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More, yay.

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Sometimes I forget why I even started this blog, but tonight as I was reading some posts from a loooooong time ago... back when Cam was the only child, it struck me that what I started it for was basically a visual diary of sorts. As I was reading, I recollected all the memories that I wrote about.. .memories that I wouldn't have even remembered had I not wrote them down in the first place! Particularly the post where we found out, or at least, the Doctor had an inkling that Alice was in fact an Alice, and not an Alex, or James, or what-have-you. I enjoyed reading and seeing how much Cam has changed and has grown into a cute little girl, how Alice also came and conquered our hearts and is growing like a weed herself. The adventures of Desoto as well... those are particularly precious to me since he is no longer with us.

I am very glad to have written these things down. I really need to keep doing that. Time is hard to scrape by, especially with everything that has happened to us, my family, and to me, to Josh, and things that I have to attend in the future.... one thing at a time though, just take one thing at a time, I tell myself. TRY to write these things down because someday you won't remember at all! 

So a had a humble reminder tonight, and that is good. I also have not been feeling well the past couple weeks and it's starting to really piss me off. I just want to feel better already.

To cheer myself up, I will post some more pics of DL. Yay. 

It was very stunning to see Sleeping Beauty's Castle lit up for Disneyland's 60th Anniversary. I was shocked that we were there for such an event. I had no idea!!! Goofy even had a special outfit in the photos we posted earlier. This castle though was so stunning. And it was really really cool to see. Really one in a million chance we managed to hit up Disneyland on an extra special celebration day. We were very happy about that. And also VERY happy to have scored a good hotel for great price on Disney Drive, the place had had only one room left, and it was open for the two exact days we would be there for. Can we say meant to be?

Seriously though.... that freaking castle was so gorgeous!!!! Drool.

Don't tell Alice she found her White Rabbit! 

We were blown away by Fantasmic!
Mom, I'm trying to watch the show. Stoppppp!
CAM LOVED CAPTAIN HOOK! Omg. She didn't trust Peter though lol.

                    This is my Hook, Mom. 
Cam really only wanted Hook lol.
Nahhhh Peter, where's Hook?
Yay!!!! This was our first time meeting Peter. :) 
On the Disney bus going to Disneyland! 

Dis is my hat Mom!

The closest my bestie Lisa and I will ever get to being at Disney together lol. YES I HAD to take these two with me on our adventure! I'm lucky to have a husband that lets me be free to indulge in my silliness!
We ate at Rancho Del Zocalo and it was scrumptious! 
Alice and Daddy with matchy Elsa shirts!
Soooo this ride turned out to be scary for the girls lol. It was a Winnie the Pooh ride!

If you guessed this is where Alice and Cam started crying, you would be correct lol.

The line was waaaay too long so we figured this photo would do lol.


Oh God lol.
    Omgggg. Cam was sooooo excited to see Woody!!! Unfortunately Alice and Josh had to leave the line (we were the last ones too!) as Alice had um, pooped herself. Cam got to see him and had her bit of fun though at least. :)

Selfie! Woody's too tall lol. 
They danced. :) Oh goodness. I'm so glad she got to see/meet/dance with him because she loooooooooooooooooooves Toy Story so much these days! When we turned the corner and I saw Woody my heart practically stopped because I knew Cam would go crazy. And she did. I could hardly keep her excitement down in line. She wanted to just rush right over to him! But I told her we had to be patient and wait our turn. :) She was so sweet. I only wish Josh had been there to see it!!
Awwwww sleepy honey.
 Josh helped me take this one!! Lol.

It was sooo emotional seeing Mickey like this. The kids loooved it. Cam got very scared of the villains though! Alice did fantastic she wasn't scared of any of this.. surprise surprise there! Lol. It had some pretty frightening imagery!

 Cam was keeping busy in the car, poor girl.

Awww poor sleepy girl.
 My camera didn't catch it fast enough, but Hook kissed her hand. :)

Yep she's still not sure about Peter, haha.


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