Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not enough free time! Ahhh!

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Better get this written before Camilla wakes up... and it's actually going to be a total of 9 days before Josh comes back. Booooo. :( We're good though, sometimes it feels like I've been marooned on a desert island. Other than the phone and internet, have not had any contact with other human beings haha. Except Camilla, of course. And Desoto... well he acts like he's a person... (most of the time.)

The bad bad bad news? There's this schooling thing in Georgia that Josh will most likely go to... he'd leave September 30th, for 2 1/2 months. He'd come back 5 days before Christmas. The school is a big deal because it will put him on the fast track to another promotion (if he graduates, and the graduating class that comes out is insanely small. Very few make it) and if he triumphs (come on this is Josh, he definitely will) there'd be a plethora of better opportunities for the future. But 2 1/2 months?! Fall/winter is my favorite time of the year what with Halloween...Thanksgiving... Christmas... and it'd be incredibly sad that he would be missing most of that (even my birthday!). This is still up in the air though, and a pretty big maybe, but I know he really wants to jump at the chance if he can get in. I want him to do what's best for the family. It's not a question of: will we make it without him for that long? Yes, I know me, Cam, and Desoto can. It's just the big deal of missing him so much, and him missing out on Camilla's first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, and missing most of the Christmas season. I am CRAZYYYY about Christmas. This house will be decked out to the max... (last Feb there was like an 80% off all Christmas stuff at Big Lots so we stocked up A LOT), it'll just be sad, and a big fat challenge to get all the Holiday stuff done without him. I probably won't do a Thanksgiving dinner... I guess that excuses me from handling an icky, naked, raw turkey!

The past few days with him gone, and the handful of more days to trudge through, I know he's definitely felt the pain of being separated from me and his lil baby girl.  He might not choose to do the schooling thing so soon, but this is all gossip -- I probably shouldn't even be putting it on here because it's not set in stone, but it is a possibility.

In other news, we got little CamCam a swing we purchased with the gift card Josh's awesome grandpa gave Camilla.. we thought it might help a little. Here's a pic of her in it:
She still would rather be in my arms, but it does buy me maybe 5-10 minutes randomly throughout the day. She's getting more used to it, but gosh she is a picky little thing.

Aww! I love pics with them together. Before he left on his 9 day adventures in the field, Josh came home with a saxophone a buddy of his was selling. Well, he texted me first asking me if I was  interested - and I was! It's been so long since I had my old sax I was definitely excited, and while it needs definite refurbishing, it'll be fun once it becomes playable. We just  have to find the time to take it to the music store. We both really want her to grow up with plenty of musical influence. It makes me want to get new strings and restring my old guitar. Actually, that thing is a piece of crap, I'd rather just get a new guitar... but not for a long while. Josh asked what instrument Camilla will play when she's older (like she didn't have a choice.. haha!) I said, well I'd like her to learn piano first. I firmly believe if you can play the piano and play it well, you can play anything. IF she wants to. I might push her though.. My grandma pushed me into continuing playing my saxophone in middle school when I really wanted to quit, but she wouldn't let me quit. Thank goodness, the saxophone is really fun, and if not for her, I wouldn't know how to play it or know how to read music.

Hmmm. Apart from all that, there really hasn't been too much else going on. Our UPS guy is terrified of Desoto... even though there really isn't anything to be scared of. He's a big baby, really. The UPS dude won't even come up to the house with us in the yard and telling him that it's okay and he won't bite... sheesh. Oh well! His loss!

Time for more pics!


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