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Halloween happened!!!

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Soooo lots of  crap happened the past couple days. Lots of... puking, fevers, chills, nausea, did I mention puking? 

Yeah. Even I puked. And I NEVER puke. It was awful.

I was really out of commission the day before yesterday. In my head I was panicking. The girls, will they be able to trick or treat? Will I carve my jack o lantern?

Will Cam be the fairest in all the land?

My heart surged with hope, as my stomach lurched with nausea, and my brain told me it wasn't going to happen. Cursed, I felt like we were. This Halloween was going down the drain.


The girls got better. They were bouncey, trouncey, and just about normal the day after we hit the ER. And let me tell you... the Darnall ER staff are absolute SHIT. I would not ever go back to them unless I absolutely had to. They were fucking clown shoes, is what they are. Very disappointed with them. I just couldn't believe we waited there TWO HOURS for Cam to be SEEN by an actual doctor. We went through two nurses who asked the same questions... and over an hour later, a bumbling doctor. Barely did shit for us. One nurse didn't listen to me as I told her that Cam would absolutely NOT take a pill. I thought to myself, I don't give a fuck if it dissolves lady! She won't fucking take that!

Did she take it?

Nope. She puked it up. Told you, bitch. Maybe you should listen to the parent!!

Cam WILL take liquid medication. She's always been fine with taking liquid! They gave it to Alice in liquid form so I really don't know why the hell they are such idiots over there.

Pardon my French. I'm getting heated up over here!! I'll stop being a Frenchman.


The next day, kids are better as I decline rapidly. That night was the worst for me. But by the next morning.. .I was feeling... okay-ish. I could do a little, but not a lot.

Today? I feel fab! Josh? Nope. He got the sickness.

Damn. Whatever this is, it's getting us all! And at the worst time!

Josh rose to the occasion though. He took his girl trick or treating! Alice and I hung out passing out our famous candy hands and.... gosh, do you know how many candy hands we made? A LOT. We ran out, of course. After the first wave of trick or treaters, I broke out in a cold sweat because it had nearly depleted our first big bowl of them! Sheesh!!!

We had a bowl of back up candy at least, though. Just regular candy. It's not quite the same but it's better than nothing! Josh commented on how one of the houses in our neighborhood had a sign that said "Baby sleeping, No candy" or something, and I rolled my eyes and was like wow, what a scrooge! Lol. What IS the Scrooge of Halloween? I don't know but where's the fun in that! I should've told him to post a reply like "dear sleeping baby, sorry your mom sucks!" Lol. Just kidding.

Because tensions were high with costume wrangling and Josh being sick, and him trick or treating and me handing out candy, and the kids weren't together, there weren't many opportunities for photos! So not a whole lot of Halloween pics. :( Boo. But that's okay. I mean, Cam just wore her Belle costume (because she actually barfed on Minnie last minute... my fault, I really shouldn't have pushed dinner on her... I just wanted something in her tummy before she went out!) and Alice was Chucky!!!!

Omg. Alice's costume was a huge hit with the trick or treaters and their parents lol. Alice really loved running around with her knife too LOL. Cam got a bunch of compliments on her Belle dress too!

Alice though... oh Alice. It was like she was born to be Chucky. Lol. She practically got standing ovations when people saw her running around!

Our pumpkins were a huge hit too!!!

Sigh, Halloween. You are so magical. And ya know what, no force can stop us from celebrating All Hallows Eve. Actually... better knock on wood, you never know what next year will try to pull!

Hi, I'm Chucky! Wanna play?

Chucky on the loose! 
Decorations. And Mr. Jack O Lantern! Wheeee! I did have time to carve him!!!
Oh, I love carving pumpkins. Some may not believe that because I always paint our main display but that is only because painted pumpkins last a hell of a lot longer than a carved one.
And I like to put out pumpkins ASAP. :)
Mr. Jack O Lantern is a happy one!! He says hi.
Also... I thought Cam would be REALLY super into carving with me! She sat at the table, totally excited, eyeing with curiosity as I started carving out the top...

But then guess what. I started laughing so hard when I pulled off the top and started pulling out the pumpkin guts...
She looked absolutely REPULSED. She was not into it.
She was like omg mom. Why are you doing that to the pumpkin?!!?

