Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mini Update!

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Much needed mini update... we are doing good, I'm just tired much of the day (and need several cups of coffee to function lol), the girls are doing very well although Cam gets very excited and sad when Josh calls and I put him on speaker. It makes my heart hurt so much and I know she doesn't understand why he hasn't come home, but I insist that he call often because she needs to hear his voice.

I also miss Josh terribly. And I think we are in desperate need of a vacation after this deployment!! We are actually planning a Disney World cruise/Disney World trip combo, but we will see, it all really depends on when he gets back and when he will be able to get leave. I know Cam would be soooo excited and happy to see the Disney princesses, especially Elsa and Anna and Rapunzel! I bet Alice would love to see Rapunzel too, and oh my gosh, I could only imagine their expressions when they see Mickey and Minnie. I so very badly wanted to vacation in December with my good friend Lisa and her husband and their daughter Kailyn, but oh that pesky Army, always a good way to ruin plans! I am trying to keep positive though, and we keep very busy with activities throughout the day.

Cam loves all crafty things, coloring, drawing, she even helped me mix paint for when I painted my sewing desk. She did get paint everywhere.... lol.... but I cleaned it before it could set. She also loved watching me paint the desk, and she held the brushes for me. She loves to read books, she'll often bring me some of her favorite books and plop herself right into my lap. We've also started potty training which has been a hit or miss. The first few days she went potty perfectly and I thought "YES OH MY GOD THIS WILL BE SO EASY!" but now we've hit a wall where she no longer finds the singing potty "interesting" so getting her to willfully sit still on it is another battle. The day is full of battles, but at least it keeps me busy. Like for instance, Cam loves to climb literally everything.

LITERALLY EVERYTHING. The couch, her play kitchen, she'll grab toys that she can get a boost on to reach whatever she's desiring, I had to remove a bunch of her toys because she kept using them as stools.. even her rubber balls I've had to put in the guest room! And her scooter! GAH! She's CLIMBED the play kitchen and messes with the thermostat... oh geeze her monkey climbing is driving me off the deep end! Which is why I try and find thinks for her to do lol. Play in flour, read books, playdough, sticker books, walks and playing in the yard, coloring books, painting, building blocks, and those work... for awhile, but then she's back at it! I feel like I will have grey hair by the time Josh gets back. I know he's not having a good time either, but sometimes in desperate moments of frustration I'm like, why can't I be in Afghanistan?! Lol.

Those moments pass. It's just... so hard without him around to help and to be there. To help with tantrums or dinner, or feeding, or a "hey can you change Alice since Cam is throwing a tantrum because I won't let her climb the counter?" SIGH! Please come home soon Josh!!!!!!!!!

Phew okay this was longer than I thought it would be... guess I needed to vent! Lol. Oh well, I do enjoy being a mom, it's just a lot harder when all the responsibility, all the chores, every. little. damn. thing relies on you. And oy, the repetitiveness... the days just blend into each other. I'm not even sure what day it is. Is it Thursday? I'm pretty sure it's Thursday. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Oh well! We are hanging in there. Just trying to keep busy and keep the girls entertained and they are happy (most of the time, when they're not throwing tantrums!) and this will only strengthen our family in the long run. I am looking forward to a vacation though... our family deserves one!!

Pestering boys... 

I think she's seriously thinking about pushing him off... lol. 

Hey, can I get your number? LOL.

Mom quit following me, I'm a big girl!

Mom stop taking pictures. It's embarrassing me!

Putting my makeup on...

Making her ponies kiss lol. 

This was Alice's 'just woke up' hair!
Picking out some flowers and plants!
Mom I want the flamingo.

Wait no, I want these!

Alice is "stuck" lol.

Making roar faces! RAWR!!!

Alice being such a cutie girl! 

Remember this desk?! Orangey wood-ish blahness?

My pink cactus on my newly painted desk! Ta daa!

Needs another coat or two on the bottom parts and top, and some preserving wax, but I LOVE IT!!!! And Josh loves it and wants to paint everything now!! Lol. It's a 'rustic' blue, for that antiquey vintage look that I love. So worth it, it makes me so happy when I look at it! I may change the knobs too, we'll see!

Ah the bathtub full of toys... a great thing for when one needs a break!

You're not going to ship me off are you mom?

Loves her toys!!

Oh my... 
How are we ever going to say no to this face?!?! 
The best part about having girls is it is SO much fun to dress them!!

Remember those flowers I had last year? They must have left some seeds behind because this sprouted up by the house!! I was so surprised. I almost pulled it because I thought it was a weed lol... 

She thinks her flash cards are for coloring lol.

Ma'am, do you realize you were five minutes late with my lunch?

You have the right to remain silent. Unless you give me cookies. Or goldfish crackers.  

Mom, we have to talk. About this thing you call "avocado." 
And these "Carrots"...
I am not pleased with this menu. Bring me cookies at once.  
Mom you've been in here for awhile..
Playdough adventures!

"Cooking" with playdough.

Mmmm thanks for a delicious lunch, CamCam!

Sisters!!!! :) Even though it is hard a LOT of the time, moments like this are sooooooooo incredibly worth it. 

And moments like this. :) 

And this!

Gah! NOT THIS!!! I started to do a countdown, where I go "CAM GET DOWN 1... 2..." and she held up her fingers when I said 2. What a smart-ass!

Cam... when I said "go get shoes and go get dressed and maybe we can go outside"... I did NOT mean THIS!

Yikes... double yikes... 


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