Friday, November 8, 2013

Sorry for not posting in awhile!

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While things haven't been really busy per se, I just haven't been feeling up to much. Well, I HAVE been wanting to do things, I just lack the energy or motivation! My pelvic pain hasn't been too bad but there are certain times in the day where I just have to sit my butt down and take a breather. I hate hate haaaate that. Josh always scolds me and I feel like a child when he tells me I need to sit still lol, but what can ya do? *sigh* I randomly get these annoying shooting pains and I have no idea what they're called but I literally suck in a huge breath and freeze because if I move while they're happening, it hurts much worse. I have no idea what it is?!?! But it's happened a lot in the end stages when I was pregnant with Cam, maybe it's Braxton hicks? I really don't know lol. My last doctor said these sorts of pains are normal for being near the end, so unfortunately I must persevere. It just sucks! This is definitely the worst I guess "random sudden pain"  (it doesn't beat out the SPD pains from earlier but still) this is a daily thing, so sigh... poopy. Makes being at the store SUCK enormously. If I'm at the store or something it takes me so much longer what with having to suck my breath in and hold myself together. I hate it! Lol it just feels like the baby gets bored and randomly starts yanking on my ovaries or something. Too much info? Sorry! It's not fun! Lol.

Can I be done being pregnant now? Lol. Although I will NEVER get tired of Cam being fascinated with my baby belly. She'll sit there rubbing my belly, or slapping it, or clapping her hands and then clapping my tummy. Lol. Last night me and Josh were sitting there on the couch and she was having fun slapping away at me, and then she lifted up my shirt and was slapping skin and peeking at my belly. HAHAHA Josh laughed so much. I was like "Cammy, how rude!!!" and kept pulling my shirt down, but she kept pulling it back up and slapping and staring. Haha, I wonder what she's thinking. Maybe she just wants to say hello to her baby sister?

Well, apart from my recent bouts of complaining (poor Josh), not a whole lot has been going on. We've just been living life! :) While I've been coming off the Halloween high and taking decorations down *sniffle*, Josh has been doing his normal things like work, and work is going well, and he's FINALLY done with gunnery crap. So HOPEFULLY all this field crap is over and done with for a long time. At least that's what he says but ya never know with his line of work. And our Cam is doing great! She's super silly and we love her so much! Haha. As usual. :) I love when Josh gets home and she runs up to him and is so excited for him to be home, and then when he goes in to grab her and pick her up she turns around and runs away. Lol! I'm always like, "She wants you to chase her!" Cause at first Josh was pretty confused. Maybe he thought she was playing hard to get? Well, she definitely is, cause she loves to be chased lol. *sigh* She loves spending time with her daddy though! See?!

Me: Daddy's home!!!! Cam runs right up to him and she did NOT want to be put down.
This is my Daddy, you can't have him Ma.
                                      And then she just looks at him. And smiles. And looks.

                                        And touches his face. Daddy, are you really here?

          Siiigh. Can you tell I had fun being paparazzi mommy snapping photos like crazy? Lol.
                                  Then she gets this smiley almost smug-like look on her face.

She's like, yeah, I love my daddy.
 And the other night he actually got her to sleep all by himself!!!! Which has never happened before.

Normally if it's him trying to put her down or trying to calm her from waking up at night she just flips out and is crying soooooooooo much. It breaks my heart, but it breaks his heart even more. He's told me again and again (quite emotionally might I add) that he feels like she doesn't love him like she loves me, or that she doesn't see him the way she sees me. And I'm like, okay that's crazy, she's just more used to me doing it because hello? 100% of the time I HAVE been doing it, lol, and also, it's just a mommy phase. Ya know? I told him he can't take it personally. I know there will be periods where she JUST wants him, and I'm fine with that. It's definitely going to suck, especially if there's a time where he's not home for awhile, but it's all a part of being a parent, right? Lol. I remember being a kid and only wanting my mom, so it's definitely a universal thing and happens to everyone. Plus, I can't help it if I'm just super cool. Lol. Just kidding. :) 

ANYHOOOO! I'm excited for Christmas!!! Well, we both are. I want the Christmas stuff out NOW but I must wait because there's a certain stupid other holiday that we must overcome.. aka Thanksgiving. Lol just kidding, I don't hate Thanksgiving. Not at all, but it seems a bit harder to decorate for. How DO you decorate for it? Stringing up turkey shaped lights? Toss some pilgrim hats randomly around? Haha. Who knows. I see the stores selling pine cones and that sort of stuff... but eh. We'll see. I'm not going to stress over Thanksgiving lol. No offense Turkey Day. Also... turkeys are SO creepy!

