Monday, June 30, 2014

Much needed birthday picture post...

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Here are some of Cam's birthday pics that I haven't uploaded yet, whoops my bad!

We're doing fine, just missing Josh a lot... Only day 2... the months are gonna drag!

Pony water bottles!
Whoops bad idea to set up some of it the night before lol.

Shaving down some cakes!
We had an Adopt-A-Pony section, since Cam had some duplicates.
And Rarity's Fashion Accessories area...
With Rainbow Dash tags, "thanks for making my party 20% cooler!"
Pinkie Pie's Party Corner (party hats, blowers etc) and Fluttershy's Crunchy Munchies!  (bowl of snacks, haven't been set up yet lol)
Alice from bath, transformed to Derpy Hooves! LOL.

Alice thinks My Little Pony is fascinating too lol.
Me and Alice! (I was dressed up as Dj Pon3 lol)
Out like a light!
The Cake! And Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom Drink! (with rainbow ice cubes)
Cam loved her pink hot rod lol.
So did Bailey lol.
And she liked her new play kitchen! Isn't it adorable?
Cam's like, Go faster!
Hey Ma, we need some groceries in my fridge!
My friend sent Cam some presents, like a crocheted miniature Desoto!
Cam as Pinkie Pie!
                                                  Cam fell asleep.... so tired lol.

Josh was Doctor Whooves!
Pony Monopoly!
Check out my new ride guys!
What's up mom?
Cam even had a play birthday cake! How magical!

Even had some Pony wrapping paper. :) It's all about the details!
Cam and her giant Rainbow Dash balloon!
Applejack's Apples lol, Josh loved that. And Twilight Sparkle's Magical Loot Bags!


Thanks for checking out my birthday pictures! - Cam
Stay tuned for the next post... Cam's already hard at work writing one up!!


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