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Hey lookie!

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Disney pics, yay!

Our Epcot day was amazing. When we got to the park, it was a nice, brisk, morning! A little cool, despite the bright sun, and it was a fun morning... we saw lots of Chip N Dale here!

Our highlights were definitely seeing Chip N Dale, seeing Chip N Dale AGAIN at our Garden Grill reservation like an hour later... lol... oh my gosh and we got to see Mulan!!! That was a surprise!

I also reeeeally loved Spaceship Earth! It was a nice, long-ish, dark ride that was a factual piece (Disney seemed to really like doing educational rides) on the history of humankind. It was cool!
                                          Gotta love the Spaceship Earth globe! Lol.

     Taking boxes of mini raisings with us were a great idea + snack! Kept little fingers busy!


                                         Alice and I on Spaceship Earth... she was scared lol.

                                      Josh and Cam behind us! Cam was scared too lol.
                                                          Ooooh entering... SPACE!!!

                        And then you see a faraway shot of EARTH! dun dun dun!!

                                         This is so much more nicer in person lol.

   This was the fun part! The ride takes your pictures and it recognized both Alice and I, (Lol at Alice's picture with a chunk of me in it hahahah!!!) and it puts you in the FUTURE!

                                         Hi future Alice! She looks so mad/annoyed LOL.

                                           Yup, just us girls in the future! Woop woop!!
                                 It's a whole narrated video that plays in your seat! Pretty fun stuff!

   Ah... and then Chip N Dale. I do believe this + Garden Grill were one of the top magical moments of our Christmas trip... I mean, besides all the fun once-a-year Christmas stuff!

 Waiting in line, oh boy!!

                                                         Oh my goshhhh isn't this so cuute?!?!

                       And then Chip goes and tugs on Cam's tail to get her attention back lol.

                       And Chip turns back to me giggling and Cam's like, oh yeah! Chip!


                                                         Mom and Dad this is AWESOME!!!


                                        LOL Cam's like okay that's enough missy... my turn!

                         Alice gets so into all the hugging that she starts hugging her sister..... LOL.

                              What's so funny mom? Isn't this what I'm supposed to do?!

                                                                Sigh. It was pure magic.

                                               Then we met up with Mickey and the gang!

                                                                               Oh Mickey!!


        LOL I think Alice made her day! She was in a hugging frenzy! How cute is that lol.

                                                            Minnie liked her tail, too! Lol.

                           And then we let them lead the way for some exploring!

                                                                           Follow the Alice!

                                                              HOLY MUGS BATMAN!!!!

            Oooh YUM, we enjoyed the Garden Grill! What was nice was it was not busy at this
     restaurant at all. The food was super scrumptious; it was a "harvest feast" and (dessert was divine!!), the restaurant rotated and directly below if you looked out over the balcony view, you could see the ride Living with the Land.

                         Don't touch my macaroni, Mickey. I'm watching you...

                                                     Cammy hugs and Alice is.. eating lol.

        How sweet is that?!?! She looks like she feels so safe and comfy in Mickey's arms. :)

                                       She's offering him a macaroni noodle!! lol!!

                                                        This is so much fun!!

                                                       Oh here they come!! The stars!!!

                            Lol look at that engulfing Alice hug! She's got the hugs on lockdown.

                                               Chip wanted to take photos of their butts!
                                                              Or rather, their tails. Lol.

                                        Dale came by and started shaking his tail at us! LOL.

    Dale came by twice!!! It was so fun and awesome! Our server was also amazing here! She was so
    helpful with pictures. When we were all done, she came back out and gave us an autographed
    birthday card from Mickey, Pluto, Chip N Dale for Alice! How sweet! :)

                                                Omg yum. Now I'm hungry!

                         Oh wait... this was hilarious!!! Chip takes Alice's sippy cup lol.

               Then he gave it back and she was like yeah that's right... this is mine.
                                              Watch me drink it cause it's miiiiine!! Lol.
                                                              Thanks Chip N Dale!!

                                           Mmmm and our dinner res at Akershus later!

                The kids were getting pretty spent at this point. It was a long day and (I don't think)
                                                                    they had napped yet!

              But as soon as we saw Mulan walk into the room, both Josh and I gasped. We had yet to see
        her at all! WE WERE SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Lol.

                             Alice however..... lol. She was all... YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

                                                               Ooooh la laaa Josh! Lol.

                                                And we saw Ariel!

                                                  Mulan was so great!

                                                           We're all big fans of Mulan!! :)

                                                                  LOL Alice's face!!!

Cinderella and Snow White too. :)

                            The girls were sooo tuckered out when we returned to our room!


Oh my gosh there are more pictures at the Garden Grill and the Epcot Character Spot and in general, of Epcot, that I forgot.... but I'm pooped! I'll hafta save those for later! I could've sworn those were all from the Chip N Dale encounters but... nope! Lol. See, such an unorganized mess of pictures I have!

I'll get to them later when I have more time.

Good night!


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