Monday, September 21, 2015

We got ourselves a couple of cuties!

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Yup! We sure do!

Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch. Er... "pumpkin patch" is a term used very loosely here lol. It was pretty underwhelming. The kids had fun though, particularly Cam. She had SOOOO much fun she didn't want to leave!
She was not into the ponies lol. They're real! Eeeek! They look nothing like My Little Pony, mom!!
Alice though... well... she thought it was okay. But the animals were a big no no lol. 
Cam loves them though. She's a big animal enthusiast!
Feeeed meee young human! 

And here, Alice is waiting at the train station. Where ya going, honey? 
The playground was pretty cool! For Cam, anyway lol.  

What a little messy-haired darling! Lol. Her hair never cooperates!
Picking out some pumpkins. :)  
Is dis one good, mom?
Mom. Can we go home?  
(Lol, we handed that to her and she brought it up to her mouth for a bite. Nope nope nope, she did not like that one bit.)
                                            Sister, don't bother. These apples are disgusting.
I choose dis one guys.
She liked the tires at least! Lol.
She was feeling patriotic lol.

Alice totally drove home. Get outta her way, people!!

Today was a good day! We got some stuff done. Josh pulled out the HALLOWEEEEEEEN decorations! We've just been enjoying each other and having family outings and stuff. :) I've got a little cleaning and clearing out of the way today. I pulled out that old Singer Josh bought me forever ago to set up on the small table for Cam next to my sewing desk, cause she's always so interested when I sew. But... I forgot how awful that thing was and it would. not. run. I'm just going to sell it lol 'cause it's just not... good.

Cam, though, had fun cleaning it with the little brush Lol. So she still had some fun! 

Are you done taking pictures Mom?

                                    Mom what the heck is this. This stuff makes no sense.
                                                          I don't get it either, kid. 

Cam didn't get the memo about the ladder.

Pretty in pearls!

 Isn't she such a cutie? :)

 Quit talking about me, mom.

 As I was grating cheese for dinner...
Don't mind if I do, mom!

These girls love to paint!!

                 HOW CUTE IS THIS?!!?! They were dancing like Belle and the Beast!
                                 ...guess you're the Beast, Alice! Lol.

                                            Thanks for reading and hanging around!!

Oh no, I just found ants in my office! What a way to end the night! UGH!!! I hate this state! Welp, guess it's time to throw on my robes, get my vinegar, and hold my arms up and curse in tongues. Time to exorcise some ant demons.


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