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Though she be but little...

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She is fierce!
I'd like to say that that is our girls' mantra. :)

Today has been a roller coaster for me today because.. wait for it.... my best friend Lisa had her second baby!!! A healthy baby girl at 8 lbs, 13 oz, and her name is Mila, and she is beautiful!

I'm so happy. Last night I was seriously nervous and had major anxiety for her. I wish I could have been there for her! I was really upset that I couldn't make it for her baby shower. It really sucks not being able to make these things. I feel like I need literally, one year in advance. That's pretty much the only reason I made Kelsey's wedding! Lol. It was a huge bummer for me, and her, I promised her someday I WILL be there lol.

Long story short, she is healing up, and everyone is good! Sooooo happy for her! I told Josh she had her baby and I was feeling emotional about it, and he goes "Cause you're happy for her or because you want another baby?!" Lol... I go, "Happy for her!!" but secretly... maybe I do want another, they're just so so precious.


I'm also emotional over Josh leaving soon... and yes, I can handle things on my own. Yes, I can do all that. It just sucks. He's going to miss Cam's birthday, and let's not even count how many of my birthdays he's missed... (it's okay, all I care about is him being home on Halloween lol). I doubt he will be home in time for Halloween, though. Which sucks, 'cause boy would I loooove to be walking around with Kylo Ren...

    Cam may have to fill in that spot. She likes the mask. "I am immune to the light..." lol.
                             Seriously, can't wait for that movie to come out on torrent I mean, DVD!

And lately, I've been busying myself with kids (naturally), and cleaning and organizing furiously, and with projects. I feel like I'm thrusting myself into projects to keep my mind off of Josh leaving. Which is.... true. I... just don't know. When I think of it, I just feel so numb. Another goodbye with the girls... and this one is not going to be easy for them. Nor for me, but I gotta keep my brave face on. I know it will be HELL for Josh... it just all around sucks. I can't possibly say it more eloquently than that!

There's so much I worry about with him not being home. I keep pestering Josh to put up a camera security system, for one. Lol. We don't have a dog. I feel pretty defenseless. Not that cameras will do much... but there have been a few car break ins here and they usually rise in the summer time when snotty high schoolers are out on break. I practically remind Josh to make sure his truck is locked 1000 times every night lol... there's just so much to do and.... not enough time to do it!!!! I wish they'd given him more NOTICE... but let's face it, this is the army. They're all about breaking promises and not about giving anyone notice, at all.

Anyway. I suppose with the HUGE new thing that's come inside this house... aka Cam's new big girl bed... I've been a little more persistent in organizing her space. She loves that bed. Absolutely loves it. It was so cute... the first night we set it up. Josh got her into her jammies, I helped her brush her teeth, and we walked into her room and she stopped short. Her old bed was also still in the room, so, she was looking curiously between her big awesome new bed and the little toddler bed.

I go, "Come on Cam, this is your new bed! Yippeee!!" and she runs forward and climbs right in.

And don't get me started on when her freaking AWESOME Mickey chevron comforter set came in... she LOVED that! Josh got teary eyed, as he always does. Lol. He's so cute.

And then Alice loooves to fight with lightsabers. She will point one at you and say "YOU!!!!!" all threateningly lol. You do not want to cross Alice!

I love that bed, too. It's so fun and way more comfortable reading Cam bedtime stories in that. It's so adorable seeing her all cozy beneath her blankets, snuggled up next to Stitch. Siiigh...

Josh has been cleaning out the garage and found some frames I thrifted from forever ago!!! I was like oh my gosh, I forgot about those! I DID have plans for them. I know he was like, oh boy, what's she gonna do with those? Case in point, the she is fierce art! It's pretty cool what a $1 frame spray painted a nice clean white, with a very sweet printable, can do to freshen up a wall! I really have been back and forth on the decorating thing. Most of the time I feel like what's the point? We won't be here forever. So why waste energy on it? But then again it's like.. we've been here going on three years, and blah blah blah.

I guess when the mood strikes Lol. Also, Cam's new bed is giving me lots of inspiration! Haha.


You know what's so bittersweet? Seeing Disney World commercials on YouTube... me and Josh always sigh longingly... and the kids, well, they definitely know what Disney World is. It entrances them too. Maybe we'll be back in 2017?! Only time will tell... :)

 AHHHH!!! It's Santa Goofy!!! I was on the prowl for him at Hollywood Studios! We didn't get a chance to see him at the Christmas party... so I kept my eyes peeled for him! Sadly, as the day went on, it seemed like it wasn't meant to be. I figured we just kept missing him... and it made me sad.

