Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy late Mother's Day!

Posted by ChristineElaine at 9:44 PM
We didn't do anything special for Mother's day but I can honestly say that...

The past couple weeks have been soooo much fun. It's nice having Josh home!!! I wish he could be home like this all the time!

Doodling and coloring with colored pencils, which are totally Camilla's new favorites. She fell asleep right in my lap while coloring. It was pretty silly. Alice is passed out early tonight, phew! We've been swimming in our pool and going to the park, walking around stores and shopping, playing with bubbles and drawing with chalk... all kinds of activities! And preparing for Cam's pony birthday party!! Oy! Been busy!

It's so much fun being a mommy. :) 

Ps I still miss the hell out of you Desoto, and forever I will. I will always be your mommy, even if you aren't here with us anymore. And no dog will ever replace you and the love you have given us. <3 

Here are some pics of the past few days. Sorry, it's been pretty busy over here. 

                                     Pinkie Pie is in the house!!!



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