Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oyyyy, it's 1 a.m...

Posted by ChristineElaine at 11:22 PM
Whenever I look at the clock and it says 1 a.m. I always always...

...are you still with me?

ALWAYS... get such a rush of... panic! My brain screams at me: GET SOME SLEEP YOU LOON! But I have things to do.

Apologies for the wacked out layout. And ignore the weird random "London" peeking out over the banner.... Lol. I opted for yet a different look, don't get me wrong-- I liked the brown, I just decided that I wanted something a little lighter. So phoooey, here I am messing with coding and whatnot. Bear with me while this blog goes under construction... I'm not even sure if I like THIS color/layout. Html coding is not that fun, and it's something I haven't done seriously for a handful of years now... only when a friend asks for html coding or site help do I drag my mind back into it, because it's a bit annoying, but I guess once you start remembering stuff it gets easier. Lol. We'll see. My mind hurts.

And I know, I know, it's been awhile since a post, but we've been busy lazy. Or I should say I'VE been lazy, lol. We've just been doing our thing... I've been catching up on my shop (my mail pile was... well, piling up), and I had a couple Neurology appointments. Nothing too crazy has been going on, Camilla is as cute as ever, and Desoto as dopey as ever. We have lots of pictures to share to boot, but that's nothing new. :)

I'm sure there is more to say... somewhere in my brain... but I just can't grasp it right now. I'm tired and bleary eyed, and when I close my eyes all I see are codes and numbers and tags. <b> SIGH. </b>

<sigh>I'm such a whiner but let me whine for the sake of whining! </sigh>

Yeah, those tags are annoying, effective... but annoying!

ANYWAY! Here are some pictures, before I fall asleep at the keyboard! Camilla is the cutest and sweetest baby EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Prepare for messy photo sharing montage!

...Oh, Grandma Sue.. we got your package! Thank you sooo much for that beautiful angel you made. It is beautiful. We really appreciate the time it took you to make that, and the craftsmanship is just stunning. I will have to take pictures! And Camilla's hat you knit is SO darling! We love it all! <3

Camilla got a new owl hat, cute eh?

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A furrrrocious wild animal hat I recently sold. (Not made of real animal, thank God)
Pretty eyes. :)

Camilla, adventurer baby extraordinaire!

Omg this face. <3

Oh noes! Not happy on the trip home from the Neurologist. :(

Grunting.. she pooped two minutes later. Lol.

                                                Thank you for the hat Grandma Sue!!
       (I need to make this  part wider, not happy with the narrow-ness blerrghhhh!!!)
              (Oh crap, I just realized I haven't made Josh's lunch yet... OFF I GO!)


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