Sunday, April 20, 2014


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We're still in the midst of celebrating the goddess of fertility (hahaha, that IS what Easter was originally about) but both kids are asleep PHEW so I'm going to take this 15 minutes - 20 minutes, depending on Alice, to upload some quick photos! Sorry it's been silent... two kids is SO hectic!

Look what I got guys!
Lol she was so perplexed.
She didn't get the memo to not open eggs until after you've hunted for them all. But that's okay. ;)
Don't mind if I do...

Whoa Pinkie Pie was in there?!

                                                   Another Pinkie Pie! Lol.

And then she got tired. :)
But not before being rambunctious!
Meanwhile... this one fell asleep.
And so did this one. :)
PHEW. The photos are a bit out of order, but I think you get the gist of our day so far. :) We still have to color eggs... oops! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with loved ones and hope the Easter Bunny was just as kind and generous to you all. :) Love ya!

Now.. time to go eat a bunch of chocolate healthy... things... lol. ;)

Oh and here are some not so Easter things...

Desoto... crushing me. Literally crushing me. Sitting in my lap lol.

                                      Cam wearing a diaper on her head lol.

Cam's pretty art.
Cam as SNOW WHITE! Yeah it was a Snow White day. I think it was my silent cry for help to daddy... 'Take us to Disney World!!!' LOL.
I was all, "it will take a miracle for her to keep that headband on."
Then the headband went missing. Where did I find it?
The hamper! Lol.

Cam and Derpy.
Is that how you really feel Alice? LOL.

Shopping with Alice lol.
Bye everybody!!


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