Saturday, November 16, 2013

I give everyone permission to throw things at me.

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Yep, go ahead! I know I haven't been posting much! I've been bad! Well, moreso achey and tired, and I just wanna lay down most of the day lol but I can't... sigh. I am sooo soooo tired of feeling so achey! Especially in the morning. It feels like it takes me a few minutes just to sit up. At least it's not as horrible as that one day but it's just not fun having a stupid achey pelvis!

Oh man. The other morning I had a leg cramp from HELL. I was literally screaming and crying and yelling and it was just agony. It felt like it lasted FOREVER and the only way to not feel pain was to hold my leg frozen in an uncomfortable rigid position. But eventually I had to face the pain and let it pass, it was the only way to make it go away. There was nothing I could do. Normally for a charley horse I'd just bring my leg to my chest or stretch it out a certain way, but I could not move it at all otherwise the INSANE cramp would burn my leg up! And it ascended up towards my thigh. I texted Josh and then I called him crying my eyes out, I was like, "I can't move, I can't get up, there's a cramp in my leg and it's not going away!" (good thing I sleep with my phone under my pillow)

What was Cam doing? She was laying next to me, safe, and I had given her my phone and put a cartoon on for her while I cried and cried.

I'm okay now, it just really sucked. REALLY sucked. Never have I EVER had a leg cramp THAT horrible. I remember getting them pretty easily when I was pregnant with Cam, and they still hurt quite a bit, but geeze. I felt like a demon was trying to eat my leg or something. Josh rushed home and he was completely freaked out and I felt bad because by the time he got home it had subsided - but it still left my leg incredibly sore and I was hobbling the rest of the day. I hate to say it, but I think it's the bed that is affecting me this way. I think it's just gotten too soft/cushy and so my body kinda sinks into it and especially moreso now that I'm bigger and heavier and pregnant-er lol.

Anyway I brought this all up to my doctor the other day and she just confirmed what I expected, that cramps especially leg cramps are incredibly common in pregnancy since your blood flow gets all kinds of messed up. She said if it ever got that bad again that I should come into L&D if it was really that bad (and it was, good grief!) but that it went away and didn't (and hasn't) come back just means it was just a powerful cramp. *sigh* She said if possible sleep with my back/head more elevated from my legs so I'm not trying to get up from a completely flat position, which is truly hell on my back as well. So far, so good. I'm just sooooo tired of feeling like poop. :(

More on the doc appointment! Baby's heartbeat is nice and strong, and she is head-down and ready for "show time" as my doctor said lol. So that is exciting!!! I can't believe it... meanwhile I've been slowly preparing. Going through Cam's clothes and tomorrow I'm going to organize the stuff on top of her dresser to scavenge for more newborn things (I think that's where the mittens are, etc). Trying to mentally prepare as well haha! It's exciting but pretty scary! When I'm not feeling like poop, I am very happy don't get me wrong. :) I've definitely been emotional and complainy and stuff... and the stupidest, littlest things make me cry. I feel like such a baby! And Josh... sigh.. he's been pretty bad about Cam and the crib. You know how hard I worked getting her to go to sleep by herself in that thing? Well, he kinda undid all my hard work in the past few weeks... and I just felt so defeated, I bawled like a crazy lady.

She'll cry a few minutes after I leave her cause she knoooows Josh will just get up and bring her to bed with him and THEN she'll go to sleep. Lol. But that was really messing up her nap time and not to mention, all my hard work! Sigh... okay so I'm babbling now, but there really hasn't been a whole lot of other new stuff other than my doctor appointment and stuff.

