Saturday, September 22, 2012

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Blog tomorrow, I promise!!!! Been crazzzzzzzzzzzzy busy here! Well, I suppose not so much 'crazy', but definitely BUSY. Had like, 18 orders within the past two days, so I'm finally caught up on that. I will deeeeeeeeeeeeeefinitely post some stuff tomorrow!

In the meantime, here are some cute pic of the past few weeks!

Does she get cuter every day or what?!

So beautiful. <3 (the baby and the blanket!)

Oh that smiley face!

We went to the post office that day. :)

Isn't that sooo silly? Especially on him!

And you thought Desoto couldn't get anymore sillier...

:D my little lovey baby girl!

Those last two pictures of Desoto and Camilla are my current favorites. They are just so sweet and I LOVE them together. I can't wait for her to be grow up and interact with him more. I actually took a video, and maybe I'll upload it, but he's just sniffing and licking her, being very very gentle with her. It was so precious when I put her down for tummy time and he inched his way forwards, until he finally got to where she was, and then curled around her. I was waiting with bated breath, ready in a snap of a second to demand he get off the couch in case he came over in a hyper-spazzy manner, but he was slow and meticulous about where his paws went... and it was such a relief! I'm VERY strict with him -- he's allowed on any furniture, but he is NOT allowed to jump Free Willy style all over everything -- that I don't tolerate, and he has learned that Camilla is a precious little lady, and that he needs to be extra careful. Of course, this is just with me. With Josh, he's 100 miles a minute, Josh needs to be more strict. ;) 

It's also quite adorable and definitely strange, that he joins me in the bathroom when I'm giving her a bath. Maybe he thinks he has to be involved too, because he's the watch dog? Who knows! Lol.

More tomorrow, I promise!!! I just had to gush about Desoto's cuteness with Camilla today. :) She's very lucky to have him around to watch over her. 


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