Well, the other morning I woke up, and realized I left the cage door open overnight. Gob must have fallen off... because I couldn't find him ANYWHERE. Panicked, I searched up and down, all over the house. I  let Desoto out, and something outside was making him bark like crazy! I was scared Gob had somehow gotten outside, so I investigated the yard. Turns out, we have new neighbors at the house next to us, which had him riled up. Gob was still missing... and I had to end the search because Camilla woke up and I had to care for her. I figured he would turn up later.

And he did. As I was passing through the living room area, I saw him poke out his head by the heap of sewing stuff! I literally squealed and said, "THERE YOU ARE!!!" and ran over to him, extended my hand, and he waddled right out, ready to go home. Rats are so funny. They prefer the company of their humans and once bonded to you, the thought of 'escaping' isn't at all in their minds. While they can be escape artists, they always prefer their home, or their cage. And their humans. He was VERY happy to be back in the cage with his cagemate Tobias. That picture was taken a couple days after the mishap... and he was so excited to see me, he greeted me at the cage door.

I wonder what sorts of things he thought while he was on his adventure. The things he must've seen. My theory is, since he was by the sewing stuff, he must've wanted to make me a dress like the mice in Cinderella...

Shoot, I think I hear Camilla stirring and I've fallen so far behind in chores, emails, business stuff, and tons more! I wish I had more free time! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh what the heck, more Camilla pics!


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