Friday, October 9, 2015

It's my month, YES!!!!

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I'm so happy it's fall. And OCTOBER. AND... HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!

Seriously, it's such a magical time of the year. When you see pumpkins at people's doorsteps and yards, scarecrows, and witchy decorations, and skeletons and ghosts and goblins and black cats sitting in people's windows... sigh. I need a black cat. Every witch needs a black cat! I told Lisa that the other day, and she promptly agreed. Her cat is like 87% black, so she totally gets it.

That said, while I am uber excited for Halloween season... this has been the week from HELL! What has gone wrong, you ask? Why everything.

We dropped Josh off on Wednesday and said our goodbyes, and that wholly sucked. But you'll never guess what happened the next day...

The Keurig coffee maker broke. Yup. I was without coffee. What about the other coffee maker, you say? Well, I'd have used that if Cam hadn't decided to grab the pot for whatever reasons and break that ages ago. So I literally had zero coffee makers in which to make coffee.

I did have instant coffee and holy crap did that suck. It was like drinking... dirt water. Dirt water filtered through the devil's butthole. It was so gross. SOOOOOOO GROSS.

I didn't exactly want to buy ANOTHER coffee maker so I youtubed all the fixes for the Keurigs because they are notoriously horrible and known to eventually break. As our last one did. This was like our 2nd Keurig machine in like, 3 years or something so I really didn't want to buy another... especially of that brand. But there was no fixing it. Nothing worked.

So by day two, without coffee... I was looking like this.

Heeeeeeeere's Christine without coffee!
Well I HAD to buy another coffee maker. I didn't want this to end like The Shining! I can finally relax. Or so I thought...

A few days later MY PHONE CRAPS OUT. It wouldn't take a charge. So I'm panicking, trying to get every single photo and important piece of info off of it before the battery drains. It was like a dorky episode of the show 24. Only instead of being called 24, it would have been called 70%. I had only 70% battery life to work with. I had to get a new phone that night. I definitely could not have taken the girls with me into the T Mobile store with all its fancy, expensive gadgets on display and not walk out owing ten trillion dollars in damages; I asked Laura if she could watch them for me while I go get a new phone. It was soooooooooooooo annoying! Like I swear, it's one thing after another. I do like my new phone, but it's not an iphone (they were all sold out!! ugh!!) so the pictures are not going to be like what they used to be. :(

Did I also mention that we are all fighting a cold while all of this stuff happens? Yeah, not cool.

OH and did I mention that on the day my phone wouldn't charge, the dryer started acting funny? Yup. I had to have a repair guy come and check it out ASAP. At least he didn't charge an arm and a leg! Turns out there was a dog tag chain (grrr Josh empty out your pockets!) wrapped around inside the thing... I kinda thought something was caught in there, but I had assumed one of the kids shoved something in the lint trap! Yeah, they know how to take the lint trap out... and turn on the dish washer... and run the water from the fridge... and open the freezer... and mess with the AC... and if the bathroom door isn't shut Alice likes to go for a swim in the toilet... it's been LOADS of fun here!!


It just sucks that Josh is gone. It all has to happen the second he leaves, I swear! Lol. Gahhh it's all so annoying. But I have to look on the bright side. It's October, which means Halloweeeeeen and candy and cute little trick or treaters, and decorations!!! And lights... oh yes, I strung up some lights today. I always light up our front windows. I also mildly electrocuted myself because one of the lights did not have a bulb attached... AWESOME lol. Am I lucky this month or what?

I'm glad that I have been able to talk with Josh though, he does get service out there at least. As of right now though, he's in what they call "The Box" which means no communication with the outside world for two weeks. Blergh!!!! We'll make it though, because I am strong, even when I am feeling weak and helpless, and it's really all about the things we can look forward to, and the friends and family that are there to hear us out, and are there for us. Very thankful for all that! And with all the atrocities going on in Syria and the like... it really does put things into perspective for me. I could not imagine having to flee my country, on weak rafter-like boats, searching for safety. ESPECIALLY WITH KIDS. My heart mourns for these people. I... I just can't fathom that. Yes, I am lucky to live where I live and be where I am, and have who I have, particularly Josh. Cause he's amazing. Love you. <3 Miss you. <3

Apart from that, the girls have been doing great. Being CRAZAY and driving me nuts, and whatnot. But good. Alice said Mickey the other day, and when I ask her to say mommy she always says daddy Lol. Cam likes to sing a bunch of songs and the other day she asked for BROCCOLI. Of all things! She really likes her broccoli. Alice, too! I made scalloped potatoes the other night and they both completely ignored the potatoes and were only interested in the broccoli. What kinda kids are these?! Help, I think aliens have taken them over! Lol. Now I make broccoli as often as possible. Hey, it's good for them!!!

Cam also aaaaalllwaaaaays asks for pizza. I'm like seriously kid, we can't have pizza every single night. I did find mini pizzas at the store the other day and thought, SCORE! They'll love these! Uh yeah, a little too much. Now Cam goes digging through the freezer for those. That, broccoli, and ice cream. Can't keep her away from those. Lol.

Alice is still pretty picky, but she seems to be opening up a bit more to trying new things. And the only way I can get them to stick around and give dinner half a chance is if I have something out that they WANT to eat. Like broccoli or yogurt, applesauce, grapes, etc. these are the items needed to make dinner as painless as possible here lol.