Cam is doing wonderful! We played with play dough today and we allllllllllll had fun, even Josh! Lol. Cam had a lot more fun stacking the play dough cups and putting the lids on and off, but when I made a mini Christmas tree with mini ornaments she wanted to help put the little balls on the tree and then I made a mini cake with candles, she stole it from me and wanted to put the candles on by herself lol. She's funny. She's been VERY clingy to Josh! Which I love! Haha! And Josh is so happy that she's been more open and clingy to him... really makes him feel good and loved. I was like see, told ya she loves you! She has so much fun just hanging out with him, but also playing with the pink bouncy ball (she gets SO giggly over that!) and when he was bouncing play dough balls she laughed so much! We were like how is that funny?! Lol but for some reason that just tickled her funny bone. :) We've just been doing our thing though, trying new activities here and there (coloring, got her a set of big blocks, reading, play dough, etc) She is doing great, yay!

And we are ever so excited for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to do a little Christmas shopping after my doctor appointment and we have gotten Cam some pretty cool things so far... bring on Christmas 2013!!! Lol. We love to do a big Christmas! :)

Welp it's almost midnight, and I still have some things to get done. I've been feeling very crafty lately! I made Baby a hat for Christmas! A Totoro inspired hat. :) It's okay, I messed up of course, but whatever lol. She won't judge me! Or will she? Haha. Sigh. I wish I were talented like you, Grandma Sue!!!! (and we are excited for your visit!!!) Yikes, better get going before I keep talking... phew. In conclusion, Cam is doing AWESOME! Josh is doing AWESOME! And me? Well, I'm hangin' in there! Cam was such an easy pregnancy (minus the PUPPS), this is just probably poetic justice or something! Lol. LOVE YOU, GOOD NIGHT!

Enjoy the pics! :) Sorry if I complained too much, sometimes it's just nice to get it all out there! Lol.

Cam in her personal Disneyworld. Best Buy!!
Oh boy! Buttons to push! Laptops to test! Merchandise to grab!

Lol. She has so much fun running around and taking in all the sights and things to do!
After Best Buy we went out to dinner at Olive Garden! Cam apparently kept getting phone calls.
                                                       And she had some fun coloring. :)

"Hello? No I would not like to switch long distance carriers!"
"No I'm at dinner right now with my folks, quit calling me!"
                                           "Oh gotta go, I'm getting a call from my boyfriend."

                                       Sigh.. let's all crowd around in mommy's office!

                 Lol she was crumpling up the paper and he thought it was a present to open.

                                     Hey mom! Are you getting me in the picture too?


                 I was so excited that she had baaaaarely enough hair to put that hair clip in!!! LOL.
                                                      Hangin' with daddy... and desoto...

                                                Lol that hair clip is so silly....

Peek a boo!

He's weird, dad!

Mommy is comfy... she's like one giant pillow.
But she's my giant pillow.
Ma, did you swallow a basketball or something?
Lol. Tired.
                                                   Hey Ma, look what I can do!

                                               She loves tickles and LOVES handstands!!!

                                                           Lol she loves it so much!!

                                                      Look what I can do everybody!

I FINALLY found sippy cups that she likes! SHEESH!

LOL look at her face!!

So... I'm trying to figure out what to do with the tentacles... but Cam really likes to play with them and play with her toys in them lol. And cuddle them...

Hi Ma. Nothing to see here...

Haha here's the hat I made for Baby. :) It's inspired by Totoro! Pretend you can't see that seam on the bottom, I messed up! *whistles casually and sneaks away*
It was actually a bear ear hat pattern but I didn't want a bear. I wanted Totoro. Lol.
I think it's not too shabby for a first attempt at a hat for a human, let alone a wee little human lol.
*looks at Sewing Machine longingly* I wanna do more stuff!!!!!!!!!
The inspiration.... Totoro! Isn't he super cute?
                                                              Strike a pose, Cam!
Love this silly lady!
Fell asleep bouncing in my lap lol.
                                    Awwwwwwww. That flower is so huge! Lol.

                                                        She's so freaking cute!!!!!!!

                                                          Smiles and giggles galore!

Every time we go to read, she grabs this book. "The Giving Tree"

She really loves flipping through it by herself lol.

Love you fam! Thank you for putting up with my complaining and random thoughts and babbling... really appreciate it. We love you all and miss you and can't wait for the holidays!!!

Damn you Thanksgiving!!!


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