Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our Valentines Day!

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We had a very nice, low key-ish Valentines Day! It was nice just spending the day together and being with one another. It was a little bittersweet because it was on the cusp of Josh leaving... :( and in my head I kept thinking about how it would be our last holiday together as a family... until Thanksgiving and/or Christmas!! Siiiiiiiiiiigh... it's too depressing to think about, and write about, so I'll go straight to the pics.

First of all... I love when these two are in cahoots!

                                              This one couldn't wait to get home... lol.

After we had Valentine's Dinner we stopped at Barnes and Noble, one of our favorite places! Josh and I would frequent B&N before we had kids! And lots when we were both working at the Kitsap Mall!
                                         We've had our lazy days too... lol.

                                       Omg... I looooooooooooooove everything about this!!!

     The kids are obsessed with the Suprirse Eggs videos on YouTube!!! Alice always asks to watch "Eggs" Lol. Or "Peppa" cause she's super into Peppa Pig now, too. I had this plan in my head for awhile, and ultimately decided to make these for V-Day! The day before... Josh and I set to work!

The egg molds I bought were very tricky, but after a few failed attempts we got into a good groove with them. The eggs didn't look perfect, the seam was noticeable.. so I think next time I will try a silicone mold! The eggs were perfect in the sense that the kids LOVEDDDDD them and they worked just like the Kinder eggs on TV... only with cooler toys!!! Basically, the kids popped open the egg, and surprise!!! A toy!! Lol.

And I think we all know by now how much Cam loooves those tsum tsums...

        They were the perfect size too! WOOHOO!!! It was such a fun
       morning. When Cam opened them she kept saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"
               She was sooo cute. Alice was munching on that chocolate like no tomorrow lol.

                                               Yup, this bed's pretty cool, mom and dad!

          Josh picked this out for me at Barnes and Noble!! LOL. I love me some Fox Mulder!! <3

 He also got me some gorgeous roses!! I got the red rose from (I think she was the manager?) at
                       Barnes, lol. So random. Cam actually went up to her because she was holding it
                       and then she told me to keep it! Thanks so much, lady!

                          Waiting for a table.. we went to Olive Garden on our family date!

Lol and here the kids had a loooot of fun!
                                               Oh my God look at that cutie face!!!! lol.

                                           They also had a very accommodating audience lol.

                                                      Alice found a horsie... of coursie...
           I snapped a pic as Josh was getting teary eyed over his daughters lol. He was like, Nooo!

       He thought it was so precious that Cam was looking at the toys and books and choosing Peppa..

It was super cute she was playing with the whole Peppa pig family lol.
                                                                   Alice joined in, too!

                                                   And she was intrigued by Big Bird.

                                        Dinner was... interesting with Alice being hyper.... lol.

                       Don't know how Alice took this photo but she loves to take selfies Lol.
                                                        Waiting for foooooooooooood!
                                                              We love Olive Garden, hehe!

I was giddy when I realized the Valentines straw matched perfectly to my Oswald mug!
 Josh did not share my enthusiasm. Lol. Glad he puts up with me. :)
                                                                      Tsum tsums!!!

It was funny when Josh called me randomly from Wal Mart and goes "Wal Mart has Tsum Tsums now!!! Which ones should I get for Cam?" Lol.

                                          Oh, she found a better way of opening them lol.

                     I loooove that the bottom bunk is a full! It's so comfy and this bed will last us a long
                   time! Especially that they can convert back to two separate beds, yahooo!!!

                                                       Hey guys, like my hat? Lol.

                                                        She's good at blocks too!!!

                                                              Bye guys!!!!


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