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So. A lot has happened since... whenever the last blog post was! So much that I'm not even sure where to begin, but I suppose I can list off some of the more important things that have transpired!

1. We moved!
2. Sue and Den, Cam's grandparents came to visit!!
3. I'm pregnant!!! (I'm 99.9% sure anyway, the clinic never called me back so I'm going to the actual hospital on base for the first real appointment)

Okay so only 3 things happened, but they're all so huge and major, each in their own ways, that the extent of everything in my brain has just expanded and made it seem like one billion things are going on / happened, haha.

#1.... So, we're in our new home!  And Josh is amazing, he basically did all the heavy stuff from the old house to the uhaul truck -- I did help bringing in the washer (holy cow that weighed like... a cow) and the TV stand and the couch, too, but I can't believe he did that stuff at the old house by himself. He must be Superman or something lol. I wanted to help but after the majority of the house stuff was packed we both were afraid of having Cam crawl around the un-babyproofed areas with the sockets and the lifting of heavy items. Eeeesh! We still have some minor stuff over there (oops, crib mattress! oops, important refrigerator magnets with hospital numbers! oops, my spider plant that is no doubt deader than dead now), but those things will come.. in due time. Well, maybe not the spider plant. RIP Aragog! Sorry I accidentally murdered you!

WE LOVE THIS HOUSE! It really feels like home. The neighborhood is very nice and quiet, and some of the neighbors have dropped by to introduce themselves and we really did enjoy meeting our next door neighbor, who was super friendly and outgoing and she has a few kids herself. It's just nice knowing your neighbors (at the very least) on a first name basis! The kitchen is definitely my fave, and the bathtub because Camilla does not cry in the tub anymore. Lol. She actually quite enjoyed splashing around in the tub the other day... soooo cute! Cam is used to the house now, too, the first couple of days she would cry whenever I left the room, even for a moment. But now she is content playing in her room, or with her toys in the living room, or crawling around like a crazy baby! I do have to figure out a way to baby-proof the fireplace. The outlets here are nice because they come pre-proofed. They have those thingies already inside them that prevent little fingers from getting into trouble, woohoo!

There's a hundred other reasons why we are happy with the house, but I don't want to bore everyone with the details!

#2... Josh's mom and dad came to visit! Which was sooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly nice of them to drive out here! Seriously, words can't express how much gratitude I have for them to take time out of their lives and spend a buttload of hours inside a car to come to us! Cam is a very lucky lady to have such sweetie pie grandparents. And Sue made SUCH A BEAUTIFUL quilt! I showed all my friends and my sister and they were like, whoaaa! My sister commented, "I wish I were talented!" And I was like ME TOO! Lol.

See, look at all the pretties!

Seriously, so amazing! The picture doesn't do all the intricate details justice, because they are so freaking awesome! When she first pulled it out I was like... my heart froze for a second, I swear lol. I thought it was perfect. It IS because all of it matches the theme to Cam's room so well. The zebra and the pinks, and colors in general. Even the black squares with the pink flowers are perfectly in sync to Cam's swing. How did you mesh everything so perfectly, Sue?! Lol. Cam is going to treasure that forever! They also got Cam a super sweet baby doll that makes cute little baby noises. Cam loves that, as well! She does like to munch on the baby's head, but oh well, babies gotta do what babies gotta do. Lol. THANK YOU SUE AND DEN!

When they brought her presents for her early birthday, I got all teary eyed. Then I mentally kicked myself in the butt because I was like, gosh, I wish I'd thought to actually have her birthday cake and party stuff ready because it would have made much more sense to have Camilla's birthday party when her grandparents were there, ya know? Since it'll just be us on her actual birthday, but that's okay, there's always future birthdays!

Camilla was great with them too! She enjoyed being held and interacting with Grandma and Grandpa, and she especially liked her adventures outside in the sun. *sigh* I wish we lived closer! Desoto was his typical annoying-around-new-people self, lol. It drives me nuts how different he is around people he's not used to! But I can't blame him too much, he's just a silly goofball dog. Like literally the second they left, he was mellow and like, mehhhhh! And I was like geeze, why can't you be like this when they're here? You would get to be out and socialize with us more! Lol.

