Monday, April 28, 2014

Is it Friday yet?!

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Sigh, that long 4 day weekend we had sure spoiled us! It's so nice having Josh home for an extended time.. I'm counting down the days until the next one! Even a 3 day weekend would be oh so nice, please army! Lol.

The weather has been getting so much warmer... EW! Today I was weeding (we've been neglecting that chore.. sigh) and it was so annoyingly windy and hot that I had to stop after about 10 minutes. Which really sucks cause it's rare when both kids are asleep at the same time and I wasn't able to get another window of time for weeding. Le sigh. I wish Josh would just do it on the weekends but I don't want to tell him what to do on his days off lol. I do what I can here and there though. :(

The girls are doing great! Alice is getting so much bigger and she is such a beautiful little lady!

Here she is with her Cheshire Cat!!

Isn't she just adorable?!
She screeches and babbles (And cries a lot lol) and is already trying really hard to crawl lol. Um, can she stop growing so fast already?! YIKES! She's a little tank haha. Camilla is hilarious as always. She's talking and a lot more verbal these days, she especially likes to try to sing her songs and stuff. I always sing her favorites from Frozen or My Little Pony and she joins in on her favorite parts IT'S SO CUTE! Josh was laughing when he heard us. She doesn't sing the actual words, but she does try really hard to say what I'm saying and she can sing the length of the notes, and right now that's all I ask for and she makes me proud. :) She gets really really happy when I start singing her songs lol. Way off key... but whatever! It's our thing. :) She loves to color, she LOVES Desoto, and she of course loves going outside! Haha.

She also REALLY loves car rides... sheesh! She gets her shoes, my purse, MY shoes, etc and I'm like.. okay you can do all that but we're still not going anywhere! Lol. When I came home from grocery shopping the other day she got pretty upset when she realized I was coming home and staying, not coming home to take her somewhere lol. Sorry Cam! Josh thought it was funny but I was like... nuh uh! I feel bad now! Haha.

Hmm what else? The house is good, Desoto's good, the store has been slower but good (I don't mind if the store is slow since I'm still administrating websites for my friend and also have a Zazzle shop and occasionally sell on Ebay YAY!), Josh is really good! He's super happy to be home. We LOVE having him home. We missed him so much... especially me! Hahaha. He loves his girls so much. :) I don't know whether or not to really mention *something* since it's not set in stone, but there are talks of it, which freak me out and it would come at a really really horrible time... I dunno; if it happens it happens but it would break my heart for Cam and Alice since he loves them sooooooooooooooooooo much since he wants to be here for them always. *sigh* that's the lifestyle though. We'll see. We are hoping for the best!

 Here some more snapshots from our lives! :)

This morning we had a blast coloring ponies!!
Easter Girl.
Lol she loves baths.
Dinosaurs need to look out the window once in awhile, too!
                                        Me and that pretty little Alice. :)
Coloring is serious business guys.
Ma, quit taking pics. This is serious, okay?

                       Alice is getting so big! And Cam came out in her dad's shoes lol.

                                    Her favorite toy!


Hi Alice!!
Desoto... crushing and waking me up while I was in bed lol.
ALICE, you are such a cutie!
                               Cam loves her ponies...

Get your own Ma, I'm not sharing.
                       Hey where's my Happy Meal guys?

lol clever girl...
She's like ummm this is supposed to impress me mom? Lol.
Reaching for the bananas lol.

You mean I really had my nose the whole time??

                     Hey everyone, don't get me angry or I'll punch you!
OMG Cam stole that toy right out of me and Alice's hands! I was like uh uh that's not gonna fly, missy!

                        Lol she has such funny expressions. :)

                                             Fell asleep. :)
                                          Snow White!!!!

                       Aaaaaaaand the princess fell asleep....

Putting her headband on her daddy...
Here you go dad...
Aww and she touches him lovingly. ISN'T THAT SO SWEET?

                                       Shut up Mom! Lol.

                              Desoto and his Easter Basket!

I'm so happy she has my eyes! Lol.


      A bird built a nest on our door wreath! How cool is that?!

She's like, Hey look at my new water bottle! My Little Pony! Lol.

She did NOT want to sit still for a picture! She was so happy over her water bottle! lol.

Posing... lol.

Don't forget about me, the cute little sister!

I was like, hey Cam wanna scribble all over the Easter box? It'll be fun!
And guess what? She had LOTS of fun... and look at her face. She seemed to be like okay mom stop with the pictures and let's get back to work on this box. LOL.

I know I'm cute mom but c'mon!

Alice says goodbye!!!! And lots of love!!!


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