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Our mini adventure...

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Over the weekend we went back to Topsey Exotic Safari Ranch 'cause we all get a kick out of it!

Well, almost all of us.

Alice loves animals.... in her books. Animals in person? Not so much?

She has so much fun recognizing Zebras and Horsies, and she even knows what a camel is! Cam does too, don't get me wrong, but Alice reaaaaaaalllyy likes pointing out all the things she knows... like, if you had the patience and time she would have you sitting with her for hours on one book. Lol. The same book can get super old, but I try really hard to keep a smile on my face and go oh.. that one... again... for the zillionth time today...ummm go find daddy. 
 It was Josh's idea to go, and I was really excited to. I knew Cam would have a blast as she always does cause she loves animals in books AND in person... then there's tricksy little Alice. I was pretty much thinking hmmm, I don't think she will like them so much. And she didn't, not really. The smaller goats and things were fine, and she even waved and said hi to some as we crawled by (speed limit is like 5mph and lots of stopping) if that, and there were only one other car in front of us so we had them sitting up front with us.

Anyway, um, yeah. The zebras terrified her, and the camel? Oh don't get me started on that guy...

It's just a good thing we drove past the bulls since there's no way Alice would have been cool with those dudes' horns! Lol. It was so funny! She was crying and climbing back and forth between Josh and I and ahhhhhh, it was funny. Didn't want to say "I told you so!" to Josh but I'm pretty sure I did. When can a woman hold back that response? Almost never!

No, it was fun, though. I love going there. Alice actually woke up in the middle of the safari. So, I'm sure she was like WHAT THE?!?! Lol.

       Cam was very displeased as to why we were in the truck. Because the crazy birds will peck your car and sometimes the ponies will put their hoofs all over it that's why! And Alice was happy go lucky... for now... Lol.

  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! They're so creepy. I don't like them. They PECK!

                                                   She's so adorable and curious!
                                      Baaaaaaaaaaa hello humans, give me food!

                                          Josh was like, oh look at that pretty bird!

                                                   Dad ummm.... I don't like this.

                                The llamas (or alpacas? not sure) really scared Alice lol
    they were so polite and docile though! Yeah that's right, I'm complimenting their manners lol.
                                            Sorry about Alice, but Cam loved you!
                                   DAD AHH IT'S GONNA EAT ME UP!! AHHH!!!
                                     Haha, and it's just standing there like ummmm....
                                                     Our favorite part: the zebras!

          Alice loves zebras in books.... in real life? Heeeeeeeeellll no. Lol.
                                  Mooooommmmmyyy get it away from me!!

                                         To be fair they are quite up in your face!

   Here Cam offers a pellet. I didn't let him get it from her though because she has such tiny fingers and I didn't want them confusing her fingers for food. Paranoid momma over here!

                                             I'm done with this place Dad, I'm so done.
                                          Well maybe the enormous Camel will go down better?

                                                                  Oh hello there...
                                                            Mind if I pop right in there?
We had to drive away within seconds cause Alice
was not having any of it lol.

                                         And she was content being the getaway driver.
               At this point Cam wanted to munch her treats in the backseat. (we loaded her up with sanitizer of course Lol)
                                                            Alright guys, now what?

 It was fun! I mean, for 3/4 of us anyway. Alice will get there eventually. Thank goodness nothing at DW scared her. Like the giant characters and stuff. That would've made me so sad! Haha, I mean there were some face characters she didn't really want to interact with, but I've heard that can be pretty normal. Lisa told me her daughter was frightened of the face characters and great with the fur characters. I wonder why the face ones are scarier than fur? Is it because it's surreal seeing an animated human in the flesh vs an animated animal? I wonder! For example, Alice was very shy/intimidated by Anna and Elsa. Cam wasn't as into them this time around either, so I wonder why that was! Maybe it's because they had already seen them? Maybe they're sick and tired of Frozen? Lol. Who knows!!