Lol. Oh my gosh. Her face. Oh, honey. 
She stuck to doodling on a mini pumpkin while I finished carving lol.
 Alice had a lot of fun running around. Can you tell? She might look scary... and Chucky-like, but she was the real scaredy cat! When I would answer the door to trick or treaters she kinda hung around in the doorway. Sometimes she would come out and like to see the other kids.

Until a werewolf came to trick or treat. Probably one of the spookiest masks I have ever seen! Alice started to cry and ran back inside the house! LOL. Poor girl! Didn't stop her from peeking out the window though... she was probably like, mommy! Get away from that creature!

Elsa also came to our door. She loved that one! Gave Elsa a big ol' bear hug lol. But nope not the werewolf... I was like Alice, you're supposed to be scaring everyone, not the other way around!

BOO pumpkins and Snoopy Pumpkin, and our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pumpkins! Lol. We love pumpkns, can ya tell? 

There she goes again!

  Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers! Whoop whoop! Lol Josh's wig was not cooperating and I did not have any time to fix it. :( It needed a Bob-cut lol.
Ugh! We only got ONE picture of Cam! I hope Josh got some of her trick or treating. :( She was super cute! This was her after getting all her trick or treat loots! Lol. This is why I wanted to get a head start on getting out the door but Josh was waiting for our door to ring before heading out. Sigh. It would've made more sense to at least get out there and get some pics before the chaos! Like we did last year. Grrrrrrrrr. Sorry Cam. :( 
And here are some of our decorations! Alice is the scariest one lol. 
These disappeared sooo fast!

Being sillies!

Le sigh, good night pumpkins! Good night Halloween!!!

And then last weekend we went Trunk or Treating! The same one we went to last year, so I invited Laura and we went and had an adventure. Due to the bad weather, it was moved inside so it was a bit different this time around. The kids still made out like bandits though! Man, they were giving candy away by the handfuls. And with both girls carrying their buckets, it meant twice the loot! Lol.

Alice hugs are not always well received lol.
They are sooo into it lol. Not!
It was so windy, stupid wind! Had to ask Laura to bring extra sweaters because I was a dope and forgot! 
And the girls are eager to drive! 

Cam was queen of the animals lol. 
Everyone's so grouchy lol. But they had fun! 
Come on hug meeee! 
Cam was happy to get some new Tsum Tsums! She LOVES them!!

                                                Check out these bedtime cuties  Lol.

So happy on the swing!
Cam loved pushing Alice on the swing!! Alice was not a fan though lol. Too scary for her!
Alice sat like this fooorever when he came home! She wouldn't let him out of her grasp! She actually pushed Cam away. And pushed me away if we got to close to them lol. 
                                Alice is unsure about the Toothless cup lol. Bleh see all the water
                                               she already spilled? Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh...
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Cam's very happy with her sticker design on her kitchen lol.
Mom you're already planning our Christmas outfits for Disney World? 
Can I have your coffee mom?
No Alice...
I love the days when Alice wakes up from a nap and she's happy and not cranky! She got up and sat in the warm laundry room while I folded laundry!
More hobo Alice sightings... she randomly put a pull up on her head and started rooting around in drawers typical hobo-style lol.
Mom are you done putting Alice to sleep?
Mom can we keep him?!?!
Meanwhile, Alice is freaking out in the cart. Alice, that is not a real dog! Lol.
These girls love their goldfish crackers! They won't even share a bowl... sigh. 
Exploring Cam!
I love when these two run around together!!

Lol she made broccoli and then pretended to eat it! Silly girl!

I think they're multiplying.

Bye mom!
                                                       Hi mom. I'm spyyyinnngg on youuuu.

          Oh ho ho what's this? Tables have turned. Cam is giving the bear hugs! Lol.

Good night everyone!!! Wish we had more Halloween pictures to share, unfortunately with everything that went down we just haven't had the time! We still had a great Halloween, the girls' costumes were a big hit, as were our decorations and pumpkins! 

Someone even mentioned, "Hey it's you! Your house has the best candy!" Yup. That pretty much made my life complete lol. Yay!!!


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