Sunday, September 6, 2015

Long weekend, yay!

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Hooray for a four day weekend! We have nothing big planned, we're just happy to bask in each other's company and hang out and play with the kids, and all that good stuff! It's nice to just kick back and relax. I'm also really, truly, thankful that Josh gives me extra time on weekends to just do my thing and let me recharge from the week. Phew! It's nice to recharge.

So, apart from relaxing and being a lazy weekend (haha) not much else has been going on. We're really excited about Halloween. Our theme keeps changing.. we're really indecisive this year!

One thing for certain though, it will be really fun! IF Josh will be home for it.. :( He SHOULD though, 'cause he'll have to go to NTC for most of October. He says he's very sure that he'll be home in time for Halloween. He'll be gone for my birthday... again... but I don't care, I just want him home for Halloweeeeeen! Lol. Who needs a birthday? Am I supposed to be keeping count of my age? Whoops... I'm young at heart and I forever will be, mwahahaha!

Today we spent a long time playing with play dough. One of Cam's favorite activities! She actually requested we make a "dinosaur" it was so cute. At first I couldn't understand what she meant, but then we were like, OMG SHE MEANS DINOSAUR! She was saying it just a little bit slowly so it took a second. It was awesome. 
So I started building a play dough house for Josh's little people that he made.. Lol, then he challenged me! He started building a house and he said it would be bigger and better... and... 
Well, it kinda fell apart..
BUT that's okay. It's all about the fun, right? 
*evil laugh* My house reigned supreme... look it even has a welcome mat and chimney lol. Sorry Josh!!

Cam really loves it  when Josh joins in for activities like this. I can really tell, because she gets into it a wee bit more than with me. Probably because she's with me and we do things like this all the time-- so it's extra special when Daddy plays too! He was rolling out a big mound, so she grabs a mound to roll flat too. I love seeing her and him like that, because she wants to be like Daddy. And it melts my heart. :)

We also made cookies and an ice cream cone and snakes... Cam doesn't say "Smekes" anymore which Josh and I lamented about because it was SOOOO cute. I even tried getting her to say Smeke. Lol. Nope, it's SNAKES now, mom.

She also enjoyed a little bit of gaming with Josh! He tried to get her to play and she did manage a little bit.. it's just the controller is sooo much bigger than her hand lol. 

Wow I'm really doing it, Dad!
It was funny because all she could really do is punch people... LOL. Not the best game for little ones, but they didn't play for very long. They most drove cars around in the streets and Cam got a huge kick out of that!
Then she tried out my purse and really liked it. 
I'm going places, mom!
Josh was like yeah that's too big for her.
And I said so?! Lol the more room to stuff her toys in!!

                                            This one is just full of crazy!

                                                                 Did I do it right?

Is it on, mom?!

Wow Cam LOVES painting! Water colors are amazing too. She was painting for two full hours the other day. It was amazing! 

She stole my brush because two is better than one!

And some added stickers for flair! 

She loved it and I was so happy!
Her masterpiece.
Our masterpiece lol.

              Oh boy, this one. I wouldn't let her have my phone lol. She's such a pouter!

                             PLEEEEEASE MOMMMMM!!!!!  Nope, sorry.

I'm Alice, and I'm a hurricane incarnate!!
Look at this MERMAID!!!!
Mermaid off the port bow!!
She loved it lol.


I want to be where the people are...
I wanna see, wanna see 'em daaaancing...  


Lol! Alice is such a cutie. 

Cam splashed everyyywhere. 

Alice was not pleased lol. 

Dad make her stop!!!

Yup this even happened! Lol.

They love their daddy!

Cam fell asleep before Averie's birthday party. Woops! Lol.  
They had a good time lol. 
Wasn't her outfit sooo cute?! She was so dapper lol. 
This balloon is everything, mom. 

Where's Alice?!!? She's in there somewhere lol. Hurricane Ally!
                                                      She looooooooooooves books!

                                                 She is SUCH a bookworm. Like me!

And I can tell she's gonna be a know it all. Look at that face lol. 

Here Cam tucks Minnie and Mickey into their playdough bed Lol. She covered them, too. And told them "Good night." 

                                                      Good night Minnie and Mickey!

As if anyone needed anymore proof how into books she is! If you've been in our house, chances are you've been the victim of Alice throwing books in your lap until you read one!

LOL that face!!

HERE I AM MOM!!! Lol she was hiding under there, and I didn't even realize it.  
                                         Then she randomly put the Anna hat on!

Yes it's true BlogLand, I am amazing!

Here Cam kisses her Minnie and Mickey good night lol.


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