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♥♥February Fever! ♥♥

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 Important note: I might be changing the address of this blog to: (since the banner reads Camilla and Co.) When I started this blog, much like my shop, I had NO idea what to call it and so running on short time, I called it whatever came into my head first. Lol. So, if Camillathecutie doesn't work, it's because I've changed it to :) Just a heads up, everyone!

Eeeep! I can't believe it's almost February. That means... Valentines day! I've never been too huge on Valentines, but this year I have a few cute ideas I would like to try. And soon it'll be Derek's birthday, and Josh's birthday... and then my sister's, Camilla's, and my brother's birthday! (In that exact order!) We're going to have a couple busy months ahead of us.. phew. So, I suppose I'm in a sort of state of preparation lol. Prep and planning. It's hard to do anything concrete and short notice with Cam, good thing I like planning and plotting.

Busy months aside, January itself has been pretty slow, and we've been pretty lazy for the most part. Especially me. Lol. Well, as lazy as I can afford to be with a little baby around. It's easy to see Camilla is having a blast cruising around the house like she's queen of the world! But take her outside and sit her on a blanket and she stays still, it's amusing to say the least, how her behavior changes when she's in a place she is unfamiliar with. She also loves sitting up and playing with her toys, and playing in her sit and spin station. She's been particularly keen on the keyboard noisy part of it, but still loves to pluck her favorite toys off.  She also babbles her head off, and once in awhile when she's in a certain mood she will get VERY screechy. Lol, it's so strange but funny. She especially loves to screech at Desoto... for some reason. Paired with her newfound hobby of grabbing his ears and hitting them so they flop up and down, well, he takes it like a champ. He accepts her odd screeching and general abuse with a grain of salt; poor Desoto lol. She seems to do it a lot more in the evening time and me and Josh will just look at each other and be like... "There's the screeching banshee again!"

Here's a peek via collages on what's been going on! 


She's getting so big! I wish there was more news to share, but there really hasn't been any. Lol. I've been *trying* to work on organization, and I have been planning out more dinners and having fun in the kitchen... see! Voila!
Fun in the kitchen! Thai Noodles
The other night I made some really really delicious (not to toot my own horn or nothin'!) grilled chicken and Thai noodles that were nice and spicy! Josh is not a fan of spicy (boohoo!), but this dish wasn't too high on the hotness meter. I love spicy, though, and I was definitely glad he could handle it. It had more of a spicy after bite than anything else, so I was pleased when he went back for seconds and thirds. Oh it was so yummy, in its delectable peanut sauce, with fresh veggies and crushed peanuts, giving it a flavorful, crunchy texture. I will have to share the recipe because I am so putting this in our regular meal rotation. It's my new favorite! This beats out my favorite Filipino noodle dish (pancit), but I think Josh would disagree with me there. I'm sure he likes Pancit more lol. 

Well, besides my kitchen adventures, Cam's keeping us on our toes as usual. Funny story... last night she peed on Josh while he was getting her ready for her bath LOL then he passed her to me so he could change, and then she peed on me as well! I guess she just didn't want to take a bath... it was hilarious. Poor little Cam! Poor us!

 Hey look... more pics, yay! Hope everyone is doing great. :)



Before I forget, look what Grandma Sue made for us! It will be gorgeous sitting atop our Christmas tree next year; it's so lovely and look at that detail! I'm so happy we did not just pick a random tree topper from the store, because not only did the selection at the stores around here totally suck, a handmade gift from a loved one is incomparable to a commercial 'every other house in the neighborhood has one' item. I love it. Thank you Sue, for taking the time to craft us such exquisiteness! This angel makes me want to give up now 'cause I'll never be that good! LOL. (And tell your student thank you, from us, for knitting Camilla the hat! It was a fantastic job. :) I didn't even see the card that came with your package.. I'm so blind!)
And one last thing...

Desoto says hi!
And bye!
And... woof!


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