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Camilla's Birthday is in 3 Days! Eeek!

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 I can't believe she is going to turn 1. WOW.


I cannot stop laughing! So, Cam is playing on the floor near my feet while I take care of some shop stuff... it's quiet; she's happy, I'm happy and typing away. Then I hear what sounds like a loud fart. I chuckle to myself and think: ooooookay then. But she did poop earlier, so, probably just an innocent fart. Nothing insidious here.

She suddenly starts making her yelpy puppy-like noises (that she just started making the other day, they're pretty funny to hear) and I immediately stop and pick her up since this is my cue to focus all of my being on her once more... and what do I feel?

I feel one VERY COLD and VERY NAKED BOTTOM. I look down at her, hoisting up her nightgown, and see with my own eyes that she's no longer wearing her diaper. Yep I saw a pair of very bare buttcheeks. It's like she was saying, look ma, check me out, no diaper!

That "fart" noise I heard? It was her ripping her diaper off, apparently. I laughed so loud and for so long, that I felt a little lightheaded. I guess she felt she needed a diaper change and didn't want to wait around for me anymore? I laughed even more when I looked down and saw the lonely discarded diaper on the floor then shook my head as I hustled her bare tushy and the runaway diaper to her room to get taken care of.

Silly girl and her cold, naked rear end! What a surprise, I tell you. I can't wait to tell Josh in the morning (he's in bed now); I LOVE telling him tales of what happened during his sleeps. Especially when something hilarious happened.

Other than that particular incident, not a whole lot has been going on except for Cam's sudden obsession with walking! She'll shimmy on a wall and then bravely jaunt out as far as she can before she slowly goes down to her knees. I really think a lot has to do with her confidence, because she's definitely walking. This is why I tend to go overboard with my cheering for her. When I cheer for her, she keeps doing something. Like when we were in the bedroom and she was flicking the door stop thingy (you know, that thing that makes the boiiiinnnggg noise), she kept glancing back at me for my approval and I would cheer for her and say WOW, did you do that?! And she kept flicking it, making it boing, and then look back at me lol. IT WAS SO CUTE. We have it on video, I just have to get it off of Josh's phone. It was just too much. ANYWAY! So yes, I definitely cheer her on when she attempts new things. Like today, when I pointed at certain toys or shapes in her room, she would start pointing her finger too. I was like, OH MY GOSH YOU ARE POINTING! Let's point some more! Lol, and I'd keep pointing at stuff and she'd sort of coyly point her finger out.. I worked on pointing a lot with her today and showed Josh when he got home and he was so proud hahaha. I love cute moments like that.

Speaking of Josh, he was in the field all last night and got home at 7 tonight, so he was pretty wiped, but he was so happy that Cam immediately crawled to him and wanted him to pick her up. And she kept following him around and wanting to be held by him. Makes me so happy. And lucky, not just myself being lucky, but lucky that Camilla has a dad that is here and wants to be here and there for her at all times. Not everyone out there in this world has a father figure, so that is another way she is a super lucky little lady.

Apart from all that not too much more has happened (I still have to make that doctor appointment, I keep forgetting gosh!!!), other than new Cam stuff and Josh was in the field. It's funny, he's always like "are you going to be okay?" and I'm like, uh yeah you'll only be gone 1 day! Lol. I think I can hold down the fort! Hahaha, he makes me laugh. It certainly is eerie when he's gone, though, this house was creepy last night!! I know part of the reason was 'cause I watched a scary movie and then thought about another even scarier movie right before I went to sleep. I was so scared I'd see the monster from that movie, I closed all the blinds LOL. I'm just weird. Note to self: not a smart idea to watch a horror movie when you're the only adult in the house AND it's night time. Spooky!

I have LOTS of pictures for you all! Remember that week we had no internet? Which translated to our household, is more like 10 life sentences with no internet? Well we accumulated some pictures from the new house and some from the old house that never go put up here! So, I'm going to sign out and bid you all adieu! Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Love everyone, mwah mwah mwahs!

Oh P.S.... CAM TURNS 1 IN 3 DAYS. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I suppose I should say that I have been pretty sidetracked preparing for THAT day! The table has some presents already. :)

P.P.S. She had one nap today which means an early bedtime! YAHOOOOOOO!!!! Oh, did I mention we got a new bed? It's DIVINE. It's like sleeping on a cloud wrapped in marshmallows topped with fluffy frosting. But with no ants.

                                 This was the day Grandma and Grandpa left! Texas, you crazy!

Oh my, who could possibly say no to a face like that?!?! We're in trouble.

Or even this face. Stop being so cute young lady. Being this cute should be illegal.

Playtime with doofus boy and cutie girl. :)

I've resigned myself to the fact that Josh can't ever take a good photo of me. Lol.

Funny story: We were laying in her room. I was feeling tired. She was uncannily quiet. I thought, wow, we're totally having one of those quiet mommy daughter bonding moments! Where we just enjoy each others company. But really,

She was just examining--

And chewing on her feet. D'oh!

This is what happens when Josh lures her with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

First time riding in the cart like a big girl! Actually, wait, this was the second time.




She's like, haha! I'm allowed to chew on things and you're not!

I was changing into pajamas, guess who thinks it's cool to be a perv and be a peeping tom? 

"Mom, you're such a dork."

Lol. He's like oh please please, save me from this.

OH RIGHT. I used  to have her presents "hidden" in my office, but ummm. Guess why I had to move them.

"Socks? What the hell kind of present is this?"

Old house! Cute baby. :)


My sweeties.

Yo, mom! Look at my crazy hair!

Cooking with a Doberman helper? Easier said than done.

                                                                   I LOOOOVE HER!!

She was standing for like 4 minutes straight!

This must be what she really thinks about my cooking.

This was when she was helping unpack her stuff. :)

First night we moved in!

Huge windows, Cam!

                                                 Lol. She fell asleep in the high chair....

Helping pick out rugs for the new house! Good choices, little lady. (official first time riding in a cart like a big girl!)

Wow, those huge grins! Hello, baby teeth!

                     Why you shouldn't online shop with a baby in your arms at the same time.

 Lol more peanut butter and jelly madness. Doesn't she look like the Joker?!?! Oh crap... speaking of PB&J I haven't made Josh's lunch yet. Off I go! Have a great night everyone!


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