Sunday, February 2, 2014

These two. :)

Posted by ChristineElaine at 10:56 PM

 These two send me to the moon. :)
 I love how they interact with each other. 
Cam LOVES him so much!

              Wanna get to the baby you gotta get through me, Mom.

LOL she kept stealing his bone, so he comes over to me, drops it at my feet, and then sits on my feet. As if he wants protecting from Cam, hahaha.

We all need somebody to lean on. :)

Oy, sorry for the lack of posting. :( I really can't sit and write too much either, it's almost 1 am and I am soooo dead beat. Alice is suuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhh a fussy baby! I'm just so thankful that Cam is at least easygoing and has no problems with her bedtime and nap routine, I'm not sure how I would make it if I couldn't rely on Cam's nap time or sleep schedule! Sheeesh!! Josh had staff duty yesterday and staff duty tomorrow, which means he'll be gone all day and night... bummer. :( He really helps me out a ton, I don't know what I would do without him!! 

Siiiiiiiiiiiigh I have to finish this one package (my store has been crazy busy, geeze!) and finish the weekly meal plan so I know what the heck I'm buying at the grocery store lol. Okay well we love you, a better blog post later, I PWOMISE. I just am so so so super tired! YIKES!

We love ya, good night!


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