Luckily, I managed to book us an extremely last minute Minnie's Holiday Party reservation at Hollywood and Vine (that I'd been trying since we booked our vacation to get lol) and lo and behold... SANTA GOOFY WAS THERE!! I could've cried! Lol. This was a pretty late dinner res, at 8 pm so Cam was WIPED and actually slept through the whole thing (after we took this photo)! Lol that poor girl was sleeping in our booth! So Alice got all the attention at this one. :) Lol.

EDIT: Whoops, I realized I added a few pictures from Chef Mickey's... see, told you our pictures are not organized!

                          I dunno mom, I'll eat it but I'm pretty damn pooped. ZzzzZzzZzzz....

        Omg. Here she is sniffing her food. Lol she does that a lot.... it makes us laugh every time!

                                                            Alright, it passed the sniff test.

              Oh Donald! Or as Alice just calls "Duck!" they're not on a first name basis yet lol.

                                         She really likes Daisy! Not sure why... lol.

              She's like, I'm so happy that my sister is sleeping 'cause I get ALL the attention!!!

                                                Oh no he's just too much, mommy! Lol.

                                 Why do kids always go for the noses and eyes? Ahahahaha!

                 Sooooooooooo precious!

 Poor Cammy was asleep! I even brought us dessert (it was a character buffet) early hoping if she ate some it would perk her up a bit... nope, that girl was out like a light! You can see why though, in the next pics.This was a very busy day for us! We caught The Little Mermaid Show... and the Beauty and the Beast show, and we spent a lot of time at the Star Wars attractions... on top of everything else-- phew!

There was lots to see at Hollywood Studios! So many decorations.. oh my God, and the LIGHT SHOW. The Osborne Spectacle was NOT a let down! It was freaking fantastical! Ahhh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it! We loved the Jack Skellington "What's This" song and the Carol of the Bells... both songs were great synced to the lights! Ahhhh!

      This show was sooooo much better in person than when we watched it on YouTube! It was actually really damn cool. Josh liked this show better than Beauty and the Beast, actually! I thought Beauty was the better show...  this one was nice and quick, perfect for kids! We loved how the theater would be sprayed softly with water from above, so it was like you were by the sea. :) I loved how when Ursula was cackling her face would jump around all around.. Lol, Cam and Alice were a bit scared of that!

But my favorite thing? When the theater was silent, Ariel appeared on the stage... and she began singing "Part Of Your World" you know, when she begins with 'Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?'

In that whole quiet theater you could hear two voices. Hers, and Cam's. I will never forget that priceless moment!

It was amazing.  

                                                   Where we got delicious ice cream!

                                                  And the kids got it everywhere lol.

    OMG WE FOUND AN ARMY MAN!!!! We didn't see these guys last time at Hollywood Studios and we were sooooooooooo excited and happy to have seen one!! They are kind of rare to see out and about like this!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!!

                               Alice is asleep and Cam's like omg, why are you all green?!

                               The Army Man with the Army Man!! Omgggg I love it!!!

                             So magical! Lol. I was hoping we would see one this trip!
    Another reason why every Disney trip is different. You never know what you'll chance upon!
                                             Nothing is guaranteed... except for the magic. :)


                                              The Terminator suit from the movie, ahhh!
 Ahhhhhhh it's Leonardo DiCaprio's outfit from Titanic!
                   Cam chose this Minnie from a shop and literally walked around with it allllll day lol.


                                                             Omg so Christmassy!!!!

                       This is the most crowded we saw Disney World on our trip. I KNEW Hollywood
                      Studios was going to be packed because this was the last year (so they say) of the
                      Osborne lights! It was so magical though! The kids did great and weren't freaked out,
                     I am a person who loathes crowds but I didn't even think this was bad, because there
                     was a nice flow and there would be nice breaks in the crowd now and then. Also,
                     I think it's impossible to be in a bad mood or grumpy when you walk through THAT!

                  Now picture all the lights synced to Christmas songs and... yeah... siiiigh lol.

Lisa told me before that "A rainy day at Disney is better than a sunny day anywhere else!" and I said, Oh my God, are ya kidding? The rainy day was the BEST day! Lol. My Disney motto is, "A crowded day at Disney is better than ANY day ANYWHERE else!!" Lol. Hollywood Studios was definitely our most crowded day... and still it was a blast!

Yay! We'll be back with more, soon!


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