Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year, a New Look.

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Happy 2013! How has it been for everyone else, so far?

It's been pretty good for us, can't complain! Although *cough cough* no more sleeping in for me since Josh is back to work, but tis no biggie! It's actually been a very quiet January so far - not a whole lot of new stuff going on, no not even gossip! How boring! (Except on one of my favorite shows Gossip Girl.. which is now over... boohoo!) but I digress, you all know I would be blogging up a storm if anything of real interest were going on. :D

Oh, there is one interesting thing of note.. Camilla is sitting! Well, for the most part. She's finding her balance. She topples over, but she does it. When I walked back into the room and she was sitting with her spinning singing toy, I gasped and was like, WHAT NO WAY!!! That silly lady of ours!

Here's proof!

Oh how I love our little girl so so much. <3

I figured since it was a new year, the blog could get a new look. I'm also adding some extra linkies up top via a menu, so I can add other interesting stuff. I was thinking of maybe incorpoarting the shop blog on this one, but decided against it since I don't think I've even visited or updated that blog since the last post I wrote lol. I'll probably just delete it since I have other ways of interacting with shoppers (Wanelo, Pinterest, Indulgy, emails, etc!) I have been meaning to add some fun stuff like some fun DIY projects, recipes, and if I can manage-- maybe even have a gallery for family, although I'm not sure if it's possible to make that private. I just backed up onto discs all of Camilla's 2012 pictures.. and I believe there's well over 1500... believe it or not. Phewweee!

I still can't believe it's 2013... I'm not used to writing it yet, ha! I asked my sister if she had made any New Years Resolutions (since I hadn't and was pondering whether or not I could steal one of hers lol), and she said she didn't, except to eliminate the word 'maybe' so she wouldn't procrastinate as much. And I thought that was a stellar idea -- except I wanted to take it a step further. I decided to eliminate the sentence: "I'll just ask Josh do it." Because not only is that the laziest thing ever, things that could be done now will take even longer, because it's not as if Josh does everything right away, either!  Lol. So that's my resolution -- instead of asking Josh to do something for me (do the water filters, take the trash and recycling down) and a few other tasks I usually ask of him, I'm just going to bite the bullet and do it myself. And already, I've gotten SO much done. Normally I would've asked him to take down the Christmas tree lights, and lug all the boxes back into the garage... but I did that a couple mornings ago (even without coffee fuel, shocking!) and also broke down a TON of extra cardboard boxes we had filling up the garage and stuffed the recycling box with all of it, etc!

I suppose being more organized falls under the category of my "instead of asking..." resolution, because I got every single photo of Camilla off of Josh's phone, and my phone, and compiled everything together and saved onto my computer, then burnt onto discs! Well, for the year 2012 anyway. It might not sound like much, but those 1500+ photos and videos were quite time consuming, especially ensuring that everything was categorized in the right place. GOSH! I've been feeling mighty accomplished, and it's totally a great feeling.

Next on my list, is clearing up the crafty area room. There are some books I want to delve into, and oh! Josh got me this huge organizer thingy for my business, so I set that up, and am still figuring out how to incorporate it into my system. Busy, busy, busy! Quiet, but busy. :)

Well, those are my resolutions. Let's see how long I stick to them. Lol. I figure these would be a little easier than the other resolutions I have made previously that I've NEVER kept. I would also like to be a little more organized in the kitchen... and to cook healthier meals, more frequently. Which... let's pretend I DIDN'T make muddie buddies tonight because I was craving something sweet... that doesn't count!!

Welp, here are a few photos from what's been going on in our neck of the woods. Bear with me while I figure out the new layout of Camilla's blog, all this html tagging and coding, I haven't done it in so long!


                                                                 Helping mommy clean? :)


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