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Oops, I haven't been updating... my bad! I knew that New Years resolution was no good the second I promised it, lol. Oh well... we have just been pretty darn busy as you can imagine! While Alice still sleeps quite a bit, I still feel like I have a rare moment to myself, or to do things that I would love to do (i.e. sewing, blog, etc) because I have more important things that top it like play/spend quality time with Cam, or get dinner started, or wrap up shop things, ETC! It's madness here in this house! Lol.

But Josh is such a huge help, and he unloads many burdens, particularly on the weekends and at night too. Sometimes he'll go to bed a couple hours earlier just to help relieve me of "baby duty" at night lol. At times Alice is a night owl, and he has definitely helped immensely in that area. Much of the time we each have a kid we're in charge of lol. This time around it feels like actual work, and it's a lot harder this time.. but I keep telling myself it'll only get easier. One hurdle at a time. Alice seems to be over the constant spitting up phase. I think it was just finding a right rhythm with her feedings. Small feeds more often seems to be a lot better than big feeds all at once, and it works. It's funny how they are as different as night and day. Alice even looks different lol. I think she's going to look more like me! The eyes anyway, and *so far* ya never know what she'll look like when she gets older. I remember when Cam was brand new, she looked sooo puffy! Especially right after her birth. But she was still puffy and didn't really have her "face" for quite awhile.

Alice, on the other hand, was not very puffy at birth. And she seems to already have defined features lol. By defined features, I mean "looks angry ALL the time" LOL. She ALWAYS looks so grumpy and grouchy! Josh always says "she always looks at me with hate filled eyes!" and that makes me laugh sooo much because she definitely looks angry, and she WILL stare DAGGERS at you! So, you better beware, and most of all WE better beware because ummm... I think Alice is going to take after me. Which is going to be a total nightmare in the future. Lol.

Crap. Alice woke up! Brb!

*comes back* Okay, phew. That was one grosssss diaper. ANYWAY! So yes, we are super busy haha. It's a whole lot of work, but it's also a whole lot of fun. Except when one girl is sleeping and the other one starts crying... or whining.. cough CAM cough. It's funny though, Cam actually tries to help out. Just now I put Alice in the swing, Cam saw and came running over, and she was pushing the swing helping it along lol. She also rocks the sleeper when Alice is in it. If Alice starts crying, sometimes she'll come running out to investigate or seemingly "checking" on her. It's the sweetest thing in the world!

She even tries to give her the bottle or pacifier.

How cute is that?!?!?! She's such a sweetheart to her sister!! I honestly thought Cam would want nothing to do with her, or that she wouldn't quite grasp what was going on, or that she would throw huge fits and tantrums when she saw the bottle out and about, or that Alice was getting a bottle and she couldn't.

But that NEVER even happened. That day she picked up the bottle for the first time, a huge sense of dread just washed over me. I was like, oh no... she's going to want it for herself. She's going to throw the biggest tsunami of a tantrum when I tell her she can't have it.

I didn't even have to tell her no. She just went right over to Alice and like those pics show, tried giving it to her. (had to laugh though since she already had a pacifier in her mouth lol). I was like WOW thank you sooo much sweetie! You're such a big helper! She seemed quite proud of herself. I love that Cammy girl. She's such a sweetheart. :) I love that she understands.

Alice, Alice, Alice... she may be the troublesome one. The colicky one. The one who keeps us up when we just want to sleep or relax, the one that Josh is terrified of ("Look at those hate filled eyes!") Lol, the COMPLETE opposite of Cam... but...

When I see THAT smiling, happy face when I walk over to her... it's all worth it. Look how cute she is! Haha. That squishy pudgy baby face. Boy Alice, you're out to outweigh Cammy aren't you? (she seems to be getting so big, so fast! Yikes!)

Oh also... Cam is sick. Sigh, it's so so so sad but she's doing loads better. The very first day she was sick was pretty heartbreaking; she just didn't want to do anything or eat much. Her appetite is returning, and she's definitely getting back into the Cammy groove aka getting into everything, making messes, and driving me up the wall. :) So that is very good. Except now Josh is sick lol. I do feel bad that he's sick and he's like ugh, why aren't you sick?! I have no idea. I refuse to get sick. Lol. That's what I tell him anyway haha, maybe my body is just a big dictator over my white blood cells or something. *shrugs*

Boy I can't wait for Cam to get over the snots... it's sooo disgusting. Imaging streams of green boogery gloop just pouring out her nose. Yeah, it's so gross. Lol. We have sanitizer just everywhere because we really don't want Alice to get it. Which is probably going to happen anyway, but we can at least try haha. At the very least breast milk is an added boost to her immune system. *crosses fingers*

Phew this is probably all over the place, but I don't have much extra time as Cam is currently getting into my store's inventory bins and I don't think Alice will be happier for much longer in the swing. So, we love you, and thank you for being patient with the lack of postings!

Funny Cam Story: We were in the kitchen and I was making dinner last night, guess what Cam was doing. She was checking her reflection out in the oven. Lol. THEN she was lifting her shirt up and checking out her reflection that way... hahahaha oh boy. We're in trouble here, people. Someone is clearly in love with their reflection. Lol. Enjoy the photos!!

Here's Alice... looking an awful lot like a certain Simpsons character. "Eeeeexcellent"

                                              Lol Alice loves photo time.... not.
Cam and Fluttershy! EEEEEEK! So cute!!!!!!
Just woke up, Ma!

No I don't want to be picked up Dad! NOOO. STOPPPP! Lol.
Josh looking super happy. Lol.
                                                                    Cutie baby Alice!!

                                             Quite used to this face.... lol

Good morning Cam. Loll.
Cam and Pinkie Pie. She looks... I don't even know how to describe that look lol.

Lolll that face! She's definitely not impressed.

Yeah, I'm not pleased. You'll have to do better, Mom.
                                      Cam thinks she's helping... hahaha. Yeah riiiight.

Mmmm egg drop soup!
Girl Scouts came to the door!!! It was a magical day.
That stroller is for your dolls Cam... lol.
Who's that cutie face?!

                                                            Daddy and daughter. :)


They adore each other!

Big Lots had their super clearance Christmas sale! 75% off Christmas stuff! We're all set for Christmas 2014!!!!!!! Who can resist Christmas wrapping paper at 0.25 cents and up?!

                               Alice was not impressed with our clearance haul, lol.

                              She's like ummmmmmm. You guys are crazy.

                                                  Okay I go to sleep now, crazy parents.

Maybe she's dreaming of next Christmas. LOL.

She's passed out. Big Lots shopping was boring for her haha.
Now where we going, mom and dad?

                                          Heeeelllooo cutie baby Alice!! Love that smile!


                                                      Alice and Oswald size comparison!
She's like, who the hell is this guy?! Lol.

                                                    Cam and the snots... yuck! Poor lady.

Oh apparently I'm taking a photo of me and Cam's bottom. Lol.

We're silly!

                                                             Lol tickly monster! 

 Hehe, more later! Byeee!


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