Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I really wish....

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I was a morning person.

Like Alice.

Show off. I wish I could look like that at 7 am! 

Instead, I'm much more like:

True story! Lol.

Things are good, still busy, as always! I'm typing so so slow because Alice is in my left arm lol. Boy this post may take me all night to write.. haha!

I have lots of pictures! Not much news though. Josh is leaving April 3rd he thinks, the dates keep changing which is typical of the army. Sooooo thanks army! Haha just kidding. Kinda. Today I had a doctor appointment and Josh absolutely could not leave work to come with, which isn't really a huge deal since my appointments aren't very long.. but it is always an interesting experience lugging the two girls in the giant stroller lol. Alice slept for most of it, Cam was a little bugger head though! Always wanting to climb out of her seat (she couldn't since she was strapped lol) so she got annoyed or angry, and the doctor rooms are TINY so she was always next to drawers or something that she'd pull on and I'd be like completely exasperated while trying to hold a conversation with the doctor haha. But they are very understanding at least and I got my epilepsy medicine all squared away, so phew! It's really not bad at ALL, but it shouldn't be for awhile since Alice is still so small... I know it will get more tough as she gets older, but I think it'll balance out. When Alice gets older, so will Cam, and Cam will understand know more things by the time Alice gets to that stage where she won't like sitting still in the car seat... she really likes the car seat, not at all like Cam when she was a newborn lol.

Okay I'll shut up now! Haha, I just wanted to share some pictures cause our girls are sooooo adorable and so damn cute! I love them so much! We are so lucky and I count my blessings everyday. I am so happy. I've NEVER been this happy before in my life, ever. And I love showing Josh how much I appreciate him.

Like doodling on his lunches!

It's kind of an inside joke, it's based off of a very popular meme on the internet about a Shiba Inu dog LOL. This one:

HAHA! That meme! Oh we're too silly and so geeky. I can't wait for him to see his lunch in the morning! LOL.

Okay pic time, yay!!!

Awww Alice and Laura!
Oh Alice don't you try and suck up to me with your cuteness after you've cried the past million hours!!
Painting Hello Kitty, yay!
Oh. My. Word.
I was like, GASP how could you let her color all over Jasmine's face Josh!?!??! Lol.
Lol. They had lots of fun chasing each other and giggling!
Guys... I. am. FABULOUS!
Mom, take a memo, I am the coolest thing on this planet.

You think I got enough ponies yet guys?
My view, most mornings lol.
                                 Oh yeah, Cam's got the coolest ponies on the block!

Oh hi mom. Am I in your way?
I know it's time for bed when Cam brings me a fresh diaper and Pinkie Pie!

Cam the cutie helper!
What the hell is that stuff on her head? What's hair, mom? Lol!
Alice is like... no I don't like that.. noooo! Lol.
I wish I could say that this face is rare... it's definitely not lol.
                                     She sure is a cutie though :) when she's NOT crying!

Laughing Cammy!
Yes that's a Nicolas Cage blanket LOL.
                            Oh my gosh, she got so upset when she spilled her yogurt! Lol.

Oh noes!!! It's okay grandma, it washed right off the quilt PHEW!
                                               I help you swing baby sister - Cam

Not impressed? Haha.
She was sleeping like that! LOL.

Josh drove by our old car! *sniff sniff*
LOL this was when she was sick. Nice booger, Cam!

Sleeping with Twilight Sparkle!
                                    She LOOOOOOOVES Fettuccine Alfredo!

                      She also hates kids cups and prefers adult glasses and cups lol.

Oh hello? Yes more Fettucine please, extra sauce!
AW lol.
                                 Right before her bath awwww look at that face!!

Awwwwwwwwwww Cammy.

I don't know about this cracker, Mom. Lol.

                                            HELLO EVERYONE. Look what I can do!

                                                Cam is such a gorgeous little lady!


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