Creeeeepy I tell you!!
Who on earth was the first person to look at one and say, Yeah I totally wana eat that!

Lol. Just a random thought.

Anyhoo, one of my big projects that I should be getting back to is... dun dun dun... ORGANIZING my office things! Particularly the huge mess of sewing stuff. It needed to be done like... forever ago, especially since Cam always gets into it and gets stuff EVERYWHERE haha. Tonight I started on the sewing basket and she sort of um, helped, haha while also coloring with markers. She had a bit of fun with her "art project" lol and I showed her how to stack the markers together and that kept her busy trying to figure it out for herself. It was so cute! And when I was rolling ribbons she was very fascinated and I gave her a long strip to see if she would mimic... and she did! Well, she crumpled it up into her palm, but she did it very slowly like she was concentrating lol. And then what did she do? She handed it over to me! I was like OH MY, thank you SOOO much for helping! This is a beautiful job! Lol. I'm always very enthusiastic when Cam gives me something. And I always always always say thank you. She's such a sweetheart! She loves helping mommy with her projects! Another project I want to do is paint my sewing desk and the table that matches it. I dunno, I just want something brighter colored. I think a robins egg blue or something would be really cute and more cheerful. I've just been in SUCH a crafty mood! When we went to Lowes the other day I was like... I WANNA DO SO MANY PROJECTS!!! Lol. We'll see! Josh was like, let's just get you a new desk and new etc etc and I'm like noooooooooo they are perfectly fine! I just want a brighter color themed office! Including my black desk. Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting kind of tired of black furniture! Lol. I want cheer!

Man, I'll shut up now!! I gotta get back to my office organizing! Lol. We love you family and we think of you lots and enjoy the new photos! We are doing (apart from pregnancy annoyingness) well! Take care! (again, CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!)

My furry foot rest for when I need my feet to be rested. Lol.
Did I post the whole photo? Haha, they look great!
                                 Wearing the Ariel top for another day cause why not? :)

Wait lemme pose Ma!
                                          Fishy face!! LOL. Sorry Cam, couldn't resist.

           Um, she was spooning up his food? She also likes to dip the measuring cup in there lol.

I don't think so lady!!!

Cam and mommy's big belly. Yeeesh!
Just woke up from a nap. Yaaaaawwwnnn.
                                                    Disgruntled after bath Cam lol.

One of her favorite games. She'll put something in your mouth (in this case a crumpled piece of paper lol) and she giggles and laugh and laughs and laughs sooo much when you blow it back out! And she'll keep putting it back in your mouth lol.
Again, again!
She wanted to sit in the big person chair. Haha.

The end.

Let's play you crazy dog, quit napping!


Aw, someone was tired.
                                Lol she was doing that, and also crawling around like a crab!
Ma... we need to talk about your problem.
Your booger problem. You got a big case of the bogeys and I can fix it with this booger wand.
What else can I get into Ma?
                                                    She LOVES those shoes lol.

Come on Ma let's go places! I'm in my fancy shoes!
But I thought we were going somewhere?
                                                Ooooh we ARE going somewhere! (just Wal Mart, haha)

                                                    This is my dog and I pet him when I please.

Me: Cam, here, want to feed Desoto a treat?
Lol. She laughed and thought it was funny.
Here she is slapping away at my belly.
                                              She took over the sweeping duties....

I will fight the dust and dirt like I was born to do it!
Okay I take a break to play with my belly button.
Back to work now! Lol Desoto is clearly judging her sweeping skills.
I'd like to see you do a better job, Desoto!
This is my view when I look down.
Actually this is a more accurate representation of my view... there's always a baby at my feet!
*poke poke* Ma, I think you eat too much your belly is huge.
Hello! Some would be surprised that I have a face, since you just don't get to see it very often in photos lol.

                     Yep... she grabbed my wallet and crayons and put the two together. Lol.

                                                        Today was a pretty lazy day. :)

I showed her how to connect the markers and here she is trying so hard!

Awww my lady!! I need to get her some of those big legos. Not the tiny ones but the big baby friendly ones haha.

                          And there she is on the right, helping me roll up ribbons!

Mommy's little helper.
Here she is handing it back to me! Lol. Thanks Cam!!!!
What.  a. baby.
                                I wasn't feeling too great. Guess who kept me company.

                                   Pick me up ma! I don't care that you're the villain! Lol.

Okay love you all, gotta get back to office stuff! XOXO!


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