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That's how it goes...

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Well, not happy over here. Josh is for sure going to Korea... so, that's another 9 months we will have to be apart. Sigh. It's ridiculous. It's completely useless... these rotations. I'm not happy, especially since he will not even be compensated extra for having to be GONE. Unlike people that go to the Middle East. Which don't get me wrong, I would much rather have him home period end of story but it feels like it's just such a huge waste. Like he's going to be taken from us and we all have to suffer, and we get nothing for it. Totally bogus.

He's even said he'd rather be going to Afghanistan. I don't want him going anywhere!! Lol. It just sucks that he's got to do (and has been doing) so much work for nothing in return. Such a letdown. I'm so tired of this Army crap. He is too. He's just put in so much time already so it's like... even if we entertained the idea of him getting out it feels like it'd be an even bigger waste to throw away all the years he's already given them.


I don't know what else to say! The kids are going to be so so crushed when we say goodbye. I am, too, and he will. I suppose the only thing we can do is to take it one day at a time, like last time. It's going to be hard, but we can do it. At least I have a friend out here who will be in the same boat as me. Laura and I are in this together, looks like!

Speaking of Laura, she held down the fort here a couple weeks ago so Josh and I could go on another date night and we went to the movies... oh my God, we haven't been to the movies together in YEARS. How sad is that!? We used to spend our early twenties at the movies! Lol. I feel like we saw a movie every other week or so. It was beyond crazy to be not only be out late at night sans kids, when we walked into the theater I go, "IT'S SO LOUD!! Was it always THIS LOUD?" Omg, I felt like such an old lady. Like the inner mom alarm in me was pinging like crazy, it was saying, "TOO LOUD TOO LOUD THE KIDS WILL WAKE UP!"

It was friggin funny. We were both like, damn, that's loud. Anyway, we had our tub of buttered popcorn and enormous soda and with huge grins (well, I was grinning) we stared at the screen in anticipation because...STAR WARS!!! We went to go see the new Star Wars. The Force Awakens... and I LOVED ITTTTT. I was so excited to see it, because we are geeks and... well honestly, I think I am the bigger geek. Which is funny because a handful of years ago I didn't think much of the Star Wars franchise until I started playing the MMO online and... and... do you even know who is in this Star Wars?

Adam Driver, that's who! When I looked up the cast online randomly I said to Josh, "Adam Driver is... he's in it?! Is he... the bad guy?!?!?!" Josh goes, "Uh, yeah you didn't know that? He's Kylo Ren."

I go, "WE HAVE TO SEE THIS IMMEDIATELY." Haha I've been a big fan of his since the show 'Girls', and to think of him as a villain!? I was intrigued.

Lol. And let me say, two thumbs up from me. I was blown away! He played such a good tortured, confused, bad guy. Every time he popped up on screen I was giddy and wiggling my feet and clapping like a loony tune while simultaneously shoving popcorn into my mouth. He's such a great bad guy. Meanwhile Josh was probably rolling his eyes at me and now he makes fun of me calling Kylo Ren my "boyfriend" but whaaaatever, he was so good in it! I want to see it again so badly lol. Excuuuuse me for fan-girling. I just loved his character design, and lightsaber and hello, this is me we're talking about, I always root for the villain.

It was a great date night. And yeah, we loved it. Maybe I did a little bit more, which surprised me lol. I feel like that movie breathed some life into me. Or maybe Kylo Ren did.. har har har just kidding Josh, I mean he IS my boyfriend right? Lol. Josh is funny... we went to the Disney store the other day and I was drooling over the Kylo Ren talking mask and the BB-8 droid and anyway, he got the mask for me LOL. (Go watch the movie and I guarantee his deep voice and villainly ways will get to you, too!!!)

And Cam? Oh godddddd that girl and tsum tsums. We had to talk her out of the friggin Valentines Day Tsum Tsum set (44.95??!?!) Hell no! They were tsum tsums she already had but they were in "valentines" day outfits Lol. It was really cute watching her walk around the store carrying the case they came in..... 44.95, though? For the ones she already had only with extra accessories? Yeah, I don't think so. I really don't think you need a Valentines Day Chip n Dale even though they ARE really cute lol.

Edit: OMG JOSH JUST CAME HOME AND HE SAID HE HAD A SURPRISE FOR ME. He pulls out a Kylo Ren Bath towel with a little BB-8 towel. LOL OMGGG I LOVE IT. And he got me the Kylo Ren Disney Infinity figure, AHHHHHHHH!!!! What a husband! Lol!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease mom?! She's carrying one of the cases here Lol.
I didn't think we could ever get her to change her mind, but we did. Phew!
Cutie with her ice cream! Lol. Yup I want this!!
                                                             Alright let's check out mom!

