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Busy busy!

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Sorry for being slow on the updating there has been a lot going on, as you can probably imagine!

Alice and Cam sure keep me busy! Phew! The days are long, the nights are short (haha, oh a good night's rest how I miss thee), and two kids is crrrrraaaaaaaaazy! But you know what? It's a lot of fun, and I like the challenge. They keep me on my toes. The BOTH of them. And while it isn't super fun when one kid cries and wakes the other one up (sigh) or when both are crying at the very same time, or when I'm feeding one and the other demands attention... but every day I feel like I'm getting better at juggling both of their needs. And sometimes it takes a bit of planning and prep. Usually when Cam wakes up from her nap she cries and cries, but I have a snack ready for her as soon as she wakes up and I pretty much just hand it to her and she's fine and dandy. She must be like me, SUPER crabby when hungry HAHA!

Sleeping... well, that's an interesting topic. Alice sleeps most of the time, but she is up at night a few times. It's not terrible, though, and I'm sure it could be a lot worse. At least she's not super fussy at night, though she is a lot harder to please than Cam was. I told Josh yeah, this one takes after me! Never happy, and finds something to complain about! Hahahaha! Just kidding... though I'm sure Josh would laugh and sort of agree with that one. *wink*

We are doing well though. It is hard at time, definitely challenging, a couple nights were super rough on me but it really is one of those things that you have to take one day at a time, try and stay positive, and eventually it will get easier in tiny increments. It already is a bit easier now that Alice sleeps a little longer throughout the night. Last night she only woke twice for feedings and then she'd fall back asleep. Right now she sleeps in the sleeper next to the bed, she seems to sleep a lot better in the sleeper. Oh! She really loves the swing, something Cam didn't like very much as a baby. I'm not sure if it's because we got the swing when she was around 3 months and just didn't like it period or just didn't want to get used to it, but putting Alice in with it rocking on a medium setting puts Alice right out! Alice also seems to be much more keen on pacifiers. Oy, is this the baby that is going to put every little thing in her mouth and will have to be weaned of pacifiers and bad-habity things?! Lol. They are COMPLETE opposites, it's kind of hilarious!!

Josh is doing well too! He's bummed about being back at work and he was insanely worried about me handling the kids by myself, especially to Cam's appointments and stuff, but I was like pffft don't worry about me. I can handle this stuff, I mean, I'm a mom. It's kind of natural for moms to step up to the plate and do this kind of thing, ya know? Haha, so at least he's not as worried about me. I was pretty tired this morning, but while Alice slept in the sleeper me and Cam cuddled on the couch and it was just so nice. I love my girls. :) Even when Alice is crying her head off or spitting up all into my hair. Alice could do that a hundred times and I would STILL love her... maybe I'd invest in a hairnet, though. Lol.

 Apologies if this post is kind of all over the place... I feel like my brain is half mush, lol. I have lots of pics to share though! That's the best part methinks.

Sooooooooooooo keeping this kind-of short, there's not a whole lot of new updates.. besides the two-kid-crazies going on at this house. :) Enjoy the pictures! We love you all!

P.s. I miss Christmas!!!!!!!
P.p.s Is it Halloween yet?

Oh Cam LOVES her flippin' car! She's always sitting in it or trying to buckle herself in! Lol. I told Josh, "Geeze, it's like we can't take a hint or something." Lol.

Also, last night.. oh man it was sooo funny. Cam had a banana. My hands weren't free. She got impatient, which is what I was shooting for anyway (she can feed herself she just doesn't want to since she thinks she's too good for such things), and she took the banana and ran off. I thought, okay well.. at least she has her banana, she'll be back.

She comes back, me and Josh are on the couch talking, while I rock Alice. Cam runs to me and hands me her banana... I'm like, "Um... okay?" but I look at it and she had taken a bite out of it!

And a piece of the peel is missing.

And she's munching very exaggeratedly with an "Ewww!" expression on her face.

Lol. So I sigh, and tell Cam good effort, sweetie, and we pop the piece of peel from her mouth since she wasn't going to be swallowing THAT any time soon, and she ate the rest of the banana... minus the peel. Hahah it was so hilarious! I love that girl! :)

Hey it's pretty Alice! In her Alice in Wonderland outfit. :)

LOL well someone's grouchy! Matter of fact.. she usually has a grouchy look on her face. Yep she's my daughter alright, hahahaha.
Pretty Cam!!!!!

Wow Ma, I haz a sisterz!

Desoto's like... what the hell?!?! ANOTHER one?!?!
You wanna get to the baby you gotta get through me, Mom.
Silly Alice. :) Isn't she so beautiful?!
I think I already posted these photos but.. oh well lol!

                                       Lol look at that faaaaaaaaaaaaaace! Siiiiigh.

                                                                Nap time girl. :)

                                      Eeeep the hospital! Just a handful of minutes old. :) <3

                                                  Awww gosh. *sniffle sniffle*

Lol that her shirt says "US Government Property"

    Cam LOVES her car! She loves sitting in it, messing with the steering wheel, pushing the car, rolling herself along in it... and she even tries to buckle herself in... all by herself. Lol.

Uh guys? Can you not take a hint?

Good night Diaper Butt!

Cam loves her shoes!
      Thanks for the cute Minnie Mouse pajama set and other new clothes Grandma Cristina!!


Desoto's present opening hahaha.
Oh boy! A GIGANTIC candy cane bone! Thanks Grama and Grampa!
                                      Hey blog land check out my sweeeeeeeet ride!
  It was so cute. She woke up from her nap and the next thing I knew, she came out of the room with her My Little Ponies Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Gosh, it was so darn cute. She loves sleeping with them! Lol.

                                       Keeping her little sister's hat warm for her? Lol.

My latest finds! I've been scouring places for the Disney Toddler doll collection when they're on sale! I FINALLY got Rapunzel and Ariel with a fin for a cheap price! Cam got Snow White for Christmas and Alice got Cinderella for Christmas. I'll be saving the rest of the dolls for birthdays and future Christmases. No paying full price for us! ((I could even resell these for profit but heck no, I need... I mean, our daughters *cough cough* need these dolls!)) Lol.
Awwwww. I miss Christmas!

                                             Hanging out and being silly! Josh loves his girls. :)

Lol Cam thinks she's Say Anything.
                         Lol... ran out of the room in just a diaper... and grabbed the broom.
                                                                    I laughed so hard.

                                                        She always looks so mad! Lol.

     Have fun with your moody girls Josh! Lol. At least he'll always have the easygoing Cam. Lol.

Lol show a little excitement, Josh!
Oh soooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. My word!
She's like, I make a huge mess for you, Mom.
Love. This. Girl. <3

Naps with Pinkie Pie are the best. <3
Josh took this, she fell asleep with her book in the car.

Oh Mom, you're watching me?!?!
Oh well, these ARE for me... so don't mind if I do help myself... yoink!
That was a good nap!
Twins! Lol.


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