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Awww man, is it really over? It can't be. I wish Halloween was an all weekend event, or something! Lol.

We had a BLAST. Cam, Josh, myself... sigh. Lots of fun, lots of excitement, lots of... tiredness! Haha, phewwweeee. We got a decent amount of trick or treaters. They always seem to come in huge bursts where it felt like we were running around our yard like crazy people (which we were), chasing after Cam, or running inside for more candy/hands.

The hands were a HUGE hit with kids and parents alike. So were the Minion pumpkins! I loved hearing kids being like, "Oh look at the Minions! Mom, dad look at the minions!" or "LOOK I GOT A HAND! LOOK AT THIS HAND!" Lol and parents thanking us for being so clever and overall appreciating the Halloween decorations. One lady was like, "Wow, you guys do Halloween excellent!" Haha and I was like aw shucks. *blushing but you can't see it because I'm wearing crazy purple Ursula makeup*

Josh was really. really. really. really.

REALLY into it. The whole shebang. I was greatly amused and it makes me happy that he's genuinely into it, and not faking his enjoyment. Cause that makes me happy! He was sooo into his costume when it was put together and he tried it on, that he put The Little Mermaid on.. because he wanted to get into character.

I know, I know, it was soooo funny. But that's what I love about him! I mean, the whole month he seemed almost disinterested (or at least, not as obsessive as I am anyways) about Halloween and at one point when I was stressing over my tentacles, he told me if it's stressing me out to forget about it. BUT I COULDN'T DO THAT! Lol. If I had given up, there'd be no theme! We wouldn't have had an amazing fun time! Well, we probably would have regardless BUT I can tell Josh LOVES the compliments and stuff from other parents and even some kids over the costumes.. lol and tonight there was actually a ton of compliments. And even a few long conversations about them! We saw a few Disney princesses and even a few other Ariels and parents were like oh my god, she has an actual tail fin! How cute! Or, look she's a mermaid! They adored our sweet little Camilla and her costume and her silkiness! And Cam certainly did rock the mermaid look!! So I'm glad we stuck with the theme... otherwise...

This photo might never have existed...

Looking good King Triton!

I am pretty surprised what a big hit our costumes were. Maybe it's because I put them together that I didn't think they were that great, I mean as the saying goes, you are your biggest critic right? But Josh really loved his costume. Which makes me teary eyed haha I figured he would hate it.. I mean, it was put together from a woman's night gown and woman's gym pants LOL (*cough thanks Good Will cough*) LOLLL. So, I guess Josh was a bit of a cross dresser that night, eh? Hahaha just kidding. :)

Anyway.... Cam had so much fun running around the yard and in the excitement of kids coming up to the house, she had so much fun, she just kept trying to take off! It was pretty exhausting. Especially running after her in my tentacles lol. She tried to steal a Luke Skywalker's glowing light saber (HILARIOUS! The kid was like.. uhhh what do I do? lol) and was fascinated with another kid's shoes, and she was just so damn cute walking around with her fin swishing behind her lol. *sigh* I even got complimented on my costume. Some people were like WHOA! And Josh was cute and kept talking up about how I made the tentacles and I was like shhhhhh!!! Lol. There were a couple sets of parents that were like whoa, nice costume and touching the tentacles and stuff lol. Or they would just in general be like, "I love your costume theme!" and Josh would always pipe up... yeah he DEFINITELY loves the limelight!! Lol. It's so fun to be festive!

We had about 100 glove candy hands... and we ran out FAST. I had to bust open the last few ones we had to ration out the candy while Josh hauled ass to the store to get more candy. He even got more gloves!! Which made me chuckle. I was like you think we're gonna have time to put these together?! But that's how into it he was!!! Lol. Which it kind of funny... cause when I was putting together the hands earlier in the month, he was like "pfffft, why are you going to all that trouble for trick or treaters? There's so much candy in those hands! That's too much work!" And I was like WHATEVER IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!! Lolll.

And then there he was, on Halloween night, in a full on panic, because we were running out and he wanted to go out and make more candy gloves! I loved it. It just made me chuckle. He doesn't seem to get on the bandwagon til it's already in full motion, huh? Haha. Anyway, I dunno, I just found it amusing. :) I love love love loooove that he was super into it. And next year he was talking about doing the glove hands again and getting more lights and things... maybe I've finally turned him into a Halloween junkie like me. :) Here's hoping!

Pic time!!! We love you family. We hope everyone had a devilishly spoooooky Halloween filled with CANDY and CHOCOLATE and all sorts of creepy crawly scary things! Mwahahah!


Mom... why are you weird looking right now?
She was so comfy and curled up into the tentacles! Lol!
Yeah mom, these are pretty cozy!
King Triton's Trident ahhaah.
I HAD to carve a pumpkin, even if it was last minute haha. Josh thinks I'm crazy.
                                                               Ursula makeup! Yay!

                                                            Cam stole a candy hand lol.

                        It was very unfortunate that Cam's wig was pretty... horrendous lol.
Get outta the candy, Ariel!
Apparently my tentacles have a mind of their own. They stole Ariel's necklace.

I love these tentacles, Ma.
King Triton is wore out!

Ariel wants to help with the dishes.
I wanted to be Part of Your World Dad, so I can help do the dishes.
Lemme help Dad!!

At last, I have captured Triton's daughter! MWAHAHAHA!!!
LOL. God that wig is awful! I'm glad she didn't like wearing it!

Ursula has a seashell necklace that she keeps Ariel's voice in... yep. Here it is.
Mom, why are you sitting down? I didn't authorize this.

So damn adorable.
Sigh. I already miss you Halloween.
There are a few more pics from Josh's phone that I hafta get! But he's sleeping right now and I can save those for another time. :)

                 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Isn't he cute? :)


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