Monday, February 29, 2016

First week is down!

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Welp, it's been a week. Well, counting today. What a loooong week. It's not been terrible. I'm not even that exhausted. Not like I used to be. I've also been in bed by 10:30 so I know that has a lot to do with it! My green tea fraps also have a lot to do with a nice boost to my mood and energy as well. I look forward to that frap after Alice's nap! Lol. 

So things have been alright. I mean, we're doing great with the day to day and the girls have been pretty good for the most part, it just sucks not having Josh around. We miss him terribly. The girls are always asking for "Daddy"; the very first night when Alice woke up in the middle of the night I kept offering her sippy cup or "bobble" because she was crying something fierce, but she kept saying "No" and then repeating "Dadd?" since Josh is usually the one that tends to her during her midnight wake ups.  (usually because I'm still awake in my office... not anymore! lol) 

Anyway, it broke my heart. I felt so depressed and upset. For her, and for me, too. Upset because the girls love their daddy soooooooooo much and upset because they're going to be stuck with only me (and family here and there) and I am surely no replacement for daddy! I'm just strict ol' mommy lol. Not that they don't love me too, but you know how it is, it's nice to have the dynamic of two parents around. It's hard on kids and the one parent when it will be just them for so long. In my opinion, anyway. 

The kids have been doing good otherwise though. Cam's such a sweetheart. We were at Dollar Tree the other day and she was sooooooooooo excited to get some Easter eggs! She was carrying her little pack of brightly colored easter eggs and when we were checking out I piled our stuff onto the belt and she goes "Wow this is amazing!" because she was getting her eggs LOL. I was floored! I was like, you're so excited Cam! For those plastic dinky eggs?! Lol. I wish I were a kid... gosh, I do remember how exciting it was to wake up on Easter morning to go hunt for eggs... and then opening them! In our family, one of the bigger eggs (each kid got one) had money inside. So I do get it, but it just floored me when she said that lol. 

Alice... sigh... she sits in the cart and hates it because her sister gets to walk around. I'm like, well, you could walk around too if you behaved and didn't act like a wild animal! Lol. She's yet to get there but she will soon. Alice picked out a ducky toy and loved it. She's really into the duckies, not sure why. We went to Hobby Lobby next door and she haaaad to have this ducky water gun, so I'm thinking I need to fill her basket with ducks this year, apparently! 

Oh, I would like to say a huge thank you to Dennis and Sue for getting us a security alarm system. VERY COOL! Very thoughtful and sweet of you to think of us like that I've been pestering Josh about it but you know how it is, never enough time to do the things we need to do-- especially when he wants to fill the last days with fun and adventure for his kids, so that really is a relief. It definitely gives me peace of mind at night, and every time we leave the house now, even if it is for a quick errand, I feel reassured. THANK YOU. We love it! 

Sooooooooooo I suppose I can post up some pictures of our sweethearts! 

And of the day that Josh left. :( 

Oh but let's talk about our park adventures at Lions Club... 

                                           Alice, you're on that thing backwards! Lol.

                                  She was getting brave, and giving me heart attacks...

                                                      Cam loves Bailey's toys... lol.

                                           Cam conquers these dinosaurs like nothing else!

      She loves hanging out with boys lol. The one on the right of her hugged her a few times Lol.
      Oh my God, and I had the scare of my life with that boy too. He came up to me and asked if I
      would take him to the other play ground. I give Laura a look, before I kneel down and ask him
      where his parents are. He doesn't respond so I ask "Is your mommy here?" and he goes "No."
    And immediately I've got sirens going off and I look at Laura like wtf do we do Lol. I'm thinking
    the worst and that this kid has been abandoned lol but then his mom steps in and is like "Oh I'm
     his mom, sorry, I told him he couldn't go to the other playground so he decided to ask you for
     permission." OMG LOL. We all started laughing our butts off. Then he ran off to play with Cam.
    Gosh that was scary! Made me really think about that kind of situation though!

                                          Look at these girls! They're loving the bunk bed life!

                                                           Even giving smooches! lol.

                                                     Cam and Alice, you silly gooses!


                 Sigh.... and here are the photos  from when Josh left us. :( 
                  I loove that picture. This is one that I need framed. :) 

It was very sad! The girls were in their pajamas (even though I told Josh I could change them REAL FAST lol) but he was like nah, since it was close to their bedtime anyway. Cam was super tired and just not into going anywhere, but that's okay.  They did enjoy being monkeys in the car...

                      And Alice just loves to burn her neverending energy...

Sigh.... and then we got home. Cam was fast asleep, so I put her on the couch for a second. I thought she may wake up but.. she was totally zonked out. After Alice gave her some kisses, loves, and sisterly comfort, I tucked Cam into bed and it was just me and Alice for awhile.
                                                               Good night Sister...

                                       Awwwwwwwwww. :(

Speaking of Cam and her sleeping.... she's been sleeping all night in her bed the past week! It's been surreal. Part of me is sad, but part of me is happy because she has so much room in her big bed and it is super comfy so I'm totally happy about that lol. 

Today she slept in until 8:30!!!!! Alice got up at 5.... goddamn! Buuut it's okay. Cam probably would have slept in until 9 if Alice hadn't snuck off and crawled into her bed to wake her up lol oops!

Ta ta for now.


.......I HOPE SO!!!


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