The Disney pics are sooooo unorganized and for that I apologize! I haven't had the time really or patience to sort them out lol. I try to and then I lose my focus and I'm like bahhhhhhhhh humbug! I'll do these later! Such a procrastinator... but I say, better unorganized and possibly-reposted pics than no pics at all, right? Haha. Here are some more pics from our last trip. :)

                                                                         Omg Mickey!!

                                                 Awwwwww it's Minnie, Cam!! Yay!!
Alice was hugging everyone, including cast members and photopass photographers lol.

            LOL omg Minnie!!! See, they friggin love the fur characters! She dive bombed her.

      Epcot's character spot! Hi Minnie! Cam was tired, Alice was schmoozing up everyone Lol.
                                         Seeing Belle before our dining res at Akershus. :)

      Oh we almost missed Daisy! We were in Epcot and walking around... suddenly Alice goes "Daaaaisy!" and we were like huh? Looked around, and there she was! We had to stop for a picture. :)


                                   Cinderella's Royal Table!! Yay!!! Alice got a free cupcake here too. :)

                                      Check out Cam's loot she was lugging around the whole day. Sheesh!

                                                         Ahhhh our wonderful first day!!!

                                                 Mom.... he's scary in person. Lol!
Lol he tries to sweet talk his way but yeah, both Belles want none of that schmoozing!
(this was such a bummer for me. Wish we had the Gaston from the March trip!)

                  Nooooo I don't care about Gaston! He's positively primeval!
                                                 ("Why thank you Belle!")

Alice wanted nothing to do with Gaston! So I guess she really was like Belle that day! LOL.

                      Ariel loved Cam's jacket. ;) The girls were a little wary here, too lol.
            Alice didn't want to sit up on the clam shell with Ariel, so I had to hold her haha!

                                           Ummmmmmmmmm Dad.... Lol.

                                                          I'm scared Dad lol.
         Ah their dresses are soooo cute!!! Thanks for shortening Alice's, Sue!!!

                                  Don't freeze us with your ice powers Elsa!!

                                      Rapunzel is signing my autograph books omg!!!
Omg guys do you know who this is?!
                                                                       Cinderella, omg!!!

                        Oh hi Mad Hatter, I'm gonna make you work for my affection lol.

                      Cam's like you like familiar but I can't remember which one you're from...
      (she does love Alice in Wonderland though, that movie makes her laugh a looooooottt)

            Awwwww it's an Alice and Mad Hatter reunion! The Alice characters always get a
                     kick when we say her name is Alice. He was like, "You're a lot smaller than when
                    I last saw you, Alice!" Lol. He wished her a Happy Birthday too!


                       He picked Cam a flower too. She didn't crush it! (unlike Alice ahhaaha!)

                                    I think she was blowing him a kiss lol. He was SO fun!!!
                                            Tinkerbell was amazing!! We told her all about Alice's Tinkerbell birthday party. Ugh, I was kicking myself afterwards because I forgot the Tinkerbell Birthday Card I wanted her to sign for Alice. :( :( Big Mommy fail!!!! :( :(

                     Alice got to meet Minnie in the dress grandma and grandpa bought, too!
         We spent the day in those cute dresses at Hollywood Studios and I do believe we had
               the cutest little kiddos there. :) It was SO adorable watching Cam walking the streets
             of Hollywood Studio with her Princess Minnie doll!

            Oh my gosh!!! Doc Mcstuffins!!! We get to meet her in the Doc McStuffins dress grandma and grandpa got her. :)
                              No Doc, this is what you need to cure Disney-World-Itis!
                              Are you writing this down in the big book of boo boos?
                                                     I love her face here. :)

   Cam ever morning. She couldn't wait to goooo go go! When we got back to our room after the first night there... holy crap... in the car, she was crying and crying and CRYING HER EYES OUT. I've never seem her like that before. I think she thought we were leaving for good! We kept telling her honey, we'll be back tomorrow! We have to go to sleep! She was also so very overtired. Once we got back in our room and she in her jammies, she was out. But holy crap. She didn't want to leave. Lol.

And she still finds that Disney World booklet and thumbs through it.
"What are you doing Cam?"
"Disney World?" is her response lol.

Sigh, yes honey, we'll be back someday!


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