Anyway, we miss them already! It was such a nice few days of being other around adult humans (hahaha!) and having real conversations that don't include baby talk, or peek a boos! We had yummy dinners too, Sue cooked yummy pot roast! Oh, I can't say enough how nice it is to have a home cooked meal (that someone else makes lol) that doesn't come out of a box. Josh sometimes cooks but it's usually like hamburger helper or something easy. Not that I blame him! I know cooking isn't his thing, and that is supposed to be my job (and especially now that I'm pregnant) sometimes I don't feel up to cooking a big dinner! However, that was totally different when Josh's parents were here. I didn't want it to be like last time where I was ill prepared and didn't have ANY clue what to have for dinner lol. But it was definitely nice (and delicious) for Sue to make dinner for us!! Me and Josh were so happy! Lol. I also made turkey and some box stuffing and my garlic creamy potatoes and gravy for the last day they were here, to honor their coming over. It was the least we could do for them! I know it's not easy driving a great distance and we REALLY do appreciate it. So... it really was the least we could do!

OMG. AND. THIS. PIE. Guess who made it... I did! JUST KIDDING. Grandma SUE made this and it was the BEST pie I've ever had! And I thought pumpkin pie was my favorite, but ummmm I think pumpkin pie has been bumped several rungs down and this pie will probably take the top 5 spots for my favorite. Lol. It was that good. I watched her make this, completely mesmerized the whole time. Did you know pie making is ridiculously hard? Well, I suppose not hard, but with my skill it would be equal to me climbing Mount Everest. There's a lot to making it, like this crust. Oh boy! It certainly was worth it though. I kept sneaking bits of the crust when no one was looking as the pie cooled. *Heeheehee* I liked watching her make the crust because it made me see everything that I do wrong with making my crusts... which is basically everything. Lol. I don't know how I manage my crust for my chicken pot pie, but she made it look so easy when in reality, I am practically fighting with pie dough and wanting to smash it with a hammer in the end. :) But I digress.... this was delicious, and I learned a lot! Thank you for the pie Sue!

I miss them. I love cooking and baking with Sue, and hearing Den laughing really loud from the kitchen as he watched a movie. Or hearing Cam babbling to her grandparents and I just have to smile because it's such a warm, nice feeling, having family around and having your daughter be around other family members who love her just as much as you do. *sigh* I also really enjoyed Sue going over my sewing machine and just in general, chatting with her about sewing and quilting. It's definitely one of my dreams to make a quilt. I would love to make something like that someday, because quilts are just... they're not just cool, but they're handmade, and so much love and time goes into them! Someday, hopefully. :) I wish we'd had more quiet time to do more sewing stuffs, but I am thankful for the time Cam gave us!

All in all, we had fun and it was so nice having them here. Josh also (even though he tends to hang out in his office, but that's just what he does lol) loved the visit very much. We were both very sad when we said goodbye. It was so bittersweet! Farewells are so hard, but knowing that you'll see each other again someday is the sweet part, the part to look forward to. Before they left they also graced us with a very generous home warming gift-- we are so thamkful! So thank you very very much!! We can't wait to see  them the next time, Cam will be older by then, and then we'll have another one, to boot!

Yes, Cam is going to be a big sister! #3.... I'm pregnant! Kinda happened pretty fast, lol, but we are happy and excited. Truthfully, I am a little scared terrified. I know I can do it, my main fear is what if  I suck at being a mom to two kids? Lol. Josh says that isn't possible, that I'm doing a great job with Camilla. But I'm still nervous! Not to sound like I'm dreading this, no way! It's just intense! It will be a lot of fun preparing for this one, girl or boy. If it's a girl, how easy would that  be? We have a lot of girly things already! But if it's a boy, that will be fun too! I know Josh wants another girl because it'd be cute to have Cam have a little sister, but I think a little brother would be just as adorable. We'll see! <3 The only thing that's kicking my butt are my energy levels... they have really plummeted, but the show must go on!

I will chat more about that though in another post! Especially when I wrangle that doctor appointment! It's a good thing I'm still taking prenatals from breastfeeding and still on pregnancy safe epilepsy meds. Uh oh, I'm running out of time (I hear Cam being cranky towards Josh lol) and I still have pictures to upload! So, in conclusion, we love our house. Josh's parents are AWESOME and we love them! And, I'm a pregnant chick once more! Lol.

Much love to you all! Time for pics, so enjoy them!!!!!! :)

What an adorable photo!

Yay, a photo of Cam and Grandpa!

Presents for the sweet Camilla!

Ooooh a card!

Thanks for the cute wittle baby Grandma and Grandpa!

Soooooooooooooo amazing!


Walking along with Grandma. :)
Double Yay! Lol silly Cam and silly Grandpa.

Triple Yay! 

 Strawberries and fruit for breakfast, lol that face.

Look at her legs propped up... lol.

Lots of fun at the bed store.

I caught you, you little nose-picker!


Cozy boy.

Josh made me crop hisface out! Lol. He was moving herup and down and she loved it.


Woo, books!


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