Cam is so funny. I think she inherited the Halloween spirit from me. She wants to practice trick or treating ALL the time. She wants to wear her costumes ALL the time. She asks for the Minnie or Belle dress over and over until I give in! At the store, as I was picking out pumpkins (YAY PUMPKINS!!!!!! OMG!!!! Lol.) She was so excited to get them, too. She was trying to lift them into the cart! I was like omg no Cam. Here pick out some small ones lol. And she did! At checkout, she tries helping me put them onto the stand and I was like nnnooooo they are waaaay too heavy for you! Sigh... so 7 pumpkins later... we are the queens of pumpkins! I'm so happy she is super into the spirit of Halloween.

Alice... not so much lol. The decorations frighten her, she is utterly terrified of this meowing black cat I have. She is wary of the fake crows... and even the little tiny squishy rats I have... nope, she won't have anything to do with it. It's okay though, I believe in due time, I can get her to cross over to the dark side. Mwhahahaha!!

Wow, this is turning into a long post. It's about time, though, right?!

Sigh, I have a lot to do and with so little time. The girls are down at 7, but even that few hours at night is hardly enough time for everything I need to do! Which is why this blog is on the backburner. I just have so so much on my plate, and with the other holidays coming up... I've been plotting gift ideas, and plotting other things, and I have to decorate for Halloween and not to mention, CLEAN. If I don't have a clean house by the time it's my own bed time, I am just in a bad mood. Lol. So I'm literally on my feet all day long until whenever I can retire to my office, or whatever. I am literally Cinderella when she is the maid lol.

At least October means... my American Horror Story is back!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS. That show breathes life into me. And The Walking Dead returns!!!! Hurry up and get back Josh so we can delve into our shows!!! WHEEE!!

Oh, and did I mention HALLOWEEN?!!?!

I did? Hmmm, well, I'll mention it again. HALLOWEEEEEEEN IS COMING!!!

Oh hi Mom. These are great by the way.
She's such a little model, isn't she? Lol.
Yeah, she knows she's cute. And holy hell is she a master manipulator! If you tell her no and she starts to cry, she'll peek up at you to make sure you're watching her and like she's trying to gauge your reaction. It's so funny.

This is her face watching the Gaston song Lol. Tell me more, Gaston...
Omg! Here Cam is drawing a bug. She literally called it a bug. I was so happy!
She even drew all its tiny little legs! Lol.
Shhhhhh... I'm spying on her teeheeehee.
She has way too much fun in the Belle dress!
LOL this is her copying Gaston!
Gaston's my boyfriend, mom.
Yup I had to sneak in the real deal Gaston in here. Lol. The girls LOVEEEE his song! They always want to watch it. When I turn Youtube on the tv, Cam always says "Gaston!" She always asks for Gaston, or "Cinderelly" lol she loves when the mice sing that song.

Can we go Trick or Treating NOWWW? Oh honey, I wish, I wish.
SNUGGLES!!! I love snuggling my girls!!
HAHA! I wanted to keep them out of the Halloween decorations, so I had thus Spider guy guard the door. IT WORKED. Cam didn't even want to walk by him!!
She was dancing with Minnie lol.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! She loves her daddy!!
They love BROCCOLI!!!
LOL this made me laugh out loud. Aren't you impressed, Mom? I gotta get this one in Gymnastics ASAP! Haha.
Silly little cutie!
Some loot I got the other day! I'm definitely going through an adventurous sewing phase lol. I follow the Crafty Gemini on Instagram and she swears by Essential Thread so I wanted to try it!
Making dough in the morning, what a cute little helper!

Omg!!! This was Alice last year, around Christmas. Isn't she soooo silly looking? LOL.

Painting! Even Alice (kinda) joined in!

PUMPKINS! Or as she calls "Punkins" lol. Dis one is mine, ma.
Hello Mother... I don't know where I got this necklace, I swear. (look at her peanut butter and jelly face lol)

THIS! Cam drew this and called it the Sun. LOL

These are her bugs! She likes to draw bugs lol.
Lately she's also been wanting to help with the cleaning. It's so cute.
Then there's this bucket full of sunshine... lol.

                                                 Cam impressing Alice with her twirling lol.

I just wanted a kiss, don't eat my face!!
ALICE!!! I don't know why she likes to sleep on the floor. She crawls out of her crib and out of her sleeper to do so. And she won't stay in our bed, either lol. I HAD To take this photo because I laughed so hard when I found her like that. She looks like a hobo!! Especially how she's sleeping up against a trash bag full of clothes. LOL!!!

Boy was I exhausted that day. While Alice napped, I took Cam and we laid on the couch just zoning out. I even fell asleep. She wouldn't let me sleep for long though lol.
This is the face of: Did you really think I was going to let you nap for long, mom?
Helloooo? Anyone there?
Oh no! She's vacuuming again, run mom!!
Practicing cutting paper, look at how daintily she holds the scissors Lol.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo cute, she's curled up with her little dinosaur. :)
This year, it was Josh's idea to get a start on them early.
Silly Josh. :)

Strike a pose!
Look at me mom!!
Alice is like.. yeah yeah yeah, whatever! Lol.

Aren't these so cute?! I totally made these!!! Lol. I was practicing some sewing and as soon as Sue coached me over the phone how to use the button hole foot, or whatever its real, fancy name is, I had whipped these up! My plan was to make some for myself (and I will) but a good friend had sent me this idea over Pinterest... and that good friend was Laura. Our towels are always being thrown on the floor by our kiddos! Lol. So I made her a set because she's always there for me in an emergency! And because I <3 her lol.

Here is her photo she put on Facebook. :) I made that little Mickey button one for Bailey since Bailey likes to bake with her, too! I made a Mickey button towel for Cam as well. :)

This sewing thing is dangerously addicting! Lol.




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