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Le sigh!!!

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Josh will be the end of me! Le sigh....

So, one of the presents we "got for the kids" (who are we fooling, this was basically a present to ourselves lol!) was the Disney Infinity video game set... oh my God it is so ADDICTING. Like, the past few days (well, not last night... but most of the past week, really) has been centered on us figuring the game out and playing and racing to our hearts content. The best part is the kids actually love watching it so it is like a nice lazy family occupying thing and when the kids get bored of it, Josh and I still freaking love it lol. It's ADDICTING. And we want to collect ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!

And it's taking up a lot of my extra time, which sadly I don't have much of... but that is one of the reasons why I haven't been updating much! Because I've just been kicking back with the game and it's... swoony! It's such a fun game haha. We got the Stitch figure tonight and we've had a blast playing him. Cam loves Minnie, Mulan, and Sorcerer Mickey.. oh Sorcerer Mickey.. you are my favorite Mickey...

ANYWAY. Lol. It's not the ONLY thing that's been keeping us busy, though. We took the tree down last night and the garbage dudes took it away today... sniffle... and pretty much all of the Christmas stuff is back in the garage and will soon be heading up to the attic. Ah Christmas... you are gone much too soon!

Then all the after-Christmas cleaning, and figuring out whether or not we are going to be setting up one of the rooms so Alice can have her own. We're undecided on that. I want her to have her own space and it will alleviate a lot of the toy mess, because her toys can be in HER room (like all her horsies Lol), but then again.. I dunno. She's still comfy in our room and we're in no rush, so we will see.

I miss Disney World. I do. I miss Main Street and the castle and all the happiness... sigh. It really is the happiest place on earth, and it really is a double whammy to be at the happiest place on earth at the most wonderful time of the year. I caught up with Laura the other day and she asked me how it was and I was like, AMAZING! (Obviously! Lol) and she was like Really? Usually if I go someplace twice that I've already been, it's not quite the same and I was like, duuuude no. Not at Disney.

First of all, Disney is HUGE. It is the size of San Francisco, did you know that? It's twice the size of Manhattan. That's not only a lot of space... but there's a LOT to do, LOTS to see, lots of places to eat at.... four parks. More, if you include the water parks.

Um, and then there's Disney Springs... which we have NOT even been to yet!!! We've been twice in one year and have not done even remotely the majority of all there is to do. There are so many rides we have yet to touch. (And so many rides we would ride over and over if we could! Lol)

So, was Disney a second time a letdown?

Heeeeelll no. I only wish we had stayed longer, because there is so much to do! For example: In Epcot, in each country's pavillion, you can go inside and there are themed restaurants and eateries, and shops, and characters and... we barely touched upon that. We went inside United Kingdom (I still haven't tried their fish and chips which I've heard such great things about... next time!!) and we went a little bit inside Morocco... we didn't even really go inside Germany or China, or Italy. We basically hit up UK, some of Morrocco, and then we had our reservation inside Norway at Akershus... so, I really am not exaggerating when I say: THERE IS SOOOOO MUCH TO DO!!!!

Lol. I know I haven't been talking nonstop about Disney, but honestly, it's because I haven't really organized the pictures. I'm super procrastinating on that... partly because I haven't even LOOKED at all the pictures yet because I feel very sad about them... in a sentimental way. Like, I want to savor them. I will be sad we won't be going in 2016 (Josh says never say never but LOL come on... we need to get serious about paying off the truck, dude!) 2017 looks good, I would think, depending on if Josh is still here and the army hasn't shipped him off somewhere terrible... and if we are still living here, which... as Josh would say, never say never. You never know! Especially in his line of work.

Ahhhhhhhhh.... I suppose I can post some pictures. I really have been lazy and the Disney Infinity game does NOT help! Lol. Josh is such a devil on my shoulders. When I have a spare minute he's like GO PLAY!!! DOOO IT GO PLAY!! I'm like... but... I need to be productive, damnit! Oh fine, for a little bit... then two hours later, whoops it's bed time!

Oh shoot, it's already 10 pm. I better get some pictures posted! Lol.

First up to bat... we rode all together Prince Charming's carousel! Last time Alice and I stood on the sidelines to take photos of daddy and daughter Cam riding the 'horsies' but this time? No no no, Alice loves horsies... she had to ride!

Er.... but she was scared. Like really really scared. Lol. Oh, girl. You are silly.

And Cam is like.... is this it? This ride is so thrilling.
(seriously, this girl LOVED the barnstormer! The kid coaster! It was so funny and fun!)

Sorry it's not a coaster.

The Barnstormer. Can you believe that. Lol. We rode it a LOT with Cam

                     Look at that cutie... then the girls got some ice cream at Hollywood Studios!

Her first Mickey bar. :) 

                  Alice is like, ummmm mom, is that a duck??? LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!!!!

I got my own Mickey bar, too! MMM!! These are a must. Lol. 

     Lisa asked me to get some photos of Mr. Gold's pawn shop (taken from the show Once Upon a Time) pretty awesome! And his saying "All magic comes with a price" Um, yeah, definitely true at Disney World. LOL.

Here are the photos from our Ohana reservation!!! Ohana is right up there with dining reservations that are nearly impossible to snatch. We must be lucky... (or mommy is crazy and will stop at nothing!!! lol)

The Polynesian is sooooooooo nice. Oh man. It was like its own little oasis.
I loved all the theming here. There was a Lilo playground and it's just gorgeous!!

Oh, Ohana. That place was amazing. Tucked away inside the Poly, this reservation was so fun. I loved the theme, and the mood of the restaurant. The food was scrumptious too. Ahhhh!!! Passion fruit juice and scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage and Mickey AND Stitch waffles?!!? Ah. It was to die for!

Omg. Stitch, himself... too...

Yup sign that for me, thanks! 
                                                        STITCH!!! Oh my God!!!

               Lilo actually came by first.... and when Cam saw her, she could NOT wait!

A hilarious and awful thing happened during Lilo though... Alice... oh Alice. We were getting pretty full up of her whining during breakfast and guess what she did RIGHT before Lilo came by?

She loaded... absolutely LOADED her mouth full of food... so, right as we go to take a picture with Lilo... and LOL oh my God, Josh captured the moment she was gagging and barfing on me!! I almost deleted this picture but it made me laugh so much -- I don't even care that I look terrible -- it's just SO FUNNY! What a memory Lol.

Thanks Alice!!! I love having toddler barf on my Mickey shirt... look, Mickey is even looking quite appropriate for someone who was just barfed on! Sorry Mickey lol.

Sorry Lilo!!!! Sheesh Alice, way to make the moment memorable for all involved!

Mickey and Pluto were there too....

                            Cam was REALLY just in it for Lilo and Stitch though lol.

                                                    Alice was pretty keen on Mickey! |


Back to Stitch... she loved him so much. He came to our table very last and he was sure worth the small wait. Cam was THRILLED to have him come to our table and...

The next pictures are my favorite. They're magic. They really are.

                                     Totally reminds me of when Hiccup meets Toothless. :)

 That, right there, is why Disney could never, ever, get old. Even when the kids are grown up someday... it will always be a magical, happiest place on earth for us. It's just so rewarding to see your favorite characters, and your children interacting with your favorite characters. Their favorite characters, too. :)


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