I did get an Oswald mug too... he's awesome. :)

It was pretty cool because the store had a huge 70% clearance sale and the girls.... er, actually just Cam, because Alice was too busy slurping up ice cream in the stroller lol -- picked out some things. I always feel so guilty because Alice isn't too interested in choosing things yet, and I always feel so badly when Cam gets some new things and Alice doesn't lol. Cam... oh goodness, she not only picked out an armful of tsum tsums, when she couldn't hold anymore she came to ME to dump them all into my arms so she could pick out more.

Yeah honey, I don't think that's how it works. Lol.

    The ice cream was made right in front of us. Cam was interested... until the fog started creeping toward her lol.
Guys.... what the hell?!
No no no... DADDDY!
Lol poor Cammy needed her daddy ASAP!!
Mom, how long is this ice cream going to take? I've got things to do.
   As if she needed anymore Mickey and Minnies but at $5.99 each it was a steal compared to the tsum tsums lol. I was just like... hallelujah. They're on clearance and she prefers them! Phew!
            You don't even want to know what they cost at Disney World! YIKES!!

                                    Happy with her new treasures lol. Ok let's go home.
                                                                She loves these... lol.

Yesterday we went to Mt. Playmore, a cool jungle-gym-ish type place! I knew Cam would LOVE it cause she's a climber! And I figured Alice would be more on-the-fence. Alice explored a little bit. There were just too many kids and she would freak out a little bit because some kids were a bit rambunctious and she's the kinda kid that needs to feel safe and secure at all times. So I didnt blame her at all for not exploring the big kid side that much.

That said, she had a BLAST in the little toddler area! Cam had a blast in both areas. Wow, you should've seen Cam explore the very top parts of the playscape and she'd go through the tunnels and not gonna lie, I would get anxiety watching her all the way at the top navigating her way through, while other kids were in front and behind her. My heart would stop thinking she would get hurt if a kid ran over her or something, but she did very well and most of the kids were patient going around her. Thank goodness nobody pushed her or was rude to her, otherwise they would've had to deal with ME and I would have no issue climbing up there in a rage and putting them in their place lol.

                                                    Look at Cam! Ahhhh!!

It's pretty damn high, too. She had loads of fun. They both did! In the toddler area... Alice, lol, she took over a toy car that a kid was playing with and the little boy ran crying to his parents. Lol we all laughed because it was so funny seeing a little girl like Alice be bossy for once, normally she's so you know, scared of her own shadow. I apologized and moved her to a different toy but they were like no no it's alright, and we laughed. It was pretty funny!

      And Alice was also "helping", and when she wasn't happy with the building... she would demolish it Lol. Sorry, kid! She's picky!

                                                      Oh hello, friend. How are you?

                         She's such a creative little builder! Did this all by herself! :)

and little Alice is the bookish one. She looooves to read books! Even while you're sitting on the potty! LOL.

That's what's been going on in the past couple of weeks here. I have sooooooo many more Disney pictures to share with you, I just got stuck on converting a video from Disney World. We went and saw the Beauty and the Beast show at Hollywood Studios and it was, in one word, MAGNIFICENT. I'm so glad I was able to capture it on video.

My arm went numb holding my phone... it was well worth it!! We kept switching the babies back and forth between each other because they were starting to get fussy toward the end, and you'll be able to hear a bit of crying tantrum coming on and me going "SHHH!!!" or "Stopppp! Stop!"  Lol, it was mostly Alice who was starting to get grouchy! She wasn't into the 'touchy feely' moments lol. I don't blame her! I just wanted to get it all on camera. :) It was difficult balancing my camera phone and a squirming Alice lol. But the show, oh it was sooooooo awesome to see in person!!!! This is one of those shows that feels like the fast food of Broadway lol. It's very broadway show-y, only condensed down to a half an hour (or less). You can see in the video they put a lot into this show... the choreography and the live singing, and all that good stuff! The costumes are great too!

It totally makes me teary eyed to seeing the end when Belle and Prince Adam formerly known as the Beast come out in their fancy ballgown and suit and the singing and music swells and ahhh it's so magical!!! Even with Alice in the background lol.

It's amazing!! And I've been trying to get it to convert, only Windows Movie Maker wasn't doing it properly. I guess it just couldn't do it because it was a video from my phone... sigh, SO I had to find a different program to convert and so far it's converting... keep your fingers crossed! If it works I'll post it here! That's why I've stalled a bit on updating pictures haha.

Ta daa! Look, there it is! Yay! It really is a great show! :)

Aaaaand I suppose I can add a few Disney pics in. :)

               About to meet Anna and Elsa in their new Frozen Fever dresses, wheee!
                                     Ummm I don't know about her, dad... Lol.
      Cam's like ughhh I guess I'll hug her. (she was really tired at this point and it was our last day and last fast pass! Boooo!)
                                                     Oh Elsa! Elsa loved their dresses. :)

                                                             Poor tired Cam!

Sigh that castle!!!!

Josh joked that we could totally do a quick Disney trip during this four day weekend of his, and I go, are you serious!?!?!? 

I told Lisa what he said and added, "What did I do to him?!" and she goes, "Yeah really and how do I do it to Rich?!?!"  LOL.  

Thanks for reading! :) 


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